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Social media is no longer just a hobby – it’s an opportunity for businesses to establish meaningful relationships with customers and clients. Companies need marketing-minded individuals to fill social media marketing jobs and use their online expertise to build the brand. The explosion of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest has given businesses more ways than ever to promote products, start conversations, and monitor brand reputation. Knowledge is power, and your fluency in social media could mean big bucks in social media manager jobs. If you know how to take data from platforms and analyze its meaning for a brand or a business then you could be very valuable in today’s media job market. Social media jobs focus on delivering valuable insights about customer engagement and experience. A great social media manager creates a whole new way to experience a product or brand. The position takes a people-person with great communication skills and computer fluency. New media channels are popping up all the time, and the victory goes to those who leverage these new channels into their overall marketing strategy. Are you a social media pro? Why not use our social media job search to find the best opportunities. With specialties like Media Integration, Social Engagement, Social Outreach, and Media Marketing, you can find a social media job that enhances and builds your skills.

Finally, Foursquare Social Media star unveils its radically revamped new app

Finally, Foursquare unveils its radically revamped new app

After splitting its business and user experience in two earlier this year, Foursquare social media star has revealed its radically redesigned new app. Splitting in two Social media managers who’ve been following the NY startup’s metamorphosis this year will know that it launched Swarm back in May: this is now the home of Foursquare’s check in and it lets you find which of your buddies are nearby so you can link up for a Starbucks, or whatever else takes your mutual fancies. Now comes Foursquare 8.0, which has finally come out of purdah (it’ll be available within the next few weeks). Our attentive social media manager will instantly spot that the company’s trademark green has gone, to be replaced with watermelon pink. And that rather cuddly, bouncing ball-type logo has also been retired in favor of a striking flag icon in the shape of the letter “F”. CEO Dennis Crowley told The Verge journalist Ellis Hamburger that the new redesign brings to life the app he always wanted to build. The decision to split the company and place the check-in function with swarm, he conceded, generated controversy and dissent from some. But user feedback has been predominantly positive, Crowley maintains,…

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Image-sharing startup Imgur improves image discovery with new features

Imgur, the popular image-sharing site, is making it easier for users to find the pictures they’re interested in with some new features. Finding what interests you… Social media managers and community managers who preside over burgeoning communities will be familiar with the difficulty users can face when a social network really takes off: the sheer quantity of content posted makes it very difficult for them to find what they’re interested in. With 1.5 million images being uploaded with each passing day, Imgur has decided it needs to do more to live up to its reputation as “The Simple Image Sharer.” Principal among the new sifting features (which have been tested with several thousand Ingmur users) is the introduction of tags: people can now tag individual pictures which users can then downvote or upvote. It’s also possible for Imgur visitors to create custom galleries using several different tags, filtering out the ones they’re not interested in, making searching the site a good deal more efficient. The startup’s CEO and founder, Alan Schaaf, isn’t anticipating that the tags will be boringly straightforward category labels. Instead, he hopes they’ll mostly be clever or witty without veering way off topic (and without breaching the…

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Tinder’s new NY-based rival Hinge nets big new investment

Social discovery/matchmaking network Hinge has bagged a handsome $4.5 million in new investment, despite apparently being a clone of Tinder. Structured data not endless swiping The more discerning social media managers who read this headline will, of course, already be on the lookout for distinguishing features that make this New York startup distinct from its more established rival. And if those same social media managers experiment with both matchmaking apps they’ll quickly find it. Instead of swiping through seemingly limitless queues of prospective mates as in Tinder, Hinge uses structured data clues to create daily “romance graphs.” It’s not as bloodless and mathematical as it sounds: Hinge effectively gives its users a daily set of tailored matches based on parameters like a user’s profession, interests, education history and previous romantic “likes” from the past. And it’s certainly gaining a goodly amount of traction, with its Android and iOS userbase up 300 percent this year across the nine cities it operates in: NYC, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA and Washington, DC (the company relocated from the latter to NYC last year). A big door opens OK, so it’s still a lot smaller than Tinder, which manages 850 million swipes and 10…

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Social video journalism moves forward with new NowThisNews acquisition

Video journalism has taken a significant step toward social and mobile platforms following the acquisition of Cliptamatic by NowThisNews. Social media managers who haven’t yet heard of NowThisNews might like to listen up: headquartered in New York, the startup isn’t yet two years old (its birthday comes on the 1st September) but it’s been making solid progress in that time in reinventing digital video journalism for the social and media age. And it’s just acquired Cliptamatic, a platform that similarly helps top-quality content owners disseminate video in real-time to social media. Simplifying video distribution Cliptamatic’s social feed can also be dropped into content owners’ mobile apps and websites, enabling talent such as athletes, actors and news anchors as well as fans to use those videos in their social activities. The canny social media manager will quickly spot that this intersection of social and mobile video closely resembles that of NowThisNews, whose president, Sean Mills, said: “We’ve always felt that the company that’s going to win in that space is going to have DNA that’s not just a content company, and not just a tech company, but both.” Commenting on the acquisition of Cliptamatic, he explained that its technology platform –…

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Indian e-traders recognizing the benefits of Twitter

Companies in India that mainly trade via the Internet are waking up to the benefits of engaging with users on the social media site, Twitter. The 140-character limit that each tweet imposes seems to be enough to persuade consumers to buy. For example, one of India’s biggest e-tailers, Flipkart, used Twitter to increase sales of Father’s Day presents. They posted an image of a young boy using a landline telephone to call his father and ask for stationery materials. The image was titled ‘The original on-line shopping’, and seemed to immediately resonate with the company’s 135,000 users. Selling social Senior vice president of marketing at Flipkart, Ravi Vora, said: “Twitter plays a 360 degree role for us. We work on creating a destination where our customers can have fun, with witty replies and engaging contests, instead of using it just as a sales platform.” Their fellow e-tailers, including Myntra, Snapdeal and Jabong, also use Twitter to engage with their customer base, attempt to influence and provide specially targeted offers. A brand-marketing founder and e-commerce analyst stated that Twitter provided access to people these companies would otherwise not be able to reach, and that it not only encouraged engagement, but was…

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