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Master of Content for Vimeo, take the job as the Content Partnership Manager!

Master of Content for Vimeo, take the job as the Content Partnership Manager!

At Vimeo, your job as the content partnership manager is to handle the onboarding and management of all of our Video on Demand content providers – such as distributors, producers, filmmakers and media companies – and with our content ingestion partners. You will be the master of understanding and explaining video formats, metadata specifications, and the Vimeo Video on Demand Pro interface for our content partners, while also managing their film releases on the VOD platform. In addition, you will be relied upon to manage the relationships with our content ingestion partners to ensure a smooth, efficient and trouble-free content ingestion process for both the content provider and Vimeo. Apply Here Who is the ideal Content Partnerships Manager for Vimeo? Get going by managing the on-boarding of content providers once they have signed a deal with their Content Acquisition team – aiding with any questions, issues and concerns of the content providers to ensure a timely and efficient upload and launch of their film(s). Own the schedule of content delivery for all signed content providers to ensure that content is delivered and published on time. Manage the relationship of the content providers throughout their relationship with Vimeo on Demand –…

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Introducing Niche: the social media startup that connects top-ranking content creators to brands

You don’t have to be a veteran content manager to appreciate that when a social media startup bags $550,000 dollars in seed funding less than six months after being founded, it’s likely to be pretty darned hot. And that’s the reputation that New York-based Niche is clearly very happy to be building. Talent meets brands Co-founded in June this year by Darren Lachtman and Rob Fishman (erstwhile social media editor at The Huffington Post), Niche connects its community of influential, popular social media creators with leading brands to help the latter “supercharge their social presences”. The more questioning content manager may be wondering how Niche can stand out from the crowd when more established outfits like Adly have been making money from celebrity-fueled social media marketing campaigns for some years now. But to date, Niche creators between them reach a 75 million-strong collective audience. Impressive stuff. Creators get a profile that pulls together all their accounts and content from other social networks. They also get analytics which show them what content is engaging people (and what isn’t). All for free of course; and they get to make some money if they take part in marketing campaigns. The analytics gives valuable…

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Facebook’s New 12 Member Marketing Fraternity

  12 companies have just been awarded exclusive membership in a club with almost 1 Billion constituents. On Thursday, September 20th, Facebook awarded the 12 best social marketing tool and service providers with a new title of “Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer,” like a membership to an exclusive online marketing fraternity. The 12 content manager companies in this club will be the first marketing companies brands go to when sorting through the Preferred Marketing Developer (also known as the PMD) directory of 300 B2Bs to find trusted Facebook Page and Ads optimization providers. Along with the exclusive sPMD title, member companies will also receive a spot on the sPMD council, early access to Facebook products and extra support from different teams at Facebook, making membership both lucrative and honorary. Companies on the sPMD Council The following companies are part of the 12 member Strategic Preferred Marketing council: Adobe AdParlor Alchemy Social / Techlightenment Brand Networks Glow GraphEffect Kenshoo Nanigans Salesforce SocialCode Spruce Media 77 Agency All of these 12 sPMD companies will offer everything from advertising, applications, insights and pages to the community manager of each brand’s Facebook page, among other types of useful marketing advice. What This Means for sPMD…

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Zuckerberg sets mobile optimization as Facebook’s top priority

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has come out fighting after a three-month silence in which the social networking giant’s share value has tumbled alarmingly. Speaking at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference on Wednesday, Zuckerberg candidly addressed the fraught issue of his company’s faltering efforts to grasp the mobile nettle. A mobile-propelled freefall Recent reports have highlighted the nerve-shredding $157 million loss Facebook suffered since its IPO in May; during the same period, the net worth of the company plunged by $50 billion.  These knuckle-whitening declines are at least in part connected to Facebook’s failure to develop a robust mobile platform – a shortcoming that has cost the company dearly given that 955 million of its users routinely access their Facebook pages through mobile devices. Facebook wants to emulate the spectacular growth rate shown by social news site Reddit, but Zuckerberg is shrewd enough to know that he’s got a lot of convincing and reassuring to do.  Needless to say, every content manager, community manager and social media manager will be intrigued about his views on the way forward with regard to mobile technology. While he didn’t pull any rabbits out of the hat, he didn’t disappoint either, openly stating that Facebook’s top priority…

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