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Why You Want to Work at Moogsoft

Why You Want to Work at Moogsoft

Moogsoft AIOps helps enterprise IT Operations and DevOps teams become smarter, faster, and more effective. Their machine language algorithmic software provides a high quality of customer experience, enable digital transformation (while ensuring stability), and operates efficiently via real-time machine learning.

If this sound complicated, it is!  But anyone involved in machine learning today is a company prepared for the future.

As technology gets more and more advanced, human capital (read: people with jobs) become less necessary in many areas and fields. And while this should be alarming news to the fast food employee among many others, the likelihood is that they have no clue what’s coming their way until they get the notice from management: “Due to awesome new technology we won’t be needing any more order takers. Please turn in your name badge by tomorrow at 6pm.”

The area that you might not expect this sort of apocalyptic scenario is in the IT world. Computers will always need people to make them run correctly, right? Not necessarily, if other computers are advanced enough to take care of the problems. Unknown to many (but soon to be common knowledge) is that this shift is already occurring, and one of the primary reasons is a company called Moogsoft.

Moogsoft Makes Non-IT People Happy

Moogsoft specializes in something called Algorithmic IT Operations technologies, which is machine learning software that essentially replaces the need for a lot of IT Helpdesk jobs. Here’s the situation as most of us know it today – we have a problem with our computer and our company has switched from an internal or local IT resource to a helpdesk which is more than likely overseas somewhere and slightly less than familiar with our situation. They work off of a set of rules that tell them what to do, and if the rulebook is lost somehow they couldn’t tell you how to switch the power button on. It’s maddening.

But a key function that many of this level of IT people play is dealing with operational noise. Operational noise is what we call the (possibly) millions of alerts that a system sends every day that might or might not be an actual issue that needs fixing. These IT folks work through these tedious and voluminous alerts to determine which of them really need attention. To summarize Moogsoft’s business succinctly, they make sure these IT people are free to look for gainful employment elsewhere.

Machine Learning is Incredible

There are many newer technologies that we could call incredible, but machine learning so far is sitting pretty with the title belt. There have been significant cases where machine learning has already proven to be superior to other technologies trying to accomplish the same artificial intelligence-type functions, as well as documented success stories. Moogsoft customers are some of these success stories.

How successful? A large SaaS company cut their time from DevOps to release from 14 days to 1 day. a Fortune 100 manufacturer cut their raw events 115 million per day to 250 actionable situations. A large bank cut their operational noise by 50% and saw a 4X ROI in their first year using the platform. Those are real results, and they’re more than impressive.

So the company makes a great product that could be world-changing in terms of business and technology, but how’s their work environment? According to 69 reviews on Glassdoor, pretty awesome. They have a 4.9 out of 5 stars in reviews by employees, with praises ranging from perks to the humble nature of the founders to the excellent work-life balance. So why does Media Jobs think you might want to work there? Turn that question around – why wouldn’t you want to work there?

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Alcor Solutions Inc. St. Louis, MO
Having expertise in ServiceNow and Moogsoft. Integrated Servicenow with Moogsoft using event management modules and Rest API....
From Indeed -   Mon, 14 Jan 2019 23:45:25 GMT - 30+ days ago
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KMM Technologies Reston, VA
Having expertise in ITM and Moogsoft. KMM Technologies has an immediate opening for an IBM Tivoli Monitoring and Moogsoft SME with recent hands on experience...
From KMM Technologies -   Mon, 15 Oct 2018 11:36:47 GMT - 5 months ago
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Windward Consulting New York, NY
Moogsoft Experience greatly desired. We are looking for Consulting minded engineers to join our growing Moogsoft deployment team....
From Windward Consulting -   Wed, 16 Jan 2019 23:34:19 GMT - 30+ days ago
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Windward Consulting Remote
Moogsoft Experience greatly desired. We are looking for Consulting minded engineers to join our growing Moogsoft deployment team....
From Windward Consulting -   Wed, 06 Mar 2019 06:49:12 GMT - 15 days ago
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CGI Reston, VA
2-3 years on Moogsoft AIOps. CGI has an immediate need for a System Analyst with Moogsoft AIOps experience to join our financial services team in Reston, VA....
From CGI -   Wed, 13 Mar 2019 20:25:19 GMT - 8 days ago
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CGI Veterans Jobs Reston, VA
Systems Analyst with Moogsoft AIOps. CGI has an immediate need for a System Analyst with Moogsoft AIOps experience to join our financial services team in Reston...
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