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Is Virtual Reality going to make your dreams come true?

Is Virtual Reality going to make your dreams come true?

So what has been the largest trend that we have really been noticing the last two months at MediaJobs.com? Why it’s virtual reality media content of course! So we may be on the cusp of a paradigm shift of engagement and interactivity that will change the world. If you thought the internet was already changing things, imagine when all content will invade your senses virtually. The real world may start to pale in comparison.  What do you do when your kids are talking about manually installing solar panels in the deserts of Africa or going through the stomach and intestines of a whale shark all while sitting in their school classroom? Well this could be happening right now somewhere in the U.S. thanks to a company called zSpace, find out about them here. How about when you decide to go to that trade show in Salt Lake City Utah and you get to the hotel and just want to relax; perhaps you’d enjoy taking a lazy virtual tour of a cozy quiet beach in the Grand Caymans from the comfort of your room. Maybe even a lovely evening with a very appealing and responsive Avatar. Take a look at this…

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Is the future of media a hologram, the people and Samsung think so?

Is the future of media a hologram, the people and Samsung think so?

So if you haven’t become aware, holograms have been appearing more and more of late as the technology gets refined. Holography or the use of holograms have caught the attention of techies and DIY’ers. Why? The first being it uses a smart phone and it’s really easy to create. I found instructions of how in a wire magazine article recently published; You’ll need a CD case, an x-acto knife, graph paper, tape, and a pen—then just follow these steps: 1) First, use the graph paper and pen to measure out a trapezoid that is one centimeter at the top, six centimeters on the bottom, and 3.5 centimeters at the sides. 2) Then using that trapezoid and the x-acto knife, cut out four identical trepezoids from the clear part of the CD case. 3) Create a pyramid by taping the 3.5cm sides together. And then you’re done. Follow along with a tutorial video tutorial. Easy right! And now Samsung just patented for a smartphone screen that’s capable of displaying objects in mid-air, in 3D. Is that right? Yes it is. Samsungs (jobs at Samsung) next phone the Galaxy S7 may be holographic, the patent was filed back in the second half of…

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Big implications for smartphone market in Apple verdict

Apple’s recent victory over Samsung in its patent dispute has increased pressure on the manufacturers of smartphones all over the world to design handsets which can stand up to the iPhone and offer consumers choice in a market worth approximately $219.1 billion. A jury decided Apple would get $1.05 million in damages after finding Samsung had infringed 6 patents on mobile devices, a crushing defeat for Apple’s largest competitor in the smartphone market. After the verdict The verdict will strengthen Apple’s position as it tries to discourage its competitors from manufacturing devices similar to the iPhone.  An analyst at Yankee Group, Carl Howe, says that while the verdict is a blow for Samsung and their software partner Google Inc. and their efforts to challenge Apple, he believes that the outcome will be a greater range of devices and a lot more options for consumers as competitors try to avoid expensive legal tussles.  “This is a big win for Apple,” Howe notes.  “It’s good for innovation. It says that if you create something new, others can’t just piggyback on it.  From a competition point of view, it says create your own stuff.  Copying is not okay.” Appealing future Howe’s opinion is…

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Apple’s victory in mobile war sees Samsung’s shares slump

A landmark ruling by a US court has seen electronics giant Apple hailed as victors in its ‘patent war’ with Samsung.  The net result of the judgment means more than $12 billion has been wiped from the value of the latter’s shares, as world markets react to the news. A patent victory In one of the most closely observed patent cases in recent years, the jury at the federal court in San Jose returned a verdict that Samsung were guilty of infringing on six Apple patents and ordered them to pay $1.05bn in damages.  Friday’s ruling has had a heavy impact on shares in Samsung, with prices crashing to 1.173m won ($1,000), before climbing fractionally to 1.180m won at the close.  Designs on the future Some predictions suggest the decision will bolster Apple’s market share and lead to the US giant’s dominance of the burgeoning mobile computing field across the board.  However, analysts are also speculating that Samsung and other mobile phone designers, mobile advertising agencies and consumers using the Android platform – Google’s answer to the iPhone’s native software – could benefit from an increased willingness to carry on promoting innovation without resorting to blatant copies of existing technologies. …

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Are Smart TV’s the Next Battlefield?

Hybrid TVs are commonly referred to as smart TVs and involve the integration of the Internet and Web 2.0 features. This is a new technology development that has been highly popular among tech savvy individuals. If you are not tech savvy, then you might be wondering what exactly Web 2.0 is. Web 2.0 is a concept that takes the network as a platform for information sharing and user-centered design on the Internet. A web 2.0 website lets users converse and work together with each other in a social media exchange as creators of content. This is commonly referred to as user-generated content. This provides for more interactivity and an enhanced user experience. Smart TV’s allow you to stream your favorite content from sources such as Netflix and YouTube. This is an excellent feature for anyone that loves watching movies or videos online. However, it is important to note that you will need an existing Netflix subscription to access movies on your Smart TV. In addition, you can use video services such as Hulu Plus and listen to your favorite music on websites such as Pandora and Rhapsody. Smart TVs can also be integrated with social networking platforms such as Twitter…

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