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ISEBOX — a Start Up making Storing and Controlling your Media from the Cloud painless.

ISEBOX - a Start Up making Storing and Controlling your media painless.

Look­ing for a job is very com­pet­i­tive. If you are only apply­ing to jobs online you will encounter sub­stan­tial com­pe­ti­tion. At MediaJobs.com our objec­tive is to make it as easy as pos­si­ble to find a job at a great com­pa­ny and with the least amount of com­pe­ti­tion. At MediaJobs.com we have estab­lished our mis­sion of Find­ing the Great Com­pa­nies First. In keep­ing with our mis­sion we have cre­at­ed this inter­view series with some of the newest star­tups in the New York City mar­ket area.   We encour­age you to learn about some of the newest com­pa­nies and think about what might be a good fit for you. What is the name of your com­pa­ny and who are the founders?  ISEBOX: Marc de Leuw and Sal­va­tore Salpi­etro How did the idea for your start-up come about?  Marc’s pre­vi­ous com­pa­ny was a creative/ video agency in Lon­don. They got sick and tired of fig­ur­ing out how to send the client video con­tent, and watch­ing the client scratch their head on what to do with the cool videos they cre­at­ed, and strug­gle send­ing them out one by one to the press rather than hav­ing an easy view­ing and mul­ti­me­dia con­tent shar­ing plat­form. Of the key peo­ple involved what is…

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Stacking Containers in the Cloud has never been easier thanks to Docker

Stacking Containers in the Cloud has never been easier thanks to Docker

Some­times it feels like we’re writ­ing the same arti­cle again and again because it’s always about some tech com­pa­ny rais­ing a gazil­lion dol­lars. Well, there is noth­ing new here, except that this two year old com­pa­ny is aggres­sive­ly try­ing to dom­i­nate a mar­ket. Dock­er, who, Work at DOCKER? A light­ning pro­duc­er of soft­ware for man­ag­ing appli­ca­tions on a glob­al basis. They’ve cre­at­ed a sig­na­ture appli­ca­tion con­tain­er tech­nol­o­gy, and they are doing every­thing in their pow­er to make sure all the oth­er kids in the play­ground have to go home ear­ly. Dock­er has seen four injec­tions of mon­ey since incep­tion and this most recent one of $95 mil­lion should real­ly allow them to blow past all their com­peti­tors, such as Core­OS, anoth­er upstart. So we’re look­ing at a total of close to $160 mil­lion in fund­ing. Last Sep­tem­ber in 2014 the com­pa­ny was val­ued at close to $400 mil­lion, this year it’s pos­si­ble it’s val­ue could be a bil­lion dol­lars. Think­ing about sub­mit­ting those resumes now, or lat­er? Ben­jamin Gol­ub, Docker’s chief exec­u­tive said Dock­er still hasn’t spent all of the mon­ey from its sec­ond round of financ­ing, let alone the $40 mil­lion it raised in its third round of fund­ing last…

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How cloud storage startup Dropbox engineered its way from 2000 users to 175 million

Here’s a ques­tion that the more for­ward think­ing prod­uct man­ag­er would like an answer to: how does a tech start­up scale up from 2,000 users to 175 mil­lion in just five years? As recent news reveals, that’s exact­ly what Drop­box has done – and its for­mer head of ser­vice engi­neer­ing, Rajiv Eran­ki, has been explain­ing the engi­neer­ing that lay behind its explo­sive suc­cess. A hap­haz­ard learn­ing curve Eran­ki joined the fledg­ling Drop­box team in 2008. That was in the days when it had just 2,000 users, and things were dis­tinct­ly glitchy. His job was to help scale up the plat­form, and he had just one full-time col­league to help him. Reas­sur­ing­ly for prod­uct man­agers look­ing after a new tech offer­ing, in the begin­ning, Drop­box was, as Eran­ki puts it, “bug­gy” and it need­ed to have “joins” across its data­bas­es sep­a­rat­ed. But Eran­ki found the hap­haz­ard, inef­fi­cient efforts of the ear­ly team to be ulti­mate­ly high­ly pro­duc­tive, because he thinks it led to some key engi­neer­ing ben­e­fits that wouldn’t have been found oth­er­wise. Joins across data­bas­es were easy to accom­plish, as it hap­pens, and the Drop­box team did them as and when they need­ed to. And because they could put queries…

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Experience a New Way to do Business with Hyperfair

Most entre­pre­neurs know that attend­ing expos and fairs is all part of doing busi­ness, but how about being able to net­work, exchange cards, col­lect brochures and view new prod­ucts with­out leav­ing your desk? Fresh from Cal­i­for­nia incu­ba­tor Rock­et­Space, 3D vir­tu­al events spe­cial­ists Hyper­fair are putting their mon­ey on mak­ing a suc­cess of online careers fairs, exhi­bi­tions and con­fer­ences and have just secured $1.1 mil­lion in seed fund­ing to help them devel­op their propo­si­tion. Who knows – those look­ing for tech­nol­o­gy or social media jobs may also find their next post at a vir­tu­al expo. So What’s New? We all know that devel­op­ers have tried and, on occa­sion, failed to cre­ate effec­tive vir­tu­al busi­ness events – with clunky graph­ics, sta­t­ic spaces and an inabil­i­ty to tap into the imag­i­na­tion of del­e­gates and get them through the ‘door’, the mar­ket for these prod­ucts has been some­what unpre­dictable. How­ev­er Hyper­fair aims to raise the bar by offer­ing a ser­vice that stands head and shoul­ders above the rest. COO Andrea Bal­lar­i­ni claims that while com­peti­tors seem to offer a sta­t­ic expe­ri­ence, Hyper­fair pro­vides much more inter­ac­tiv­i­ty. The tech allows users to move their avatars around a 3D space and the inter­face is easy to…

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Workday is harnessing the power of the Cloud to stay ahead of the game

Imag­ine a place were com­pa­nies can access the lat­est HR and finance soft­ware tools with­out hav­ing to pay hefty license fees and endure lengthy instal­la­tions. Wel­come to the world accord­ing to Work­day. The firm, which spe­cialis­es in Soft­­ware-as-a-Ser­vice solu­tions for the man­age­ment of glob­al busi­ness­es, cur­rent­ly has around 280 clients, includ­ing mid-size enter­pris­es to For­tune 50 Oper­a­tions, all of which can take advan­tage of Workday’s cloud-based sys­tems as an alter­na­tive to anti­quat­ed ERP ser­vices. Indeed, Worka­day prides itself on updat­ing its soft­ware reg­u­lar­ly to make sure it’s clients are always ahead of the game, and this could be the secret to its con­tin­ued suc­cess. This suc­cess may also hinge, in no small part, on the fact that the busi­ness was found­ed by for­mer Peo­ple­Soft CEO Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhus­ri, who have brought their con­sid­er­able expe­ri­ence in Human Resource Man­age­ment Sys­tems (HRMS), Finan­cial Man­age­ment Solu­tions (FMS), Sup­ply Chain Man­age­ment (SCM) and Cus­tomer Rela­tion­ship Man­age­ment (CRM), to the Work­day table. Fol­low­ing an impres­sive stock mar­ket debut which saw Workday’s stock soar to $7.8 bil­lion, founder and for­mer Peo­ple­Soft exec Bhus­ri believes Worka­day are in a great posi­tion to chal­lenge more estab­lished providers, who, he says, offer a ‘mish­mash’ of dif­fer­ent kinds…

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