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The 63 Year Old Gaming Publisher

The 63 Year Old Gaming Publisher Publisher's Clearing House

If you’re looking for media jobs with new and innovative companies, it’s likely that you may have investigated opportunities with a gaming publisher. After all, gaming is one of the fastest growing and most popular markets in the world within the sphere of technology. But gaming isn’t only, as many think of it, developing MMORPGs or the next Minecraft. In fact, if you’re looking for a job in gaming that’s kind of under the radar with probably a lot less competition, you might want to consider jobs at Publisher’s Clearing House.

Yes, you read that right. Confused? Don’t be. The company that you probably associate with magazines, large checks being delivered to people’s doors while the cameras are rolling, and probably older people (if you’re being honest) is actually the fifth largest gaming publisher in the world today. Yes, really. PCH uses gaming and flash-purchase opportunities to keep their customers entertained and engaged once they’ve registered online in the hopes of getting one of those big checks delivered to their own door.

How is a 63 Year Old Gaming Publisher the 5th Largest?

Forget about the magazine subscriptions your grandmother bought trying to win big with the company, today’s PCH is all about data and marketing automation. The company sends over 60 million emails to their customers each week, and 25% of those are trigger-based through automation. In order to keep and grow those kinds of numbers, the sweepstakes-company-turned-game-publisher must have clean, filtered data that is communicated clearly and cohesively throughout every platform, tool, and technology.

Need a hint about how to sort, filter, and follow up with your customers on a regular basis? Consider PCH’s OCM project, which stands for optimized customer models. A series of no less than five models is tun against every single customer in their database – every single day. The customers are scored on a variety of factors such as email activity, channels they engage with, and many more.

That information is then fed into decision trees which determine if they get an email, and if so what that email message will contain, as well as what the best time to send the email is. It may sound strange to hear, and it certainly sounds strange to say at first thought, but Publisher’s Clearing House is actually more innovative than many tech companies out there today. Go figure. And you thought they were a dinosaur company that hadn’t figured out they were dead yet.

A Gaming Publisher Where You can Make a Difference

How many data experts, gaming developers, or other techies that you know of would list PCH as one of their dream employers? If I had to guess, I’d put that number somewhere in the very low single digits. Which means that you may have just found the back door to a great media job that no one else has discovered yet. Then again the word may already be on the street. After all, even you know about it now.

Does PCH sound like a media job you would consider? Check out these jobs available now at Publisher’s Clearing House.

Who knows, this might be the best piece of information you’ve ever found in the long run.

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