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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Jobs in New York

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Jobs in New York

According to the Forbes list of the top 10 best cities for marketing jobs, New York is among the marketing cities where marketing professionals can easily and effectively find marketing jobs. The jobs range from working with cosmetic companies to working with banking and finance companies. But in order to find and be successful in searching for New York marketing jobs, continue reading for some helpful information that you could use for your benefit. In order to be successful in marketing jobs, you must possess soft skills. According to Mike Steinerd, a director of recruiting at Indeed, soft skills are important for marketing professionals to possess if they are looking for a new job. Companies look for marketing individuals who have interactive skills needed to be successful in marketing along with the traditional marketing skills that are needed as well. Soft skills include but are not limited to communicating easily and effectively with other individuals, building trust with other individuals, and developing long lasting relationships with marketing clients. Currently, New York is a huge market for marketing professionals seeking new jobs. Specifically, marketing professionals at Forbes say that you can try your hand at a job at companies like JP…

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The 5 Highest Paying Marketing Positions in Los Angeles

5 highest paying marketing positions in los angeles

Although marketing positions are available throughout the country, marketing positions in Los Angeles, California, are typically in highest demand. For that reason, salaries are generally higher compared to other large metropolitan cities. According the government Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2013, Marketing Manager Positions were the 16th highest paying job in Los Angeles at $138,020. Without question, marketing offers tremendous opportunities, as well as job stability. Not only is marketing at the heart of all businesses, regardless of size or industry, it plays a vital role in a company’s success. While there are many different marketing positions to consider in Los Angeles, the overall responsibility involves identifying, anticipating, and satisfying the client’s requirement from a position of profitability. Best Companies for Marketing Positions According to Forbes Magazine, some of the top paying companies for Marketing Professionals are located in California. Topping the list is Culver City based technology security firm Symantec where the average base salary for marketing professionals is $153,860. The tech industry is well represented with top marketing comp plans at Intuit and Salesforce.com where each provide marketing professionals with average base salaries well above the $100,000 mark. By understanding the client, you will add value in the way…

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DigitasLBi in New York wants their Search Marketing Managed right!

DigitasLBi in New York wants their Search Marketing Managed right!

DigitasLBi exists to help brands embrace the creative and technological changes revolutionizing all aspects of their business. To do this requires a unique culture capable of supporting diverse talent. DigitasLBi is a highly-caffeinated playground where brilliant minds come together to make bold, award-winning advertising, as Manager of Search Marketing, you’ll oversee the strategic components of an integrated SEM campaign, including Paid Search and SEO. They use data-driven insights to guide their work, but also believe in a healthy dose of spirited storytelling. Paving the way for this is their powerful Search Marketing team, determined to transform the marketing landscape. Right now, they’re looking for a strong Manager to help lead the charge. Apply Here Who is the ideal Search Marketing Manager for DigitasLBi? Do you have the knowledge and passion for the latest trends and platforms in social and mobile, including geo-social (LBS), media seeding, the Facebook Open Graph and more. Experience with Social/Digital listening, tools, approaches to measurement/metrics, reporting, etc.  Proven ability to perform in-depth analysis, compile and interpret results. Occasional travel required, experience with PR, outreach. Excellent writing skills and extensive knowledge of social platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. You’ll work with the Digitas SEM capability team to establish performance metrics,…

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New Yorker needed to save animals everywhere, Best Friends Animal Society – Marketing Manager

New Yorker needed to save animals everywhere, Best Friends Animal Society – Marketing Manager

Save Them All as the Marketing Manager – At the core of Best Friends’ work is the dream that one day animals will no longer be killed in America’s shelters. It was the 1980s. Shelters across America routinely killed cats and dogs as the primary method of handling unwanted pets. Around 17 million animals perished every year. Then, a group of friends began taking some of those “unadoptables” to a safe haven to heal. At the heart of Best Friends is the Sanctuary, where, at any given time, about 1,700 animals are turning their lives around, receiving the medical help they need, and getting love and acceptance to help them overcome their past. While searching for their forever homes, they live in a scenic, healing environment among human and animal friends. Best Friends owns nearly 3,700 acres, and we lease another 17,000 acres of state and federal land. Nearly 30,000 people visit every year to meet the animals and tour what has become the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals. Apply Here Who is the ideal Marketing Manager for Best Friends Animal Society? It is someone who will be responsible for overseeing marketing functions for Best Friends Animal Society with…

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Eyeview has their gaze out for a new Product Marketing Manager

Eyeview has their gaze out for a new Product Marketing Manager

Here is the lowdown on Eyeview, a company seeking a Product Marketing Manager. Eyeview combines the effectives of TV with the efficiency of digital personalization. By personalizing your video assets to ensure relevant communication with all your consumers and prospects. From digital exposure to in-store sales, Eyeview measures the return on every aspect of your media investment. They are the world’s leading personalized video solutions provider. They create and execute broadcast-quality online video campaigns from start to finish. By transforming brand assets into limitless personalized video messages and targeting each one of them to the right person at the right time and place, they help marketers move products off shelves and drive increased returns on ad spend and sales. Eyeview, the leading personalized online video company, is experiencing significant growth and is looking for experienced product marketers to help develop the products and services that will bring Eyeview to the next level. Apply Here Who is the ideal Product Marketing Manager for Eyeview? As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for the articulation of the benefits, functionality, and potential uses of existing and new products and services.  You will need the ability to explain often complicated technology or…

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