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The Biggest Name in the Media Industry is the Last Name You’d Expect

They’re one of Apple’s primary partners, appearing at keynotes for new Apple product launches. They are slated to engage in 400,000 hours of streaming live video in 2014, and revenues for the year are estimated at $800 million. By 2016, their revenue projections will hit $1 billion. They’re among the most popular choices for content infrastructure, and one of the biggest media companies in the country. This company isn’t known as a media giant; they’re far more recognizable in other circles, though.   One of the biggest media companies in the industry right now is actually MLB Advanced Media, the tech company of Major League Baseball. How Major League Baseball Became a Media Industry Giant With their innovative approach to media, MLB’s tech division is now considered more of a media company than a baseball organization. MLB Advanced Media began with MLB.com, and was funded through an agreement with the thirty baseball clubs which comprised of $1 million each year over a four-year span. The estimated cost was $120 million, but MLB Advanced Media began turning a profit three years later. After investing less than $75 million, investors started to see ROI, and now those thirty owners are earning annual…

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New York’s Nomi acquires Media Armor

Anyone holding media jobs in online advertising agencies, from art directors to account managers, will know that, in the era of digital advertising, creative talent and sound data need to be joined at the hip. That is perhaps why New York’s rising data and marketing start-up Nomi has just acquired cross-device ad targeting start-up Media Armor. Digitizing the offline world Nomi’s mission since its launch in 2012 has been to, “digitize the offline world to be on par with the online world”: it brings its technology and talent to bricks and mortar retailers, providing them with the data they need to be as optimized as an ecommerce site. By exploiting data that already exists, it can show them not only how successful marketing campaigns have been in ramping up in-store traffic, but how much of that traffic actually ends up making purchases. Nomi’s technology niftily integrates data about customers across mobile, the web and in stores, giving retailers a full picture of what they’re doing and what they’re interested in. In October last year, Nomi successfully raised Series A investment amounting to $10 million, much of which was ploughed into its engineering and product teams. But it’s had its sights…

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Online advertising startup Adnimation offers cure for banner blindness

Online advertising startup Adnimation offers cure for banner blindness

Business development managers hungry for innovative ways of engaging consumers and boosting online advertising sales might wish to take a look at the offerings of Adnimation, a startup based in Deerfield, Illinois that thinks it has a cure for the growing phenomenon of banner blindness amongst web surfers. New life for unseen, unclicked, unloved banners It’s just launched a new ad network that uses humorous and engaging media animations to breathe new life into standard banner ads. The more informed business development manager will be aware that recent research has highlighted a spreading problem with banners: just one in every 1,000 web surfers actually click on online ads, while the rest have become effectively blind to them. But Adnimation has come up with a potentially promising solution. It’s not creating new animated ads, it’s overlaying existing, standard banners with clever animations, so they burst into unexpected life (and maybe raise a smile or three in the process). Tomer Treeves, the startup’s founder and CEO, explains: “The motivation for creating Adnimation is the lack of clicks in a multi-billion dollar market. Most ad networks report having more ads sold than placed, and most websites report a dwindling volume of clicks and…

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GumGum, the startup that pioneered in-image internet advertising without jarring viewers

GumGum, the startup that pioneered in-image internet advertising without jarring viewers - See more at: http://mediajobs.com/#sthash.niShHYnt.dpuf

Jobbing business development managers are fully aware that good online advertising sales are born on the back of creative verve and technological innovation. Brand engagement platform GumGum has a thing or two to teach Adland about both. When artist and techno-geek merge Founded in Santa Monica in 2007 by its now CEO Ophir Tanz, the startup now has offices in New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and the UK. All of which tells the savvy business development manager that it boasts something worth paying attention to. Tanz’s fascination with photographs and his expertise as a computer scientist, cross-fertilized one another to develop proprietary image recognition and targeting technology capable of click-through rates 20 times greater than traditional ad networks. And this was before images took off in a huge way, courtesy of initiatives like Instagram and Snapchat. Essentially, GumGum converts photographs into interactive experiences by overlaying them with Flash, banner or text ad units, which appear as the mouse cursor touches the image. Back in 2007, photos were appearing on the Net ubiquitously, but Tanz believed that people “didn’t really know what photos were about.” He told Forbes magazine in a recent interview: “In order to layer a service on…

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Ad analytics startup Pixalate makes ad buying transparent and pushes back fraud

Most experienced business development managers are painfully aware that, even as internet advertising revenue hits a record high at $20.1bn, whole swathes of that cash are destined for the toilet because of fraud. But thanks to the rising new real-time ad analytics startup Pixalate, fraudsters are going to find it a good deal tougher to get away with their scams. Fighting fraud and optimizing spend  Founded in April last year, the company (which bills itself as “the most advanced and first real time analytic SaaS based platform for Online Advertising”) has just announced that it’s raised a princely $4.6m in a funding round led by Javelin Venture Partners. Business development managers worried about the impact of fraud on online advertising sales will quickly appreciate the virtues of Pixalate’s platform, which brings a whole new dimension of transparency to ad buying. The Santa Monica-based startup gathers vital performance information on mobile and display advertising, helping buyers optimize their spending and enhance their online marketing campaigns. It can provide comparisons of media buying channels, ad exchanges, DSPs and websites at a glance. The company’s founder and CEO, Jalal Nasir, said: “Advertisers want to invest more with their real-time bidding (RTB) media buys,…

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