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Should You Work at HBO or Netflix?

Should You Work at HBO or Netflix?

Over 130 million people subscribe to HBO globally.  Founded in 1972 with its first launch on a cable system serving Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania with the 1971 film, sometimes a Great Notion, starring Paul Newman and Henry Fonda, HBO was the world’s first “pay” tv service. Originally primarily airing movies over time it has evolved into one of the most successful and prolific producers of original shows. From today’s Game of Thrones to the Sopranos and True Blood of the past HBO is known for some of the most watched original programming on television. In 2015 HBO entered the “OTT” video market with the launch of their direct to consumer service HBO Now. With over $2 billion dollars in annual income HBO has a strong capital base for expansion. But what about the competition from Netflix and Amazon?  Netflix has been spending billions of dollars creating original programming for broadcast on their service.  As of April 2017 Netflix was reporting in excess of 99 million subscribers worldwide. But while most of HBO’s distribution is through deals with cable operators, virtually all of Netflix’s subscribers are direct. Amazon is also a formidable competitor having developed a video service for their Prime members…

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Will Multi-Channel Networks take over YouTube?

Take Heed the Rise Of Multi-Channel Networks

With 1 billion visitors monthly and enough video views to equal almost one hour for every person on earth YouTube has become a target for Multi-channel Networks (MCN). Multi-channel networks (MCN) are companies affiliated with YouTube that work with some of the most successful video creation people on YouTube to maximize their income. MCNs get involved in everything from AdSense video advertising optimization to cross-promotion, funding, partner management, digital rights management, audience development and production-streamlining. In essence they are digital talent agents. This is the quiet before the storm, if you’re looking to the horizon for a glimpse into your future job, read this and take some notes. YouTube gets a billion unique visitors who in total watch 6 billion hours of video. That’s 40% of the worldwide online population. Multi-channel networks (MCNs) are hot and only going to get hotter. This is the start of the multichannel network. Enders Analysis reports investors have spent $1.65 billion on MCNs and are seeing gold for the future. Financial Times points out “YouTube may account for an extraordinary 57% of online viewing and 55% of digital video advertising worldwide, but eking a living from all this activity is surprisingly difficult”. At present MCNs…

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$2 Million for 10 month old AirMedia, YouTube killer?

$2Million for 10 month old AirMedia, Youtube killer?

Video content is the future, and publishers are trying to figure out how to get more and more of their content in front of the right eyes. Well, guess what, a startup called AirMedia might just be that company to find new distribution for premium publishers. AirMedia’s plan is to promote this content in the same way companies like Outbrain and Taboola have been doing, except in video and not with all that weak content. Airmedia will offer video viewers with high quality recommendations at the bottoms of publishers’ sites. Video owners should be stoked at the prospect of a brand new platform dedicated to reaching and distributing their content to a whole new audience. It will even allow them to do all their own promotion and ad sales. Currently the content being served, such as the “links from around the web” that appear at the bottom of many publisher sites tend to point to lowbrow content focused on celebrities in bikinis and such. This may be a money maker, but is a “car crash” for publishers trying to maintain integrity in content. AirMedia is trying to rescue the day and the web for premium video publishers that are being…

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The Streaming Video Arbitrage of Online Video

The Streaming Video Arbitrage of Online Video

Would Carl Icahn would be buying up all the Streaming Video if it were a company?  178 million Americans watched 33 billion online content videos in February, while the number of video ad views reached 9.9 billion, according to ComScore Video Metrix. The race is on between paid and free TV…wait what year is this? However while the ad views are exploding the advertising revenue per view is dropping.  Then why have US media companies started to look to online video for future profits? It’s called subscription video on demand. Netflix and Amazon have recently purchased the rights to stream top shows including the CBS hit The Good Wife and The Killing. According to Sanford C. Bernstein SVOD has become a $1.5 billion dollar business for the six largest media companies and is expected to continue growing to $4 billion per year over the next few years.  SVOD revenues represent 1% of aggregate revenue and, due to its gross margins of 85%, 5% of those same companies aggregate operating income. EMarketer estimates advertising spending on online video in 2013 will exceed $4 billion dollars, up 41% from 2012.   Will advertising or subscriptions become the winner? Its cable pay TV…

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Doubling UP: $200 Million More for New Video Creators at YouTube

In 2011, Google invested $150 million into the creation of over 100 YouTube channels, most of which featured exclusive content from the likes of The Onion, Slate and The Wall Street Journal. Several celebrities also joined the effort, including such media sensations as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and Amy Poehler. YouTube’s humble beginnings may have emphasized awkward vlogs and endless cat videos, but this heavy investment has forced the company to take on a more sophisticated approach. The effort proved an overwhelming success, with the commissioned YouTube channels quickly landing millions of subscribers. Pleased with the results, Google is now investing another $200 million in the project. According to The Wall Street Journal, this money will be used to promote existing channels and upgrade videos for a more user-friendly experience. A Trial And Error Approach To Video Content Google’s YouTube initiative has proven successful thus far, but it took quite a few blips along the way to get there. Channels are given extensive creative license, leaving them with them with the opportunity to either shine or flop. Larry Aidem, the mastermind behind YouTube channel MyISH, experienced several ups and downs along the way. His first few videos featured presenters chatting about…

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