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Yext Why You Should Work There – Scaling Local Information Globally

Why you want to work at Yext – Scaling Local Information Globally

Yext is the kind of tech that you don’t realize is there. It just blends in to an applicable situation situation seamlessly and unnoticed and, most importantly, works. This is exactly the kind of technology that businesses need in order to make sure that their local data is up to date and consistent no matter where someone might find them in the digital world, and the company that makes this happen is called Yext.

Yext Keeping Data Fresh

Yext is a New York based company started in 2006, and today they make sure that businesses of all stripes don’t lose customers due to old or bad information on the web. The prime example of their work can be seen whenever you search for a company online, in the summary that appears to the right of the search results. Although this might seem boring, any business owner is more than glad that they do what they do.

Imagine you’re looking for a towing company because your car is rendered useless on the side of the road in an area that you’ve never been before. So you pull out your phone and do a quick search, and you find Fred’s Towing right away. You dial the number listed in the search result, only to be met with an automated message telling you that the number is no longer in service. Obviously you move on to the next listing in the results, grumbling all the while about the wrong number being listed or that they must have gone out of business.

But if you’re Fred, sitting at your desk waiting for a call, you’re even more unhappy if you ever discover that you’ve missed a customer because your information wasn’t properly updated online. This is an example of what Yext does, and they do it really well.

Yext is About to IPO

Increasingly, company websites are falling further down the list of where consumers actually find them and interact with them. Instead they discover you through Google Maps or on Facebook, or through review sites like Yelp. Yext audits the listed information about companies across all of these databases and makes sure that the listed information is correct and consistent, so you get the correct phone number and address no matter where you happen to find them. There are other aspects to their services of course, but this is the core of their function.

So why would we at Media Jobs think you might want to work there? Well one reason is that they’re about to go public with an IPO, which usually means that business is good and growth is likely. Another is that they’ve been listed in Fortune’s Best Places to Work every year since 2014, among numerous other lists like Forbes’ Most Promising Companies in 2014 and 2015. In short, they’re a part of the backbone of online business listings that is necessary, they are growing and showing lots of future promise, and they’re apparently pretty good to their employees. Do you need more reasons than that?

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Yext New York, NY
Yext offers the following exceptional benefits:. Yext is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. Yext has been recognized as one of America’s fastest...
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