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Facebook has over 1700 Jobs: Here is How to Get a Job at Facebook

Facebook has over 1700 Jobs: Here is How to Get a Job at Facebook

With 2.13 billion monthly active users globally Facebook is the largest country in the world.  Every month more people visit Facebook than are in China or India.  According to Pew Internet over 52% of the entire population of the US uses Facebook every day. Those working at Facebook are working for a very global company.  90% of Facebook users are not even located in the United States. With over 25,000 employees and over 1,700 open jobs the competition is fierce. But What About Declining Time on the Facebook Site? With the recent change in the content shown in user’s newsfeeds and the talk of Social Media addiction Facebook has seen some decline in time spent.  However with revenues of $13 billion dollars per quarter or over $50 Billion Dollars per year, Facebook has plenty of resources to draw from to find ways to improve.  They also employ some of the smartest engineers in the world. Most likely Facebook will find ways to grow their user interactions over time that far surpasses what they have now. What do Facebook Employees Really Think about Facebook? Facebook employees like their jobs and their company. 99% of the employees approve of the CEO and…

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Five screens TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, look out Marketers, Future is here!

Five screens TV, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, look out Marketers, Future is here!

There is so much unbelievable and interesting content out there nowadays that advertisers are going crazy trying to figure out ways to capitalize on all of it. Currently there isn’t a standard metric for a morphing viewing industry. There needs to be a single-source measurement for every possible content interface, tablet, mobile, streaming, etc., without it marketers are going to have a hell of time. Advertising is in a dire need to redefine what TV is. TV networks throw back at least %50 of their revenue to produce original programming, they realize that streaming is huge for their TV audiences and brands. Let’s not forget how the new practice of binge TV watching has set record breaking results for new programs and sport events. Networks have kept on top of the changing mediums for viewing the material, wherever and whenever and by doing so have seem surges in viewership. Streaming is a brand builder for TV, it creates fans, new and old, gets people engaged, especially when adding social networking into the fray. Mind you a lot of these streaming services don’t do the advertising thing, but marketers always seem to figure out way to sneak in there. It’s critical…

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Why is Hipstamatic back, and why should you even care?

Why is Hipstamatic back, and why should you even care?

Hipstamatic is an app that was launched back in December of 2011 as D-Series. It was one of the first in the photo app market to introduce lo-fi instant camera or vintage aesthetics from any era to your photos. Unfortunately it was blown out of the water by none other than Instagram. Hipstamatic founder and CEO Lucas Allen Buick had explained that they were having a real hard time monetizing the product and service issues made it impossible to keep the app going even though they had 2 million downloads in under a year. The iPhone app has just launched a brand new collaborative social photo component available on iTunes right now called DSPO [pronounced Dis-po]. Buick explains that a lot of new technology such as Apple’s CloudKit have afforded Hipstamatic a real chance to get back at it again but the market is even more competitive three years later. “There aren’t many opportunities in life nor business when we are presented with a redo,” Buick said. “I’m so happy to get this opportunity. I just hope we got it right this time.” So DSPO is a social camera designed to get people to chat about and share photos. They’re…

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Social media brings disappointing results for businesses

Recently businesses have started to analyze the success of their social media campaigns and their social media managers are facing a disappointing set of results. In a survey carried out by Gallup, more than 62% of businesses claimed that their social media engagements had no influence on the purchasing decisions made by consumers, with only 30% acknowledging that it had some influence. Only 5% believed that social media exerted a great deal of influence, while 3% did not know. These results were in spite of US companies spending an estimated total of $5.1bn on advertising on social media platforms during 2013. Gallup claims that Facebook and Twitter users are ‘highly adept at tuning out’ brand content and concluded that ‘social media are not the powerful and persuasive marketing force many companies hoped they would be.’ The diminishing power of Facebook Social media has also made it more difficult for companies to reach their target markets. For example, Facebook has made significant changes in the way it displays their users’ news feeds, only featuring those it believes they will be interested in. According to social-media analytics company, EdgeRank Checker, this resulted in a 16% downturn in the number of users brands…

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Introducing Pinta, the new shop aimed at cross-cultural marketing

It’s pretty impossible these days for anyone with media jobs in online advertising agencies to ignore the growing influence of Hispanic consumers. Business development managers who want to tap into this expanding audience might do well to take note of a new development from the specialist agency JeffreyGroup, which is launching a spin-off shop called Pinta to augment its existing emphasis on Spanish-speaking consumers. The art of cross-cultural marketing  The new shop will operate out of offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami (where, like its parent JeffreyGroup, it’ll be headquartered). Any business development manager who feels a blend of puzzlement and intrigue over its chosen name will get an “Aha!” moment as soon as they realize it’s the Spanish word for “paint” and is intended to metaphorically evoke “the art of cross-cultural marketing.” Upon its launch, it will have 20 employees who between them will work with a veritable A-list of brand names, including Johnnie Walker, Facebook, 21st Century Fox’s “Fox Hispanic Media”, Diageo, Toronto-Dominion Bank’s subdivision TD Bank and T-Mobile US. The senior VP of marketing, brand and advertising at T-Mobile US, Peter DeLuca, said, “The Hispanic market for T-Mobile is extremely important.” His company launched a…

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