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Image-sharing startup Imgur improves image discovery with new features

Imgur, the popular image-sharing site, is making it easier for users to find the pictures they’re interested in with some new features. Finding what interests you… Social media managers and community managers who preside over burgeoning communities will be familiar with the difficulty users can face when a social network really takes off: the sheer quantity of content posted makes it very difficult for them to find what they’re interested in. With 1.5 million images being uploaded with each passing day, Imgur has decided it needs to do more to live up to its reputation as “The Simple Image Sharer.” Principal among the new sifting features (which have been tested with several thousand Ingmur users) is the introduction of tags: people can now tag individual pictures which users can then downvote or upvote. It’s also possible for Imgur visitors to create custom galleries using several different tags, filtering out the ones they’re not interested in, making searching the site a good deal more efficient. The startup’s CEO and founder, Alan Schaaf, isn’t anticipating that the tags will be boringly straightforward category labels. Instead, he hopes they’ll mostly be clever or witty without veering way off topic (and without breaching the…

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New York-based social network Foursquare now sends notifications proactively with version 7.0

Jobbing social media managers would probably agree that Dennis Crowley cuts an inspiring figure; the founder of New York-headquartered location-based social network Foursquare, he dreamt of the day when he had the means to automatically send users notifications giving them ideas on where to shop, where to eat or what to see depending on where they happened to be. How to realize a dream But he had a big problem: in 2009, when Foursquare launched, users had to “check in” to the smartphone app every time they wanted interesting tips about their location. When a couple of years later he experimented with a new app that would send notifications automatically, he found that it drained smartphone batteries. Creative social media managers can identify with his frustration: great ideas sometimes hit the buffers because the technology isn’t there to deliver them. But then Crowley tapped the talents of two brilliant minds – his lead engineer Anoop Ranganath and his data scientist Blake Shaw – and set them to work on solving the problems. And they did: a successful pilot for a new Ranganath and Shaw-built version of Foursquare over the last couple of months culminated in the launch last week of…

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Mobile sports social network Fanatix adds $1 million to its coffers in new funding round

Social media managers with an interest in sports networks might like to cast a glance at developments across the pond, where a UK-based social media sporting startup has just added another $1 million to its investment tally. Dramatic growth Fanatix is the sport’s addict’s dream, allowing them to share banter over their team’s performance during and after play. The new investment brings the startup’s total funding to $3 million. Social media managers will almost certainly be wondering what, exactly, has attracted such investor confidence? After launching in October 2011, Fanatix saw a much bigger-than-anticipated hike in the number of active users since January this year. The startup’s user numbers burgeoned from 150,000 a month at the start of the year to 1 million a month today. That’s a cool 566 per cent. But it may be the users’ demographic characteristics in particular which have especially drawn the investment dollars: Fanatix is gaining a lot of traction amongst young males aged 13 to 24 years – a prime target population for advertisers.  And according to its founder and CEO Will Muirhead, it’s gaining 30,000 new users a day, with the younger ones checking the app as many as ten times a…

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New social media app Whisper bags $3 million in funding

If you are a social media manager or a community manager, you need to know a secret: a new iOS social app is enchanting a vast – and constantly expanding – army of users and has just caught the attention of some serious investors. Whisper a secret Meet Whisper, the app that lets you anonymously share secrets with others in the form of charming, postcard-style photos with text overlaid. Co-founders Michael Heyward and Brad Brooks realized that social networks linked to users’ real identities had a problem. When people are concerned about their image, as they are on identity-based social networks, they tend to post only positives about themselves. According to Heyward, this leads them to overestimate the happiness of others and to underestimate the extent of the problems they share. He explains: “We saw a huge white space of things that people were not publishing, and wanted to give people a place to share these things that they wouldn’t feel comfortable putting out on social networks.” A social media manager’s dream discovery This is the kind of hidden-in-plain-sight white space that the jobbing social media manager or community manager will recognize as pure gold, to mix metaphors a little….

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Ecommerce startup Fab gets over half its Christmas Day revenue from mobile

Fab.com has become one of those jaw-dropping success stories capable of evoking twinges of envy and awe-struck admiration at once; just over a year since its transformation from gay social network to high-flying, design-focused e-commerce site, it’s announced record-breaking U.S. revenue for Christmas Day from its mobile apps alone. In news that will leave many an aspiring e-commerce manager, web content manager and e-commerce analyst sitting back open mouthed, Fab has just declared that no less than 56 per cent of the thriving startup’s US revenue on Christmas Day came via its mobile apps, the largest single-day cash-inflow it’s seen to date. Making mobile work Fab’s co-founder and CEO, Jason Goldberg, has placed much emphasis on the potential of mobile apps to drive business.  The company’s first apps were launched in October 2011 and exactly one year later, they contributed 33 per cent of the site’s visits and 33 per cent of its sales.  Goldberg was confident then that mobile would shortly generate 50 per cent of the site’s revenue.  It turns out he was wrong – it just delivered over 50 per cent in a single day. There’s still some way to go before Goldberg’s vision is truly realized…

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