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Making Job Search Easier by Finding the Great Companies First

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What’s the Programmatic Hype about Start Up HYPR

What's the Programmatic Hype about Start Up HYPR

Looking for a job is very competitive. If you are only applying to jobs online you will encounter substantial competition. At MediaJobs.com our objective is to make it as easy as possible to find a job at a great company and with the least amount of competition.

At MediaJobs.com we have established our mission of Finding the Great Companies First. In keeping with our mission we have created this interview series with some of the newest startups in the New York City market area.   We encourage you to learn about some of the newest companies and think about what might be a good fit for you.

What is the name and location of your company and who are the founders?

The company’s name is HYPR and we are located at 250 Greenwich st, Manhattan, NYC (7TH World Trade Center). The founders are Gil Eyal (CEO) and Guy Tamir (CTO).

How did the idea for your start-up come about?

After doing over 100 deals with celebrities and social influencers while working at Mobli, our founder, Gil Eyal, decided to do something about the biggest challenge he faced when dealing in the space. Every other form of advertising was supported by data and analytics, and in particular, detailed information about the audience that he would engage. When working with celebrities and influencers, no such information was available, and advertisers had to rely on limited vanity metrics like “number of followers”.

Of the key people involved what is everyone’s experience and background?

Gil Eyal- Prior to founding HyPR, Gil Eyal served as a mentor to companies at Star Farm Ventures startup accelerator program, Acento Digital Media and 26MGMT. During his career, Gil procured endorsement deals with and for major celebrities and social media stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Serena Williams, Adam Levine, Austin Mahone, Zendaya Coleman and Pitbull, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Bart Baker, Carter Reynolds and Hayes Grier. Before that he was a hi-tech executive at Mobli Media, Disney (Playdom) and Dell and spent 5 years as a commercial lawyer.

Guy Poreh- Has 16 years experience in the online advertising world, with prior experience as the CEO of Y&R Interactive in Tel Aviv and the EVP of New Media at BBDO Tel Aviv. As a seasoned marketer Guy has won multiple international awards including Cannes Lion, Clio’s, New York Festival and more. At HyPR he plays an important role in enhancing the company’s shift into programmatic buying.

Jarett Sims- Jarett Sims has a wealth of skills, ranging from 5+ years as a User Interface designer, to experience as a full-stack developer. He has product managed and launched over a half dozen mobile apps, which have garnered over 1MM downloads. As Director of Product at HYPR, Jarett leads the way in crafting and managing the product roadmap for new versions, calling upon a firm grasp of the company vision, as well as understanding clients’ needs and pain points to build against.

Jonathan Chanti- Jonathan has over 6 years of beauty experience working across, photo production, model management, and talent procurement. Jonathan joined HyPR in June of 2015, having spent four years at Platinum Rye Entertainment working in the Beauty Division, spear heading new business for their in-house casting division and Platinum Rye’s office in Tel Aviv, both of which he was instrumental in developing. Prior to Platinum Rye Jonathan worked in the Commercial Beauty Division of Innovative Artists, supporting the division in placing models into TV commercials, scripted series, and commercial campaigns.

How do you see your company creating value or disrupting an existing market?

At HYPR, we’re targeting the 8 Billion Dollar social influencer market, and turning it from manual and cumbersome, to automatic, easy and scalable.
By developing technology that understands influential social accounts and what their audience looks like (demographics, interests, age groups and more), we can target, automate, and optimize influencer marketing.

HyPR’s marketplace will be the first programmatic platform for long tail influencer marketing.

When was the business founded and how are you being funded?

HYPR was founded in early 2014. We are currently closing our second funding round, lead by private investors.

What is the current size of your business, number of employees?

As for now we are a team of 11 people and growing.

What is the product and or service you are providing?

HYPR- a platform that provides brands, agencies, and buyers with proprietary research tools for the procurement, access, and tracking of social influencers for campaigns and marketing initiatives. Our technology understands influential social accounts and what their audience looks like (demographic, interests, age groups, and more. We can now target, automate, and optimize influencer marketing.

App Blaster- We leverage top social media accounts to reach up to 250 million eyeballs. App blaster helps apps drive un-incentivized, organic downloads and benefit from the visibility a top rank in the App Store provides. We guarantee that apps will propel to the top 25 in the US app store.

Explain how you are seeking entry into your marketplace.
We’re entering the marketplace with a two-pronged strategy.

The first is providing brands unparalleled campaign results utilizing our influencer run verticals. E.g. our app vertical Appblaster appblaster.hyprbrands.com provides Cost Per Installs of real organic users at a fraction of the cost app publishers get from Facebook, Google or ad networks.

The second is enabling small social media influencers the opportunity partner with brands who would never have been able to find them, and thus get rewarded and paid for the audience they cultivated and created a relationship with.11. What seems to be the biggest strength of the team so far?

Our team’s experience and personal connections. We have put together a team of experts in the Technology, Marketing, and Entertainment industries that are award winning innovative thinkers and that are motivated to produce a product that will change the industry.

What was your greatest “Ah-Ha” moment to date?
Realizing that the analytics and data we have on influencers’ audience can help us create the first influencer programmatic marketplace. We can provide easy, scalable star power.

What was the funniest thing that has happened?
Ordering 144 hoodies with the HYPR logo and finding out on arrival that they’re the wrong color.

If you can only do one thing in your industry what would that be?
Change the influencer marketing industry from manual and cumbersome, to automatic, easy and scalable.

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