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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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Is a B2B Travel Website a Great Destination?

After turning your passion into a multimillion dollar startup and then selling that startup to a major newspaper company for over $30 million, what comes next? Traveling the world might be one option, as it was for PaidContent founded Rafat Ali, who spent two years doing just that. The jaunt gave Ali what he hopes will be his next great idea: Skift, a B2B travel aggregator that defines itself as “a news and information site for the travel industry.” Skift’s Role Skift launched in July 2012, with the goal of curating original journalism, travel-related data, and content gathered from across the web into a niche site geared toward both businesses and business travelers. Trade information would appeal to a B2B audience, consumer news would target business travelers, and travel-related data would, Ali hopes, appeal to all. Skift hopes to aggregate publicly available data, such as flight arrival and departure times, travel delays, and hotel listings. While this data would be available for free, the site would use the free data to drive travel-related services that businesses would have to pay extra to access. While Skift’s launch has received positive media press, the ultimate role for this platform is unclear. Why…

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Will There Ever Be An End To Zynga’s Woes?


Oh dear… It seems Zynga’s bad day on July 25 looks set to become a bad month. After posting earnings that show a drop of three cents per share, they are now wrestling with an array of lawsuits for copyright infringement and insider trading. The social games start-up is currently mid-wrangle with EA over certain similarities between its game The Social Sims and Zynga’s The Ville, and now San Francisco lawyers Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check have waded in to join the party after filing a suit on behalf of investors stating that the company allowed key execs to sell shares up to three months before other employees, and that lawsuit is not the only one. Copying the works of other companies and insider dealing all leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. As a result is Zynga now in meltdown? A Bright Start The company produces browser-based games available as standalones on mobile platforms and as widgets on social networks including Facebook and Google+. It currently has 3000 employees, over 300million monthly active users and 72million daily active users and posted revenue of $1.16billion in 2011. Zynga was founded in 2007 and it’s first game, Texas…

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Looking For A Media Job? Thomson Reuters Might Just Be The Place to Be…

Thomson Reuters

Those looking for work in business data and news could be forgiven for thinking that the market is in the doldrums, but it seems old faithful Thomson Reuters might just be bucking the trend as it records healthy revenue growth this second quarter. The Manhattan firm with global reach announced recently that revenue generated by ongoing business grew by three per cent to $3.2billion between April and June – entirely in line with expectations. However the big news is that where other corporations are stalling, Thomson Reuters have recorded a 64% increase in profits taking the total to a nice rounded $935million – up from $572million 12 months ago following the sale of its healthcare business to Veritas. Thomson Reuters’ companies include financial businesses Thomson Reuters Eikon and Thomson Reuters Elektron, Reuters News Agency, intelligence firm Cortellis, tax and accounting tools OneSource and Checkpoint and a range of  healthcare solutions including Thomson Reuters Marketscan Treatment Pathways, Thomson Reuters Healthcare Indexes and the Micromedex Drug Interactions App. The Figures Speak For Themselves Adjusted earnings stood at 54 cents per share compared with 51 cents for the same period in 2011, four cents clear of analysts’ predictions of 50 cents, although revenue…

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Roku has $45 million To Spend

With recent investments of $45 million,  Roku is positioned to continue its leading role as a streaming video player for your internet enabled TV. Roku is a small device that was designed to stream movies from Netflix instantly on television. Some individuals who own a Roku device choose to get rid of traditional cable television because of how enthused they are with the product. This strategic investment came from News Corporation, British Sky Broadcasting, Menlo Ventures and Globespan Capital Partners. Roku has been an extremely fast growing company from the start and now with this new investment expansion is expected to continue. It will allow Roku to focus more on advertising, develop international market and increase engineering and production. The primary goal of Roku is to provide the best streaming TV experience at the best value. It streams content from distributors such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. Premium networks such as HBO are also entering the mix. NBA Game Time and Pandora are also available for Roku users. The average Roku user watches approximately 12 hours of video content on their devices each week, which means they are watching 12 hours less of traditional television, according to Tech Crunch. Traditional…

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Mobile Advertising vs. Mobile Apps – Where Should I Work?

With over 30 percent of Americans owning Smartphone’s, Mobile advertising is a nascent and fast growing opportunity, according to Business Insider. Mobile advertising is a type of advertising displayed on phones or other mobile devices such as iPads. There are several different types of advertising such as text, graphic images as well as animated ads. Furthermore, 50 percent of all purchases are preceded by an Internet search and more than $1 billion is spent on mobile advertising each year. This number is expected to reach $4.39 billion by 2015 which means working in mobile advertising or digital media jobs is likely a good idea since the industry seems to be growing. Another industry that you can work in is the development of mobile apps. Mobile apps, formerly referred to as mobile applications, are software devices for handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. This might include a game or an application to help you find a local restaurant, keep track of your expenses or track how many steps you walk each day. It takes times to learn how to develop mobile apps, but income can be lucrative if you become a talented developer. This is because you can sell the…

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