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The Ultimate Native Advertising The Wifi Eye

Future Prediction: You will become the Media.

Combine the allure of voyeurism and the engagement of curiosity with this ultimate new technology and you have, what I’m calling,  the WiFi Eye.

Native Advertising is all the rage today with advertisers vying to get closer and closer to “natural” placements.  With this new technology in the works native advertising could take on a whole new meaning.

Could this be Native Advertising’s entry into YouTube?

Just as we change out the toner in our printers you could be changing out your eyes for a new set.  Perhaps you want 10/10 vision or to be able to see well in total darkness.  New technology is being developed to provide those and many more options including the ability for what you see to be broadcast to the world with Wifi.

Imagine watching what its like to climb a mountain right from the mountain climber’s eyes, or how about a skydive over Las Vegas. It all could soon be coming to your televisions or phones.

Imagine being able to buy the ad just as the skydiver is about to jump from the plane?  Or how about spending a day with the President (that would be on PBS of course!).

The Dawning of new YouTube Stars

PewDiePie with over 6 billion views has lots of fans.  How much would they pay to see the world through his eyes?  How much would that Native Advertising cost? How about playing Minecraft with SkyDoesMinecraft as seen through his eyes?

When Reading Fiction leads to the New Reality

So I want to just say that I do my best to stay current of technology and media trends and in doing so I make an effort to dedicate a good portion of my free time seeking out the most current and cutting edge science fiction authors possible. I do this because as time has gone by I’ve noticed that while yes the stories can be fantastic, the technology introduced in these novels are very much within reach, and not by hundreds of years, but usually decades. I find that if a modern day individual is thinking about these concepts, then there are dozens and even hundreds of other people globally doing the same.

When Reality is Better than Science Fiction

I’ll give you an example, in this past month alone I read two very interesting books. The first was Peter F. Hamilton’s Abyss Beyond Dreams. In the Hamilton book which takes place a thousand years from now, the standard default for all citizens of this future is Bionic. Not the Bionic from the 1973 TV show Six Million Dollar Man, where he has mostly robotic parts, but Bionic where biological cells are redesigned to integrate seamlessly with computers and to give us machine enhanced capabilities. For instance in the book people can share what they are viewing in real-time via Wi-Fi, because the cells have computer connectivity.

Picture going to the rodeo to ride a bull, realizing Jane from down the block would love to see this, so you send her a message asking her if she would like to “Optic Ride” along with you. Jane receives a message in her field of vision from Tom @ the Rodeo asking if you would like to watch. When Jane approves the request her entire vision is replaced with Tom’s at the rodeo. Now Tom and Jane are simultaneously experiencing the same visual content. I know, sounds crazy but read on. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Hannu Rajaniemi’s The Fractal Prince, this same type of visually connected content is shared but this time via actors who go about inventing interesting scripted or unscripted lives and sharing them with everyone. In this future an individual can become a specific TV show or a channel for experiencing unique content. The actors feed is provided via a network in which the consumer or viewer syncs directly into. An interesting component of the book is how fanatical viewers respond to the actors for not living their “lives” according to the viewer’s ideal, and physical and violent confrontations did occur in the novel.

So where am I going with all of this, how does this relate to a future prediction? Well, it’s happening right now, the development of the tech described above is underway. If you haven’t been following the latest technological trends 3D Bio-Printing is a real thing, scientific and medical organizations are using 3D printers to manufacture working biological components such as skin, lungs, hearts, you name it. So this is wonderful news for the health industry and a thrill for Transhumanists everywhere who want to live forever. What about media and here it is, an Italian research studio MHOX has unveiled a concept to allow folks to swap out their old eyes with new Super Eyes.

I’ll take the Gucci Eyes Please

In the last year MHOX has been working on EYE (Enhance Your Eye), a synthetically bioprinted product for sight augmentation. Guess what, those Sci-fi books I was talking about, not so ridiculous now? EYE would prevent blindness, sharpen and filter sight, and connect the eye to Wi-Fi for recording and sharing visual experiences.

Boom! Not fiction, this is under scrutiny and development right now. MHOX partner and lead designer Filippo Nassetti states the “Latest developments in bioprinting and biohacking let us imagine that in the near future it would be possible to easily print organic, functional body parts, allowing the human to replace defected districts or enhance standard performance.” MHOX is envisioning 3 models of synthetic eye, each made on a 3D printer using “bio-ink” containing all the unique cells required to make a completely organic human eye. The printer would be able to switch between different types of bio-ink to lay down combinations of cells, eventually building up into a full organ.

The proposed model range is EYE HEAL – which replaces standard eye functionality, providing a cure to sight diseases and traumas. EYE ENHANCE, to sharpen sight up to 15/10, thanks to its hyper-retina. Also visual glands allow the opportunity to filter the visual signal. Filters like those available on Instagram can be activated or changed swallowing specially developed EYE pills. EYE ADVANCE, provides the ability to record and share the visual experience, thanks to the included gland that supports Wi-Fi communication. Once activated the Wi-Fi mode through the EYE connection pill make it possible to connect the EYE like an external camera, images captured by the synthetic eye could be transferred directly to a smartphone or tablet as a live stream or as video clips.

MHOX believes that the surgical procedure would go a little something like this. First the customer would undergo an operation to remove their natural eyes and insert a new organic component called the deck into their heads. Nassetti claims “the tissues of the Deck and the EYE connect automatically.” This would act as a permanent connection point between the muscle fibers of the synthetic eye and optical nerves in the brain, allowing new eyes to be swapped and upgraded like any other electronic device. “Additionally, it is possible to preserve or change the retinal morphology and accordingly the identity of the user,” Nassetti said.

New Facebook Native Advertising Program: Monetizing the Wifi Eye

So here’s the prediction, companies like Youtube, Facebook (Jobs at Facebook) and a myriad number of other content driven organizations have been forever trying to find ways to increase their ad revenue through every possible scheme known to man, natural and native advertising seems to be the biggest trend because people hate ads. But imagine if you had the guts to be the first in line to remove your eyeballs and upgrade to eyes with Wi-Fi capabilities. Then you could set up a feed on a multi-channel network and invent, plan, script out your day; do crazy or mundane things and invite the world to watch through your eyes.

The Wifi Eye: You are the Television Show

You could become the world’s first TV show in real-time first person. Develop native advertising deals with major brands that you would order their beverage while having brunch in Williamsburg and then take a trip on a jet-ski up the east river and stare at the huge Coca-Cola sign by the Long Island City Waterfront. The potential for creating original content to gain massive viewership is unlimited. You could even be the dullest, most boring human on Earth, people would still tune into to your visual feed just to see what’s up, and if you do it right get advertisers to pay you to inadvertently promote products and make some money. Advertisers are already doing this with influencers on Instagram and Twitter (Jobs at Twitter).

This form of media technology is aligned very much with the current technological ideology of Transhumanism, which is the use of technology to improve and upgrade the human form, which if you didn’t know, Zoltan Istvan the head of the U.S. Transhumanist Party is running for the 2016 presidency.  This kind of biotechnology is no longer science fiction. We have legitimate political organizations and consumer product industries going full steam ahead with Bio-Technology.

Nassetti told Dezeen, “While in our opinion the 3D-printing of full human beings is still a far reach vision, at least for technical reasons, we believe that the 3D bioprinting of functional parts and replacements is a contemporary issue that designers have to start addressing,” The dilemma isn’t if it’s going to happen but when and if you have the will to jump in and become the media which will drive economics in the coming years. Your new eyes should be ready by 2027. Come on, when everyone is killing time, wouldn’t you want to see (literally) what someone else was up to and vice versa?

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