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Social media is no longer just a hob­by – it’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty for busi­ness­es to estab­lish mean­ing­ful rela­tion­ships with cus­tomers and clients. Com­pa­nies need mar­ket­ing-mind­ed indi­vid­u­als to fill social media mar­ket­ing jobs and use their online exper­tise to build the brand. The explo­sion of web­sites like Face­book, Twit­ter, Tum­blr and Pin­ter­est has giv­en busi­ness­es more ways than ever to pro­mote prod­ucts, start con­ver­sa­tions, and mon­i­tor brand rep­u­ta­tion. Knowl­edge is pow­er, and your flu­en­cy in social media could mean big bucks in social media man­ag­er jobs. If you know how to take data from plat­forms and ana­lyze its mean­ing for a brand or a busi­ness then you could be very valu­able in today’s media job mar­ket. Social media jobs focus on deliv­er­ing valu­able insights about cus­tomer engage­ment and expe­ri­ence. A great social media man­ag­er cre­ates a whole new way to expe­ri­ence a prod­uct or brand. The posi­tion takes a peo­ple-per­son with great com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and com­put­er flu­en­cy. New media chan­nels are pop­ping up all the time, and the vic­to­ry goes to those who lever­age these new chan­nels into their over­all mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. Are you a social media pro? Why not use our social media job search to find the best oppor­tu­ni­ties. With spe­cial­ties like Media Inte­gra­tion, Social Engage­ment, Social Out­reach, and Media Mar­ket­ing, you can find a social media job that enhances and builds your skills.

Mobile Live-stream, Meerkat VS. Periscope, who will win?

Mobile Live-stream, Meerkat VS. Periscope, who will win?

So what’s new this week – LIVE Video broad­cast­ing. It’s the next step for the democ­ra­ti­za­tion of media. The real­i­ty is not every­one will broad­cast reg­u­lar­ly, every­one doesn’t blog either, but the truth of the mat­ter is folks spend hours watch­ing TV and tex­ting each oth­er, plain and sim­ple! Why is this impor­tant you ask? DUH, because livestream­ing makes con­tent seem urgent and rel­e­vant like no oth­er medi­um. Every­thing, and I mean EVERYTHING seems way more impor­tant in real-time. Let’s think about all the medi­ums that have evolved over the past 15 years thanks to instan­ta­neous pub­lish­ing. Text – Blog­ger, Word­Press and Medi­um. Pho­tos – Flickr, Insta­gram. Record­ing – Sound­cloud, Pod­casts. Video – Youtube, Vine, Snapchat. This being only a tip of the icing. Mobile has changed every­thing, such as porta­bil­i­ty. You can just record in a bed­room and not just a stu­dio. High­er qual­i­ty video thanks to stronger mobile net­works, bet­ter cam­eras, and quan­tifi­able social audi­ences. The supreme ques­tion after all of this is who is going to deliv­er it? Present­ly we have two com­pa­nies, one which didn’t exist beyond two weeks ago. Meerkat and Periscope. First, Meerkat cre­at­ed a broad­cast­ing inter­face that works with twit­ter. You don’t real­ly…

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Chute is Shazam for your pictures.

Chute is Shazam for your pictures.

Visu­al Mar­ket­ing is the future. So how did Chute get so darn pop­u­lar and where did it come from? If you don’t know Gre­gar­i­ous Narain he is one of the co-founders and CTO of Chute, a com­pa­ny found­ed in 2011. Before that he was the vice pres­i­dent of prod­uct at Klout, there he helped estab­lish the Klout Score as the stan­dard for online influ­ence. Then you have Co-founder Ran­vir Gujral, who explains, “The best brands and pub­lish­ers in the indus­try are bring­ing user-gen­er­at­ed media alive and dis­play­ing it on their site, on their Face­book pages, in their mobile apps, or any­where their con­tent lives. With Chute, pub­lish­ers, brands, and appli­ca­tion devel­op­ers no longer have to re-invent the wheel every time they want to build func­tion­al­i­ty to cap­ture user-gen­er­at­ed media like pho­tos.” Back in its ear­ly start­up phase at Y Com­bi­na­tor, Chute made it easy for devel­op­ers to get pic­tures in their appli­ca­tions with a cloud-based back­end for image upload­ing, pro­cess­ing, mod­er­a­tion, third-par­­ty API inte­gra­tions, and user authen­ti­ca­tion. It also allows you to fil­ter con­tent by sen­ti­ment, pur­chase intent, geog­ra­phy, the most influ­en­tial con­tent cre­ators, and emerg­ing trends. Then you can upload the select­ed con­tent, with rights cleared if the brand…

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Can you get someone to give a crap about a picture of someone’s dinner? Instagram can!

Can you get someone to give a crap about a picture of someone’s dinner? Instagram can!

Insta­gram is in the process of upping their edi­to­r­i­al team by hir­ing for­mer jour­nal­ists to track down up and com­ing Insta­gram influ­encers. It appears a larg­er and larg­er num­ber of these plat­forms are spend­ing more time devel­op­ing the media for their own out­lets. Snapchat, Face­book, even LinkedIn have tried to cre­ate con­tent but it is usu­al­ly at odds with the over­all nature of tech com­pa­nies to stream­line all their process­es. Let’s face it, mak­ing con­tent is time con­sum­ing and labor inten­sive. Insta­gram wants to hire 5 more peo­ple to build up dai­ly edi­to­r­i­al with legit­i­mate edi­to­r­i­al types. They are look­ing for a senior edi­tor with at least eight years of edit­ing expe­ri­ence; a com­mu­ni­ty edi­tor with five years’ expe­ri­ence. Recent­ly they hired Alex Suskind, for­mer­ly from Esquire, Sports Illus­trat­ed and New York Mag­a­zine for the platform’s music edi­tor. Cur­rent­ly Instagram’s edi­to­r­i­al team has a dozen peo­ple who are seek­ing out the most inter­est­ing Insta­gram­mers, so they can write fea­tures about them. These will in turn be read by insta­grams 300 mil­lion month­ly users. At present they are post­ing twice a day on their blog and the rea­son is because Insta­gram just keeps grow­ing. They are also increas­ing inter­na­tion­al news and…

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So what’s the word on Sprinklr? Partners, not clients is the key!!

So what’s the word on Sprinklr? Partners, not clients is the key!!

When you look for a job, you should be look­ing for a com­pa­ny below the radar, and the rea­son being you want to grow with a com­pa­ny. Sprin­klr is one very such com­pa­ny. They have a unique ide­ol­o­gy that that a smart per­son can get behind and grow with. They believe peo­ple nev­er for­get how you made them feel. They help big brands lis­ten and act on the voice of the cus­tomer to man­age social expe­ri­ences at every touch point. They build the most com­plete social soft­ware plat­form in the world, pur­­pose-built for large enter­pris­es to ensure that the voice of the cus­tomer can be heard and act­ed upon by every employ­ee Social media adver­tis­ing is expect­ed to reach $15 bil­lion by 2018, ana­lyt­ics and man­age­ment com­pa­ny Sprin­klr is rec­om­mend­ing that brands begin mov­ing their social media oper­a­tion in-house to facil­i­tate bet­ter con­trol, and make it all-around bet­ter, through effi­cien­cy and scal­a­bil­i­ty. Sprinklr’s solu­tion is to bring it all “in-house”. “Mov­ing social adver­tis­ing in-house is a big invest­ment,” Sprin­klr says, “but the poten­tial gains…make it more than worth­while.” Sprin­klr says inte­grat­ing all social media oper­a­tions in-house gives brands the abil­i­ty to: • Plan, exe­cute and opti­mize all of their social…

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NY’s Greats: the Warby Parker of men’s sneakers?

New York’s Greats is on course to become the War­by Park­er of mens footwear after break­ing $100,000 in sales in June. You don’t need to be a sea­soned ecom­merce ana­lyst to appre­ci­ate that an ecom­merce start­up that launched less than a year ago is going places when it hits sales like this so soon. It’s also on course for a run rate of $1.6 mil­lion by the end of the year. Social media savvy ecom­merce You might, though, need to con­sult your inner ecom­merce ana­lyst to under­stand its appeal. Con­ceived by footwear indus­try vet­er­ans Ryan Baben­zien and Jon Busce­mi, the com­pa­ny launched in August 2013 with the aim of deliv­er­ing high qual­i­ty men’s sneak­ers (it’s the first footwear com­pa­ny to be “Born in Brook­lyn,” accord­ing to its web­site). With 20 years of expe­ri­ence in the indus­try behind them, Baben­zien and Busce­mi fig­ured they could not only do that, but do it with a bar­gain price tag, too. If your inner ecom­merce ana­lyst is won­der­ing how much the start­up has spent on mar­ket­ing so far, the answer is sur­pris­ing: zilch. Its co-founders have been social media-savvy from the out­set, active­ly post­ing “man-cen­tric” imagery on Insta­gram (only 20 per­cent of which con­sist…

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