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AppNexus Has Too Much Money – Here’s Why

AppNexus focuses on customizable advertising technology platforms and more than billions of ads are clicked each day through their network. AppNexus has raised more than $65 million in funding and had slightly under $20 million in revenue in 2011. This year, their revenue is expected to be between $40 million and $50 million. This makes AppNexus a larger than average company, which means it might be a good place to look for a job, especially if you’re interested in online advertising. The company has raised significant funding throughout its history starting with $2.5 million of funding from angel investors in December 2007, $8M in series B funding in September 2008, $5M more in November 2009 and $50M in Series C funding in October of 2010. This funding has allowed the company to grow and provide job opportunities. Some of the jobs that are open at AppNexus include software engineers, senior software engineer, system administration, account directors (sales/account management) and a strategic partner manager. The human resources department and the business operations department are also looking to hire. The company can be classified as an advertising tech startup. Their advertising network includes advanced yield management controls, optimization algorithms and patented brand…

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The Battle for the Ad Dollars – Foursquare vs Twitter

Foursquare v Twitter

Is it better to advertise on Twitter or Foursquare? Can 20 million users be more valuable than 500 million? Twitter and Foursquare offer very different environments yet they are two of the newest and most vibrant advertising programs in the marketplace. With the launch of the new Foursquare ad program a rivalry has started between the kings of location promotion, and the giants of micro-blogging. As the online ad market expands at rapid pace Foursquare have put a stake in the ground and entered the fray with paid-for ads they term ‘promoted updates’. This latest announcement comes as creeping resentment mounts around the so-called increasing commercialisation of social media, but growing commercialisation surely equals increasing opportunities for those seeking digital media jobs and social media jobs. A Step in The Right Direction? Promoted updates or promoted tweets, whatever your poison, it seems that social media advertising has taken a leap forwards. Or backwards depending on your point of view, as this is the second commerce-related development at Foursquare Towers in the space of a week. Currently boasting more than 20million users and around one million merchants, the launch of Foursquare’s promoted updates comes on the back of ‘local updates’, which…

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The Hashable Post-Mortem – Just Why Did it Die?


The announcement made by Hashable CEO Michael Yavonditte that the information exchange app would wind up at the end of July seems to have come as bit of a surprise; but is it really? To those looking for social or digital media jobs, the collapse of the company will remind them that successful as it is, the digital economy is not indestructible; but it will also give them an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. With the death of a much-lauded product that was only launched 18 months ago, it seems that the ghosts of the of the late-Nineties Dot Com Bubble are still taking victims and are lurking in the machines of each and every Internet, tablet and smartphone user who chooses which apps they will, or will not, install and which information they wish to share. As a medium by which people were encouraged to connect, share and save relationship information, Hashable was touted as the death knell for the business card, an app that would track and record each and every social connection you made, enabling you to showcase who you’ve just met, to who you’ve (probably) met before. This way, you can grow your…

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Spotify v Pandora – Clash of The Music Streaming Titans

Spotify v Pandora

With over 4 million paying customers and revenue predicted to reach $880 million in 2012, what chance does Pandora have in keeping the wolves from the door now that Spotify has its feet firmly under the table in the US? A little over a year ago, Spotify strode into the US music streaming arena and threatened to take on the best we had to offer including Grooveshark and of course, Pandora.  But can this European behemoth really take on the best of the US? It has recently been announced that the Swedish giant has already doubled its number of paying customers from 2million to 4million in the year since it was launched in the US and the site now boasts an impressive25% conversion rate. If you’re in the market for a digital media job, Spotify is a company to keep an eye on. Born in Europe, Taking Over the World Spotify offers users a catalog of around 15million digitally restricted songs from quality purveyors including EMI, Universal and Warner, and boasted 10million users just two years after launch in 2008. Two-and-a-half million of those users were fully paid-up members. Since its 2011 appearance on the US scene, Spotify has extended…

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7 Successful Women-led Startups in Mobile and Tech

Women-led Startups

Despite advancements in gender equality in the professional world over the past decades, it is true that men still dominate the higher echelons of business. But things are beginning to look up for the fairer sex, with increasing numbers of female startup founders, and just as importantly, many recently and highly successful women-led startups, with many IPO’s and acquisitions of note. This article takes a look at some the best ideas and success stories. TaskRabbit – Leah Busque As if her former role as an IBM engineer wasn’t successful enough, Leah Busque had a brain wave one day when she didn’t want to get pet food for her dog – what if there was a website where you could hire someone to do all the errands and tasks when you don’t want to? The website TaskRabbit is the end result of her venture, and the results have been excellent so far. LearnVest – Alexa Von Tobel Alexa Von Tobel, like many other successful female business start-uppers, went to Harvard Business School, and while it was her aim to get into Wall Street, it was her interest in personal finance that began LearnVest; an online personal finance resource, mainly aimed at…

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