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Lots of Great Business Development Manager Jobs in Chicago

Business Development Jobs in Chicago

Business Development is one of the fastest growing roles in America.  Today’s business is highly focused on building sales and Business Development Managers are in high demand. In Chicago, the third largest city in America with close to 3 million people, there are over 1,300 Business Development jobs available now. What is the Business Development Manager Job The primary role of the Business Development Manager is to prospect for new clients by networking, cold calling, advertising or other means of generating interest from potential clients. They must then plan persuasive approaches and pitches that will convince potential clients to do business with the company. They must develop a rapport with new clients, and set targets for sales and provide support that will continually improve the relationship. They are also required to grow and retain existing accounts by presenting new solutions and services to clients. Business Development Managers work with mid and senior level management, marketing, and technical staff. He/she may manage the activities of others responsible for developing business for the company. Strategic planning is a key part of this job description, since it is the business manager’s responsibility to develop the pipeline of new business coming in to the…

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Über-Networker With Hot Leads Needed For Travelzoo’s Business Development Manager Position

It takes a unique type of person to hunt out the best places to dine, dance and relax in a city the size of New York. That is why Travelzoo Local is hunting for a Business Development Manager that is the quintessential Über-Networker for the NYC scene, knowing what is hot and what is not in the Big Apple.  The best candidate for this face-paced position will enjoy the challenge of finding the best services at the best prices for the Travelzoo audience. APP LY HERE     13 Million Americans Looking For Incredible Deals On Travelzoo Travelzoo is the ultimate site to find the best deals in entertainment, dining and travel all across the world, with 27 million subscribers worldwide and 13 million in the U.S. To fuel their growth in regional markets, they have harnessed the power of their high-income subscribers to create Travelzoo Local. This growing facet is geared toward finding the hottest new businesses in local areas and connecting them with their vast audience with superior offers. APPLY HERE The key to Travelzoo’s success lies within their team of deal experts that search out high-quality businesses that are looking to expand their customer base. Their sales…

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Buzzfeed – to raise its most massive investment yet?

Six months ago, we were reporting on Buzzfeed’s record-breaking profits, as the native advertising/viral content/news site continued relentlessly on its seemingly unstoppable upward trajectory. According to VentureBeat, rumor has it that it’s now considering a fifth funding round which just might be as high as $200 million. You don’t need to be a veteran business development manager to appreciate that when your company inspires that kind of confidence amongst investors, it’s turned into pure gold. A little turbulence The New York startup’s last funding round was back in January 2013, when it raised a comparatively modest $20 million, bringing its total investment at the time to $46.3 million. But savvy business development managers who’ve been following its recent progress carefully will know that it’s maybe oversimplifying things to describe Buzzfeed’s progress simply in terms of plain sailing. Things were looking fabulous back in November last year, when its forays into long-form journalism and its list posts reached an audience of over 130 million unique visitors. Fast-forward to this month, though, and it’s clear that the startup has taken a couple of hefty horse kicks recently. For one thing, when it stopped producing so many interactive quizzes – one of its…

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Interactive ad startup True[X] ramps up its war on worthless impressions

Business development managers working to drive online advertising sales for their digital agencies’ clients will like Joe Marchese: he’s at war with an industry that too often allows genuinely creative efforts in digital advertising to get buried in a tsunami of worthless impressions. And his LA-based company, interactive ad startup True[X], has just bagged a further $6 million in Series D to stuff into its war chest. The war on worthless impressions  Marchese says the money is an extension of the Series D it raised back in 2011 (in those days, it was called “SocialVibe”); existing investors Norwest Venture Partners, Pinnacle Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Jafco Ventures stumped up. The extra cash, Marchese confirmed, will be ploughed into helping True[X] follow its aims more aggressively. But what, the inquiring business development manager will be asking, do those aims consist of?  Marchese wants to attract more big-name, quality publishers to the startup’s ad platform, moving the industry away from shady practices that he likens to Wall Street’s operations in the subprime crisis of 2008. If that’s whetted our business development manager’s curiosity even further, here’s Marchese’s argument: the financial products market rewarded the wrong things. It mass-marketed housing loans that anyone…

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Firstborn, the friendly New York digital agency with a “no-diva” policy

Picture this: you’ve got a brand new job as a business development manager at a digital agency and you’re rearing to go. But while you’re keen to start driving those online advertising sales, you feel just a bit like the new kid arriving at school, worried about eating lunch on your own. If you landed your job at New York digital advertising agency Firstborn, that feeling won’t last long as the firm goes out of its way to welcome newcomers. Family warmth  Founded by Michael Ferdman (now its CEO) back in 1997, Firstborn has chalked up an impressive list of clients over the years, amongst them superstar celebrities like Madonna, for whom it made a digital version of her album “Music”. Currently, the roster includes big names like Under Armour, Mountain Dew and Aflac, and a few weeks back it created a content-driven website for A-list fashion designer Tory Burch (the site streamed the New York Fashion Week event). Ferdman decided to sell the company to Dentsu in 2011, and moved it and its 90 staff to the majestic AT&T building in lower Manhattan, where it shares studio space with its New York digital neighbor, 360i. The welcoming atmosphere is…

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