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As the media industries continue their fast growth more and more technologists are needed and thousands of technology jobs at the top companies go unfilled. In order for these companies to innovate and grow they are creating new product development jobs, software developer jobs, and product management jobs every day throughout the world. MediaJobs.com has the information that connects professionals with the people, companies, products, and resources they need to land exciting new development jobs. So, whether you’re looking for entry level development jobs or something at the other end of the spectrum like a product manager job, Mediajobs.com has the information you need to get started. Use this website to find media jobs at cutting edge technology companies throughout the world including Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, 2tor, LocalVox, Uber, Pentaho , Gigwalk, Clever and Runtastic. We also provide information about the most up and coming technology companies such as Songza, Lovely, Benchprep, Deezer and many more. The companies develop innovative websites and applications that are changing our world every day. We offer Career Intelligence for the media job seeker at MediaJobs.com You’ll find more information about the newest cutting edge companies, products and people right here. You can also search for available jobs by clicking here or using the provided search box above.

Spotify v Pandora – Clash of The Music Streaming Titans

Spotify v Pandora

With over 4 million paying customers and revenue predicted to reach $880 million in 2012, what chance does Pandora have in keeping the wolves from the door now that Spotify has its feet firmly under the table in the US? A little over a year ago, Spotify strode into the US music streaming arena and threatened to take on the best we had to offer including Grooveshark and of course, Pandora.  But can this European behemoth really take on the best of the US? It has recently been announced that the Swedish giant has already doubled its number of paying customers from 2million to 4million in the year since it was launched in the US and the site now boasts an impressive25% conversion rate. If you’re in the market for a digital media job, Spotify is a company to keep an eye on. Born in Europe, Taking Over the World Spotify offers users a catalog of around 15million digitally restricted songs from quality purveyors including EMI, Universal and Warner, and boasted 10million users just two years after launch in 2008. Two-and-a-half million of those users were fully paid-up members. Since its 2011 appearance on the US scene, Spotify has extended…

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7 Successful Women-led Startups in Mobile and Tech

Women-led Startups

Despite advancements in gender equality in the professional world over the past decades, it is true that men still dominate the higher echelons of business. But things are beginning to look up for the fairer sex, with increasing numbers of female startup founders, and just as importantly, many recently and highly successful women-led startups, with many IPO’s and acquisitions of note. This article takes a look at some the best ideas and success stories. TaskRabbit – Leah Busque As if her former role as an IBM engineer wasn’t successful enough, Leah Busque had a brain wave one day when she didn’t want to get pet food for her dog – what if there was a website where you could hire someone to do all the errands and tasks when you don’t want to? The website TaskRabbit is the end result of her venture, and the results have been excellent so far. LearnVest – Alexa Von Tobel Alexa Von Tobel, like many other successful female business start-uppers, went to Harvard Business School, and while it was her aim to get into Wall Street, it was her interest in personal finance that began LearnVest; an online personal finance resource, mainly aimed at…

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What Will Replace Hotmail


This week Microsoft revealed that it is dropping its established free email service Hotmail for Outlook email, to provide better Windows and Office integration, connection with social media services, and other features. Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft in 1996, and since then it has enjoyed success as a free online email service, though Microsoft is now phasing out this client in favour of the new brand Outlook (available to try as a preview at Outlook.com)  bringing new features that many state have been a long time coming. This re-branding effort is nothing new. Microsoft were originally planning to phase out the service with the introduction of Windows Live Mail in 2006, but the confusion over what this new service provided and the want of developers to stick with the already popular Hotmail name caused Microsoft to change its name to Windows Live Hotmail instead. But it appears now that there is enough incentive, and enough applicable updates, for a complete rebranding to make sense for Microsoft. Introduced at the start of this month, the service managed to gather 1 million accounts in only 6 hours. Much of this figure will no doubt be existing Hotmail users who can simply click…

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What is Xfinity and Why Should I Care?


Cable giant Comcast rebranded their TV, internet, phone and home control services two years ago under the name Xfinity to coincide with the digitisation and widespread improvement of their services, including improved internet speeds, HD services and diversified content viewing options. Comcast are the biggest home internet provider and cable operator in the United States, with stakes in many cable networks including NBCUniversal and an operating revenue of over 55 billion as of last year. They are extremely well established and have the biggest share of the media operator market, with over 18 million customers to date. Comcast’s Xfinity covers many services that the company are already well known for providing, which begs the question “why Xfinity?”.  While they have stated that the changes in their services are big enough to justify their re-branding, should we really care? Comcast Confusion A major re-branding effort by any company usually happens when big changes are made to the products and services offered, but in the case of Comcast there has evidently been some confusion. The Xfinity brand was established in 2010 – two years after the project was first introduced under the name “Project Infinity”- and despite roughly $640 million in advertising…

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New Voices Mobile App Will Get You More Work


‘Voices’ is a mobile application for iPhone and BlackBerry that provides tens of thousands of easily searchable voice actor profiles and audio recordings to make it easier for busy clients and voice actors to get connected. The internet and the mobile revolution are both at the forefront of a major paradigm shift, with the connectivity they provide making it easy for media content producers to find talent on their own terms without the need of agencies, and for talented job-seekers to get noticed. Of-course, the internet would not be very useful without a place to get together, and Voices.com is the answer to the voice-acting niche. Like many other job market websites, voice actors can use Voices.com find jobs under a monthly pricing plan, receive job notifications and post auditions, and clients can search through a directory of talent, listen to audio samples, and find the perfect voice actor for the job at hand. Bare mind it is not only the smaller and less well-known companies that use Voices.com – companies such as NBC, Comcast and Microsoft are all taking advantage of this unique web service. Voices Mobile App In-Depth While not much use for those seeking audio jobs, this…

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