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Social media is no longer just a hobby – it’s an opportunity for businesses to establish meaningful relationships with customers and clients. Companies need marketing-minded individuals to fill social media marketing jobs and use their online expertise to build the brand. The explosion of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest has given businesses more ways than ever to promote products, start conversations, and monitor brand reputation. Knowledge is power, and your fluency in social media could mean big bucks in social media manager jobs. If you know how to take data from platforms and analyze its meaning for a brand or a business then you could be very valuable in today’s media job market. Social media jobs focus on delivering valuable insights about customer engagement and experience. A great social media manager creates a whole new way to experience a product or brand. The position takes a people-person with great communication skills and computer fluency. New media channels are popping up all the time, and the victory goes to those who leverage these new channels into their overall marketing strategy. Are you a social media pro? Why not use our social media job search to find the best opportunities. With specialties like Media Integration, Social Engagement, Social Outreach, and Media Marketing, you can find a social media job that enhances and builds your skills.

Looking for a date? Find your soulmate in a group courtesy of New York startup The Dating Ring

While it might seem like the ultimate kind of social networking experience, most social media managers will concede that matchmaking technology has proven a little cheesy: swiping right to show an interest in a person just seems a bit like selecting a brand of beans or pretzels. But Y Combinator newbie The Dating Ring is seeking to shake that all up with technology that matches soulmate-seekers together in groups of six. No more awkward silences or flatlining conversations. Group potential Last month, the New York-based startup took its service to San Francisco, too, suggesting that its group approach has proven popular with users. Intrigued social media managers may be wondering how it works. Users begin with a $25 consultation with one of the startup’s matchmakers, whereupon they’re set up with a series of dates involving five other singles (currently it’s a 50:50 mix of men and women). The dates, ($20 a time) take place in relaxing and informal settings like restaurants or bars; the idea is that people in small groups feel freer to interact with one another and get to know each other. And the chances of two out of the six actually hitting it off are multiplied by…

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Want to know who your best Twitter followers are? Try SocialRank, New York-based Modern Media’s first product

Social media managers with good memories may remember that two young start-up hungry New Yorkers, Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld, launched a project called “MVP” (Most Valuable Follower) in 2012, which aimed to show Twitter users who their most valuable followers were. Sadly, its young co-founders both had demanding full-time jobs (both were working for payment’s start-up Dwolla) and eventually had to shut it down. But they’re back in action again with their new company, Modern Mast, and they’re planning to turn the idea behind MVP into a real business with the launch of SocialRank, Modern Mast’s first product. More metrics Taub and Schonfeld have now left Dwolla to focus their energies fully on Modern Mast, and they’re billing SocialRank as a major expansion on MVF. The intrigued social media manager will obviously want to know what SocialRank offers that MVF didn’t. While the old MVF used the so-called “Golden Ratio” to calculate follower value (the ratio of your total followers to the total number of people you follow), SocialRank includes other metrics. As Taub puts it, for SocialRank: “Value is scarcity plus usefulness plus importance.” The application tracks how often a follower engages with your account and content, and…

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From cloud tech startup to world’s biggest business social relationship platform: New York-based Sprinklr acquires Dachis Group

It would be a somewhat curmudgeonly product manager who’d fail to recognize that rising from tech startup to world’s largest enterprise social relationship platform in less than five years is a pretty spectacular feat. And it’s one that New York-based cloud tech provider Sprinklr has just pulled off, thanks to its recent acquisition of social marketing optimization software specialist, Dachis Group. Cutting edge technology  For product managers who remain a little fuzzy about what, exactly, Sprinklr offers, it helps businesses gauge online perception of their brand and optimize their online customer relationships with an enterprise SaaS platform that fosters social engagement across all the major social networks. With Dachis Group, the technological scope has been significantly expanded, and now includes big data social analytics, a real-time marketing agency, and social media consulting software described as “the most powerful technology on the market” by Forrester Research. The combined platform is used by over half of the Fortune 500 companies, including Discover Financial Services, Disney, Kodak, Nestlé, Estée Lauder, IHG, Hewlett Packard, Target and Nokia. But in looking at the acquisition, the enquiring product manager will be asking why now? The answer: increasing competition between marketing tech companies. Commenting on the development,…

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Real-time social analytics polling startup PopTip extends its conversation-tracking offering Zipline to Instagram

It doesn’t take a veteran social media manager to understand that social media has taken off big-time across the world; and that’s why brands and advertisers are scrambling to follow what the word on the virtual-social street is about their product. And they’ve just been given a significant helping hand in that quest, courtesy of New York social analytics startup PopTip, and its new offering, Zipline for Instagram. Social polling Launched in summer 2012, PopTip’s polling analytics platform began by letting brands ask social media users questions like “do you wear #sneakers or #shoes?” The “#” gives it away: PopTip’s service was originally only available on Twitter. Brands would see a dashboard giving real-time conversations and answers in response to the questions they’d posed. Respondents didn’t even need to use a hashtag or spell properly – PopTip’s technology tracks natural language in real-time. By March 2013, the service was available on Facebook too, giving brands a broader window on their following over multiple platforms. In October last year, PopTip launched Zipline, an offering that removes the need for polling. Brands don’t need to formulate questions on Zipline; they just select the words and phrases they’d like to track, sit back…

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Social promotion platform Headliner.fm morphs into CoPromote $1.8 million heavier

Social media managers will be aware that some people have a talent for producing content that can influence others on social networks with elegance, humor and originality; and New York’s social exchange platform Headliner.fm has acted as an online hub for these talented influencers to promote one another’s content since its launch in 2009. But this week, it’s announced a name change and a sizeable cash injection. Not just for musicians Courtesy of a seed funding round led by ff Venture Capital, Headliner.fm raised a handsome $1.8 million this week and morphed into “CoPromote” (other participants included Alpha Prime Ventures, Correlation Ventures, Rubicon Project president Greg Raifman and The Social Internet Fund). The inquiring social media manager will want to know what prompted the name change and the answer points to the startup’s success. Originally aimed at musicians (hence the “fm” bit), its community expanded and diversified to include a whole raft of creators and marketers, from bloggers to online video producers, app developers to charities and small businesses. Suddenly, having a name with “fm” in it was starting to get a little misleading because it’s certainly no longer limited to musicians. So “CoPromote” came to be instead. Small-budget creators,…

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