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Why You Want a Job at Twitter

Jobs at Twitter why work here

Twitter was voted the 26th best place to work in 2016 on Glassdoor, believe it or not right after Apple (#25). Founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, the current CEO,  Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams Twitter was designed for all the Attention Deficit types who want their information short and to the point. Twitter has 328 million monthly active users worldwide as of 2017, the equivalent of the entire population of the US uses Twitter every month.  This is over twice the users of Snapchat’s 150 million and a fraction of Facebook’s over 2 billion monthly active users. Now you may have heard that Twitter has lost its way and growth has slowed or even declined.  However this 500 to 1000 employee company should not be overlooked in your search for a great company to take a job with.  While advertising revenue has declined 8% in 2Q 2017 to $489 million it’s still a $2 billion dollar company. In an interview Jack Dorsey spoke of where Twitter is headed.  Dorsey says Twitter’s role in the world is still focused on bringing people together.  This includes Twitter’s emphasis of late on live events.  Dorsey emphasizes that Twitter is the…

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Why is Hipstamatic back, and why should you even care?

Why is Hipstamatic back, and why should you even care?

Hipstamatic is an app that was launched back in December of 2011 as D-Series. It was one of the first in the photo app market to introduce lo-fi instant camera or vintage aesthetics from any era to your photos. Unfortunately it was blown out of the water by none other than Instagram. Hipstamatic founder and CEO Lucas Allen Buick had explained that they were having a real hard time monetizing the product and service issues made it impossible to keep the app going even though they had 2 million downloads in under a year. The iPhone app has just launched a brand new collaborative social photo component available on iTunes right now called DSPO [pronounced Dis-po]. Buick explains that a lot of new technology such as Apple’s CloudKit have afforded Hipstamatic a real chance to get back at it again but the market is even more competitive three years later. “There aren’t many opportunities in life nor business when we are presented with a redo,” Buick said. “I’m so happy to get this opportunity. I just hope we got it right this time.” So DSPO is a social camera designed to get people to chat about and share photos. They’re…

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Indian e-traders recognizing the benefits of Twitter

Companies in India that mainly trade via the Internet are waking up to the benefits of engaging with users on the social media site, Twitter. The 140-character limit that each tweet imposes seems to be enough to persuade consumers to buy. For example, one of India’s biggest e-tailers, Flipkart, used Twitter to increase sales of Father’s Day presents. They posted an image of a young boy using a landline telephone to call his father and ask for stationery materials. The image was titled ‘The original on-line shopping’, and seemed to immediately resonate with the company’s 135,000 users. Selling social Senior vice president of marketing at Flipkart, Ravi Vora, said: “Twitter plays a 360 degree role for us. We work on creating a destination where our customers can have fun, with witty replies and engaging contests, instead of using it just as a sales platform.” Their fellow e-tailers, including Myntra, Snapdeal and Jabong, also use Twitter to engage with their customer base, attempt to influence and provide specially targeted offers. A brand-marketing founder and e-commerce analyst stated that Twitter provided access to people these companies would otherwise not be able to reach, and that it not only encouraged engagement, but was…

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Twitter shares take a dive on stock market

Twitter shares nosedived earlier this week when they went on sale on the stock market for the first time. The share price on Tuesday was the lowest level they had been since the company made their Initial Public Offering (IPO) back in November 2013, dropping to 17.8% and closing at $31.85. It is estimated that approximately 135 million shares were traded, a figure ten times higher than normal. Stock market analysts attributed the drop in share price to the ending of a lockup period which stopped the majority of the shareholders, mostly early investors and company insiders, from being able to sell their shares. This is a common practice for relatively young companies which decide to go public, as it stops the market from being swamped with shares. Twitter unable to compete  The end of the lockup period arrived at the same time as people were voicing concerns about the social networking site’s ability to attract and hold a conventional audience. Twitter is often lauded as an indispensable tool for businesses in building a brand and engaging with potential customers. However, despite tweaking and improving their platform, Twitter failed to perform as well as expected, failing to experience the growth…

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Want to know who your best Twitter followers are? Try SocialRank, New York-based Modern Media’s first product

Social media managers with good memories may remember that two young start-up hungry New Yorkers, Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld, launched a project called “MVP” (Most Valuable Follower) in 2012, which aimed to show Twitter users who their most valuable followers were. Sadly, its young co-founders both had demanding full-time jobs (both were working for payment’s start-up Dwolla) and eventually had to shut it down. But they’re back in action again with their new company, Modern Mast, and they’re planning to turn the idea behind MVP into a real business with the launch of SocialRank, Modern Mast’s first product. More metrics Taub and Schonfeld have now left Dwolla to focus their energies fully on Modern Mast, and they’re billing SocialRank as a major expansion on MVF. The intrigued social media manager will obviously want to know what SocialRank offers that MVF didn’t. While the old MVF used the so-called “Golden Ratio” to calculate follower value (the ratio of your total followers to the total number of people you follow), SocialRank includes other metrics. As Taub puts it, for SocialRank: “Value is scarcity plus usefulness plus importance.” The application tracks how often a follower engages with your account and content, and…

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