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ZenithOptimedia predicts mobile ad spend explosion

People working in media jobs for mobile advertising agencies could be forgiven for feeling a little confused by two new advertising expenditure forecasts. ZenithOptimedia has taken a bullishly optimistic view of the coming three years, predicting that mobile advertising will expand to 36 percent of the global ad spend by 2016. That’s more than a third of the $90 billion in new revenue anticipated over the coming three years. But WPP’s media buying wing, Group M, has taken a rather more pessimistic view in its projections for 2014, having revised its earlier global ad growth forecast of 5.1 percent to 4.6 percent, attributing its gloom to “economic gridlock in the US and a persistent financial crisis in the Eurozone.” “And”, not “instead of” ZenithOptimedia’s figures also suggest a remarkable development in the rise of mobile phone advertising – that 36 percent growth in ad spend will not be at the expense of other media like TV and newspapers. It’s additional growth, not “instead of”. As anyone with experience of media jobs in Adland can testify, this is pretty unprecedented. When internet display and search advertising began to take off with the advent of PCs and laptops over the last ten…

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Mobile advertisers target TV programming above all for their ads, says new report

The monthly Scorecard for Mobile Advertising reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T) Report from mobile advertising company Millennial Media is becoming required reading for anyone with media jobs in mobile advertising agencies; and the latest edition, which covers trends in 2012, shows that mobile ads placed around TV programming are soaring in popularity amongst advertisers. The report, which uses data from Millennial Media’s own campaigns and platforms, gives regular snapshots of the major trends in mobile advertising – not just where marketers are putting their mobile advertising dollars, but how consumers are responding. And the latest shows TV programming to be far and away the most popular entertainment category amongst brands deploying mobile advertising campaigns (other entertainment categories include motion picture releases, videogaming, video streaming services, books and magazines, DVD releases, music, and concerts, events and attractions). The rise of entertainment in mobile advertising  Entertainment in Millennial Media’s third largest platform was pipped to the post by retail and consumer goods. And in 2012 it leapt by 91 percent on the previous year, with TV programming attracting 27 percent of the ad spend (books and magazines, the second most popular entrainment category, captured 17 percent). Third place in entertainment went to motion…

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Swiping – the move which could revolutionize mobile advertising

Anyone with any experience of media jobs in mobile advertising agencies can confirm the existence of a stubborn difficulty in this corner of Adland: mobile advertising spend might be rising rapidly, but garnering metrics to assess its efficacy is an exceedingly tricky business. But one mobile advertising expert has proffered some simple yet potentially ground-shifting advice for the creators of mobile display ads: forget tapping, switch to swiping. Why mobile advertising should swipeable, not tappable Writing in the online marketing news source Marketing Land, Matthew Robles (the VP of Product Management at the digital advertising agency Vantage Local), puts his finger on an all too frequent drawback for mobile phones advertising campaigns: the finger itself. Or the fat finger, to be more precise. Many mobile ads get tapped accidentally by users whose fingers are too big to navigate the screen accurately, a phenomenon which not only irritates the user to hell, but creates over-valuation of irrelevant ads (click-centric marketers wrongly interpret taps as a sign of engagement and end up over-buying the ads). Robles identifies a major issue for mobile advertising agencies: “The problem isn’t that ads don’t work on mobile; it’s that the desktop model of “click or hover-to-engage”…

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One the way up? Manhattan mobile phones advertising startup appoints Kingcoms Charity Sabater

Anyone with enough experience of media jobs in mobile advertising agencies will be aware that, by the time that a startup has appointed its first VP of national sales, its prospects will be looking promising. And, just five months after being founded, Manhattan-based mobile phones advertising startup Locket, which we featured on these pages in August, has just done precisely that. From Candy Crush to Mobile Phones Advertising  Charity Sabater, erstwhile senior director of ad sales at online gaming megasite King.com (the company behind the addictively popular mobile game Candy Crush), is stepping into the new role and, according to Locket co-founder and CEO Yunha Kim, will be charged with the task of attracting more big brands into the program. Locket’s unique approach to mobile phones advertising involves paying users of its app when they engage with the ads it places on their Android lockscreens. OK, at one cent per ad engagement, no one gets to be a millionaire, but after a few months there’ll be enough to cash out a little windfall, make a small donation to a charity or add a little to a gift card. Users can even vote on brands they’d like to get ads from….

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Big new update makes Blippar even more addictive

Blippar, the London-headquartered augmented-reality mobile advertising startup which opened its first US office in New York last year, has just launched a major update that soups up its speed and brings additional social sharing features for its users. Faster and more shareable  Launched in London in November 2010, Blippar’s approach to mobile advertising is as unique as it is addictive. That bottle of ketchup might look unremarkable to the naked eye but if it carries a Blippar tag, a smart device will see much, much more (provided it’s got the Blippar app, of course). The smartphone will quickly reveal a raft of extra content like coupons, promotions, recipe ideas and much else besides. Just about everyone working in mobile advertising agencies would agree that that’s  pretty darned cool. CEO Rish Mitra says that the new update has made the recognition technology 10 percent quicker. But the brands Blippar works with are almost certainly going to love the new social sharing feature the most. Until the update, the only way for a Blippar user to like or follow a brand was by tracking its social media pages on Facebook or Twitter. But now, they can use their own social media accounts…

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