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Social media is no longer just a hobby – it’s an opportunity for businesses to establish meaningful relationships with customers and clients. Companies need marketing-minded individuals to fill social media marketing jobs and use their online expertise to build the brand. The explosion of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest has given businesses more ways than ever to promote products, start conversations, and monitor brand reputation. Knowledge is power, and your fluency in social media could mean big bucks in social media manager jobs. If you know how to take data from platforms and analyze its meaning for a brand or a business then you could be very valuable in today’s media job market. Social media jobs focus on delivering valuable insights about customer engagement and experience. A great social media manager creates a whole new way to experience a product or brand. The position takes a people-person with great communication skills and computer fluency. New media channels are popping up all the time, and the victory goes to those who leverage these new channels into their overall marketing strategy. Are you a social media pro? Why not use our social media job search to find the best opportunities. With specialties like Media Integration, Social Engagement, Social Outreach, and Media Marketing, you can find a social media job that enhances and builds your skills.

Introducing Niche: the social media startup that connects top-ranking content creators to brands

You don’t have to be a veteran content manager to appreciate that when a social media startup bags $550,000 dollars in seed funding less than six months after being founded, it’s likely to be pretty darned hot. And that’s the reputation that New York-based Niche is clearly very happy to be building. Talent meets brands Co-founded in June this year by Darren Lachtman and Rob Fishman (erstwhile social media editor at The Huffington Post), Niche connects its community of influential, popular social media creators with leading brands to help the latter “supercharge their social presences”. The more questioning content manager may be wondering how Niche can stand out from the crowd when more established outfits like Adly have been making money from celebrity-fueled social media marketing campaigns for some years now. But to date, Niche creators between them reach a 75 million-strong collective audience. Impressive stuff. Creators get a profile that pulls together all their accounts and content from other social networks. They also get analytics which show them what content is engaging people (and what isn’t). All for free of course; and they get to make some money if they take part in marketing campaigns. The analytics gives valuable…

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New York-based startup Branch revamps its ‘Potluck’ link-sharing, content-encouraging app

Social media managers familiar with these pages will know that we reported back in July on Potluck, a new link-sharing app from the team behind the New York-headquartered social conversation service Branch. We can now report that the app has been launched in its second incarnation, shifting the service in the direction of a news and messaging hybrid. Encouraging shy lurkers As social media managers who read our earlier article will be aware, Potluck began life as a link-sharing service where people could share their interesting findings. But it was designed to break the internet’s “1 percent rule” – the rule that only 1 percent of a social media site’s visitors will be content creators, with the rest acting as viewers (“lurkers”). Potluck version 2.0 continues in this vein, encouraging lurkers out of their shyness by letting them post comments about a shared link. And Potluck’s emphasis was always on the message, not the messenger. But what’s new? For one thing, the user interface has been re-vamped to make it much more messaging-friendly. Given that the startup has built up a very engaged community on a short space of time, that’s a natural next step. Conversations in the new app…

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Nextt aims to lead the third wave of social media: from virtual to private face-to-face sharing in the real world

Savvy social media managers like to keep abreast of new developments in case the next big thing comes along; and perhaps Wisconsin-based startup Nextt is poised to fit that bill handsomely. From virtual to real experiences Co-founder and CEO Mark McGuire explains that Nextt isn’t primarily about building up a massive tribe of virtual followers you hardly know, but honing in on a few special friends you’d like to share experiences with soon in the real world. And the emphasis is on soon – hence the name of the company. But seasoned social media managers might well ask, “Can a startup really change entrenched user behavior wedded to virtual sharing only?” McGuire clearly thinks so. He identifies two successive social media waves: the Facebook and LinkedIn wave, which was all about capturing social or professional history, and the Twitter/Snapchat wave, which was all about sharing one’s in-the-moment current status. With Twitter’s IPO, it’s not unduly fanciful to surmise that that wave may now be cresting. Nextt aims to help people escape from the pressure to share in virtual form a succession of transient present experiences; instead, it helps you plot a near future involving joint activities in the real world…

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360i clinches lead global agency role with Estee Lauder’s Clinique

In the wake of a keenly competitive review, New York-headquartered marketing and advertising agency 360i (part of the Dentsu ad network) has clinched the coveted role of global lead digital agency for Estee Lauder’s prestigious Clinique brand. While the business development manager who oversaw that little consolidation may not have stopped popping champagne corks just yet, the agency has a big task ahead of it. Until now, Clinique has tended toward a somewhat fragmentary marketing and advertising strategy globally, using different agencies in different countries. But its Senior VP of Marketing, Agnes Lauder, told AdAge magazine that that’s changing: as a global brand, it wants a more “disciplined and strategic” alternative now – and 360i has been hired to play a pivotal role in developing “a global strategy that sets Clinique apart.” Multi-platform, multi-country  So, if you were that celebrating business development manager, how would you advise your creatives to preserve the brand’s uniqueness while giving it a global voice? The agency is well placed to execute campaigns across all social networks, including Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram (social is one of its specialisms) but the strategy will need to encompass digital, creative and media in its scope. But hey, that’s…

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A change of focus for New York-based social app developer Albumatic – and a change of name: introducing Koa.la

Social media managers monitoring new social ideas might like to know that New York-based photo-sharing startup Albumatic has a new name – and a new direction. Headwinds and new ideas  Launched in February this year, Albumatic (now re-named Koa.la) originally focused on building apps designed to capture and share events as they happened. If a bunch of friends decide to do a rock gig in a garage, Albumatic let them photograph it and instantly share it with other nearby Albumatic users. They could then come over and take their own shots for sharing. Social media managers who think this is a pretty neat idea may be surprised that the startup’s co-founder, Adam Ludwin, and his team sensed from the outset that there were “headwinds” impeding the chances of the app exploding into a major hit. So they started developing a new one and came up with a photo-sharing app that integrates with messaging firm Kik’s new “Cards” platform. And there’s more to come – Albumatic/Koa.la has already built three apps which integrate with Cards, but the team is planning to build more apps for a range of other messaging platforms. The next big thing? A measure of the success of…

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