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Tesla – Why you want to work at Tesla The Future of Cars – 1000 Jobs Available

Why you want to work at Tesla – The Future of Cars – 1289 Jobs Available

Why is Tesla on MediaJobs.com?  Because software is media and software is the engine of today’s car.

For decades we’ve been promised that the future of cars is right around the corner. Flying cars, self-driving cars, electric cars, you name it. In the last decade we’ve finally seen some strides being made on every automotive front imaginable, but then horrible products like the Chevy Volt drive us right back to our old standard gas-guzzling cars of yesteryear. But despite the shortcomings or outright failings of many of these attempted advances, there’s one company that has been a pleasure to watch and anticipate – Tesla.

Tesla Makes Real, Great Electric Cars

Tesla is a true revolution in the automotive industry, and their vehicles are nothing short of awesome. The only downside is that for the average person they have been too far out of our price range. Sure, there are plenty of other car makes and models that are more expensive, but when you’re trying to bring the electric car to masses a starting price of over $65,000 isn’t going to make the kids of inroads you want. Not that you don’t get what you pay for.

In addition to being rechargeable electric cars and getting much more range out of a charge than their competition, they also sport next-generation technology like heads-up displays on the windshield and are quietly becoming one of the leaders in the for-the-masses self driving car category. Wait, you ask, aren’t you contradicting yourself by claiming that they’re too expensive for the masses but that they are for the masses? Ah, we get to the next point…

Introducing the Tesla Model 3, and Job Reporting to Elon Himself

Production is set to begin in July on the Tesla Model 3. Why is this big? The Model 3 isn’t a new car, per se. It’s a smaller, simpler, scaled-down version of the existing models, but much more affordable with a starting price around $35,000 – about half the Model S. But the price is just the beginning. The Model 3 has Tesla’s Autopilot system on board, a machine learning safety system designed to take over driving duties when regulations and laws allow. In fact, one analyst believes that the Model 3 will be 3-10 times safer than the average car on the road because of these features. And safety is the number one consideration for car buyers today.

It gets better. Because the Autopilot system uses machine learning, it will become smarter – and safer – over the years, potentially making it a better car five years down the road than it was the day it was bought. Now that’s forward-thinking. Alright, their cars are great and their technology is great, but why are they being highlighted here on Media Jobs?

Because Tesla has a lot of job openings, and they’re especially looking for “hardcore software engineers” to work on the Autopilot system, no prior experience with cars required. According to tweets from Mr. Musk, he will be personally interviewing for the positions, and Autopilot employees report directly to him. Wanna work for a visionary company run by a visionary entrepreneur and report directly to him? That’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along very often.

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