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Disney and Carnegie Mellon is redefining Big Data with EM-Sense.

Disney and Carnegie Mellon is redefining Big Data with EM-Sense.

We’ve all grown up hearing and experiencing the “Magic of Disney”, but what does that really mean?

Well thanks to their latest magic companies will know everything and we mean everything about you, like what you’re holding in your hands at this very moment. No cameras, drones, or stalkers required, basically just a smartwatch with some cool software. It’s called EM-Sense, developed by scientists at Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University.

So the question you should be asking yourself right now is “What the heck is Disney up to”?

It seems like they are getting involved in every possible piece of technology, small, large, simple to super complex. But why?

Not too long ago we wrote about their augmented reality coloring tech and their application of Li-Fi. Now they appear to be moving into stranger realms.

A research paper was recently presented at a user interface software and technology symposium and it basically explained our bodies conduct electro-magnetic signals and this conduction can be easily measured. It also turns out that objects produce distinctive EM signals as well. By using the body as an antenna and software to filter the signals, EM-Sense has shown it is possible to discriminate reliably among things as similar as drills and dremels, and to identify large structural features such as doors as well as a wide array of common devices.

So by just wearing a simple watch, they can tell pretty much everything that you are physically engaging with. By measuring electro-magnetic (EM) signals conducted through the body and interpreted in real time, EM-Sense can quantify the world. This is bigger than Big Data, no more sifting through huge volumes of data to create a picture of your activities.

Imagine if your watch figures out that you drink out of a coffee mug every morning. Don’t be surprised if you receive an early morning email on your watch from Dunkin Donuts offering a special discount on a new coffee blend they have available. Or picture this, as the battery dies on your electric drill, you receive a message from Home Depot offering a super long lasting drill battery. By sensing your engagement with the world, advertisers will soon be sending you very relevant and timely ads.

The mind blowing part about this is that the tech is made with an off-the-shelf software defined receiver. So it can be added to any existing electronic device. This technology holds great potential to bring new layers of functionality to anything. It could mean that your computer unlocks the moment your watch-wielding wrist is plonked onto its trackpad, or your kettle begins to boil the moment you shut off your alarm clock in the morning.

The applications are unlimited, and yes, you will literally become an open book to the world.  You should really consider finding a job at Disney, they are obviously deeply involved in making the Internet of Things a fast approaching event. At this rate, not only will companies know what everyone is doing, but so will everybody, everywhere, no more secrets.

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