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Email that Thinks like You Do — Slidemail

Slidemail Email organization that thinks like you do

For those of you look­ing to get on board a fresh com­pa­ny that’s in the mobile game, keep read­ing. Slide­Mail is a new appli­ca­tion from Vu Tran, who found­ed the Y Com­bi­­na­­tor-backed com­pa­ny Frame­base. He’s teamed up with the design­ers from email app Mail­box, which Drop­box bought and is cre­at­ing an email app to help us with our bad email habits. They want to make going through our inbox a bet­ter expe­ri­ence, while also intel­li­gent­ly orga­niz­ing our mes­sages and alert­ing us to impor­tant meet­ings and oth­er events. Slide­Mail’s app tries to fig­ure out what in your email mat­ters to you, it watch­es your email activ­i­ty, learn­ing what you read, trash and archive, and then adapts to that behav­ior over time. Tran says he ini­tial­ly cre­at­ed Slide­Mail to help with his own email issues, like over­look­ing impor­tant meet­ing requests because of the glut of junk emails. Slide­Mail can look through your emails and seek out dates, times, and oth­er phras­ing that indi­cates an upcom­ing event, or even a pend­ing flight. The app can remind you auto­mat­i­cal­ly about the event and even locate the des­ti­na­tion on a map for you, or bet­ter yet; when it detects a flight in an email it brings…

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Why kill email when you can organize it? Welcome to PeeqPeeq the shopping organizing app from tech startup Rokket Launch

There prob­a­bly aren’t that many prod­uct man­agers who’d claim to love email. Turn your back on your inbox for five min­utes and it’s clut­tered again, often with stuff you don’t want and didn’t ask for. And as for com­ing back to it after a vaca­tion, well, that’s a whole oth­er sto­ry. But one tech start­up CEO sin­cere­ly does love email, not least because every­one still uses it. And, says Lee Ott (co-founder and CEO of Palo Alto-based ‘Rokket Launch’) most of it, no mat­ter how volu­mi­nous it might be, isn’t junk. Rokket Launch aims to sort it all out, mak­ing man­age­able and ordered mole­hills out of moun­tains of elec­tron­ic jum­ble. PeeqPeeq’s progress  Prod­uct numero uno for the start­up, which has raised $1.25 mil­lion so far, is the quaint­ly named app Pee­qPeeq. What, the curi­ous prod­uct man­ag­er will be won­der­ing, is a Pee­qPeeq? The clue’s in the sound rather than the spelling: it peeks through all the shop­ping-relat­ed emails in the user’s inbox, sucks them up and orga­nizes them into a Web store acces­si­ble by desk­top PCs, iPads and iPhones. And it neat­ly places all the shop­ping-relat­ed mes­sages into a sep­a­rate fold­er exter­nal to the inbox. Ott likens it to a…

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What does SoPost Mean for the Future of Mail Delivery?

How many times have you ordered some­thing online, only to miss the deliv­ery? Accord­ing to the founders of the lat­est app on the block, SoPost, failed first-time deliv­er­ies have direct costs of almost £1 bil­lion in the UK alone and this issue is some­thing the Lon­­don-based start up is hop­ing to address, if you’ll par­don the pun. This lat­est app is some­thing those on the look­out for media jobs won’t want to be with­out – after all, you don’t want to miss that inter­view date or job offer. By map­ping social IDs like Twit­ter han­dles, Face­book names, phone num­bers and email address­es SoPost aims to link these with phys­i­cal address­es so pack­ages will always find you, whether you’re at work, at home, or at Mom’s. The ser­vice can also be used to send gifts to friends using noth­ing more than a Twit­ter user­name or a Face­book ID. What is it Exact­ly? SoPost founder Jonathan Gru­bin explains: “An address should be where you are, or where you want things to be sent, rather than the last post­code some­body has for you. “SoPost is about turn­ing the things that we know and that rarely change – like our social IDs and email…

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