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Will Monegraph open the doors to a new ecommerce market for digital artists?

Will Monegraph open the doors to a new ecommerce market for digital artists?

Most seasoned e-commerce analysts will know that the world beyond the web has come to be known as “meatspace”. And for one species of potential entrepreneur, visual image artists, meatspace is where they have to stay if they’re to make a living. But New York startup Monegraph is poised to change all that. A new ecommerce market in digital image art beckons. Authenticating digital originality  The problem that digital artists have is that it’s virtually impossible to designate an original digital image as, well, original. In a nutshell, it takes a lot of skill and labor to make a convincing copy of an oil painting and no copy will correspond in every detail with the original. But anyone can make a copy of a digital image in an instant: without the scarcity factor inherent to meatspace art, there’s no viable market for digital artists. Monegraph, which was created this year for the Rhizom Seven On Seven conference by fellow New Yorkers Kevin McCoy (a multi-media artist) and Anil Dash (entrepreneur and writer), is about to open real e-commerce prospects for digital artists. Any e-commerce analysts out there intrigued by how this fete will be actualized should listen up now. Artists sign in to the…

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A new contender in the office supplies arena: meet Chalkfly

Chalkfly.com The New Contender in Office Supplies

On hearing the phrase “office supplies”, most people probably conjure up the big brands in their heads. But that could be about to change: the likes of Staples, Office Depot and Office Max have a new and agile contender in their arena in the form of e-tail startup Chalkfly. E-commerce analysts with a fondness for David and Goliath stories will like this one. Innovation When ex-Google and IBM employees Andrew and Ryan Landau looked at the office supplies market, they decided there was a lot of room for innovation, and quit their jobs to do just that. The burgeoning uptake of tablets and smartphones has changed the fortunes of e-commerce and dealt a series of blows to the big-box chains, forcing them to curtail many of their bricks-and-mortar operations. While Staples has led the way forward to date (the Wall Street Journal recently revealed that, with 40 per cent of its sales now coming from its online operations, it’s become the second biggest online merchant to Amazon), in general the big beasts of office supplies have been slow to adapt to e-commerce. The brothers Landau spotted an opportunity. This $30 billion industry, they found, hasn’t really changed much in twenty…

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The Pebble smart watch finally arrives on doorsteps to a chorus of approval

After wowing donors at Kickstarter last year to such an extent that it went away with over $10 million in investment, Pebble has finally started shipping its smart wristwatch, which has been hitting doorsteps for a few weeks now. E-commerce managers and e-commerce analysts wanting to know more about expectation management could learn a lot from Pebble.  After promising shipments would begin last fall, a huge order backlog ensured and it took considerably longer to get the ball rolling.  But it’s been extraordinarily deft at keeping its pre-order customers regularly and fully informed via stories, videos and photos. Mass production The first recipients, of course, have been the startup’s Kickstarter backers, but with mass production now in full momentum with 15,000 being manufactured every week, everyone else who pre-ordered will soon have theirs if it hasn’t already arrived.  The watch, which connects to the iPhone and to Android devices, is modestly handsome as opposed to riotously gorgeous, but that crisp, customizable, black-and-white e-paper display is a real winner, remaining highly readable even in sunlight. E-commerce analysts keen to spot the next big thing might do well to follow the Pebble’s fortunes. It not only displays incoming caller IDs, Facebook messages,…

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Troop ID opens the e-commerce door to the military community

A Washington based startup has developed a means of bringing the USA’s 26 million-strong military community into the discounted e-commerce marketplace, courtesy of a unique identity verification widget. For the first time, Troop ID has devised a secure way of supplying veterans and active duty members with digital credentials – something they’ve never previously enjoyed.  In practice, having to rely solely on physical ID documents has meant that the military community has been locked out of online discounts.  Despite wishing to offer specific discounts targeted at the military community, brands simply weren’t able to verify online that a cyber-customer really was a vet or in active service. An indispensable e-commerce intermediary E-commerce analysts and e-commerce managers will surely be impressed by Troop ID’s solution. A widget providing online traders with guaranteed verification of a military customer’s ID.  All service members need to do is enter a password and unique user-name on Troop ID’s website, whereupon the company verifies it against a Government database. Essentially, the startup acts as the middleman other firms e-commerce can’t do without, because they don’t directly access Government data but they do need the verification if they’re to tap into the military personnel e-market.  And it’s…

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London-based startup Shutl shuttles toward the USA

London based e-commerce startup Shutl has just bagged an additional $3.2 million in investment which it plans to use in aid of its forthcoming USA launch. Having expanded spectacularly through the UK over the last twelve months, Shutl’s extra money came from sources old and new.  Existing investors include Hummingbird Ventures and the strategic venture wing of UPS, while the rest came from new backers Notion Capital and e.ventures. An ultra-fast Shutl E-commerce managers and e-commerce analysts alike will be interested in Shutl’s unique angle, as the market is undoubtedly getting more crowded.  Witness moves by big box stores like Staples and Home Depot to step into the e-commerce space.  Unlike fellow startup Beautylish, which is focusing on customer engagement as part of a longer-term m-commerce strategy, Shutl makes a bold but simple promise.  It will deliver any product paid for online either within a few minutes or inside any hour-long window chosen by the customer. The genius touch lies in its web platform’s links with local same-day couriers.  So far, its record is a delivery taking just 15 minutes after payment processing. Scheduled for the first quarter of 2013, the stateside launch will be centered initially in San Francisco…

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