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Can CodeFights Get You That Developer Job?

Can CodeFights Get You That Developer Job?

So you finally decided to learn how to code so you could become a programmer and still be able to find a job once the robots take over everything else. After all, you can learn how to code online for free, so you didn’t even have to worry about taking out student loans that wouldn’t be paid off for decades. Great! Now, how do you find a job once you’ve honed your skills?

Believe it or not, technology has actually made the hiring process harder for companies in most cases, not easier. They put out a job listing and get back a pool of resumes which all look pretty much identical, with the exception that half are unqualified according to their requirements. Then comes the tedious process of interviewing several or dozens of applicants and trying to figure out through divination which one is the right fit. It’s frustrating, maddening.

Meanwhile, here you sit. You don’t have a degree from some ivy league school, and you’ve never worked in Silicon Valley. Why even apply, knowing you’ll get filed with the second half – otherwise known as the trash bin?

Just when you’re ready to give up hope and go back to flipping burgers (another job the robots will be taking over, btw), we’re here to give you some good news. A company called CodeFights has heard your plea, and the plea of untold businesses in need of a good developer. Their platform allows for budding developers and those who are ready for the big leagues alike to get better and even find jobs, all while having a lot of fun.

CodeFights is a gamification platform for programming. In the CodeFight Arcade you can brush up on your skills and move through higher levels of challenges at your own pace. In the CodeFights arena you are pitted against other coders, and even bots, in timed challenges that aren’t for the newbie or the faint of heart. In either situation, once you pass certain levels you are notified that you now qualify for certain jobs, and companies are notified as well. Those companies can then reach out to you to offer said jobs. They already know you’ve got the chops they need because the CodeFights system is set up to make sure of that.

And it’s working. CodeFights reportedly converts candidates into hires at a 5:1 ratio, much better than the 30:1 ratio of a traditional hiring funnel. 80% of placed candidates didn’t come from an elite school or a tech hub, and 30% are women – three times higher than the Silicon Valley average. CodeFights intends to eventually expand beyond programming and extend gamification to other appropriate fields such as accounting or finance.

So forget about asking if they want fries with their order and get back to coding. Just remember that CodeFights doesn’t teach you how to code – that’s on you. But they do offer you a way to get better and hone your skills, and ultimately might land you that developer job you’ve been dreaming of.

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