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Social media is no longer just a hobby – it’s an opportunity for businesses to establish meaningful relationships with customers and clients. Companies need marketing-minded individuals to fill social media marketing jobs and use their online expertise to build the brand. The explosion of websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest has given businesses more ways than ever to promote products, start conversations, and monitor brand reputation. Knowledge is power, and your fluency in social media could mean big bucks in social media manager jobs. If you know how to take data from platforms and analyze its meaning for a brand or a business then you could be very valuable in today’s media job market. Social media jobs focus on delivering valuable insights about customer engagement and experience. A great social media manager creates a whole new way to experience a product or brand. The position takes a people-person with great communication skills and computer fluency. New media channels are popping up all the time, and the victory goes to those who leverage these new channels into their overall marketing strategy. Are you a social media pro? Why not use our social media job search to find the best opportunities. With specialties like Media Integration, Social Engagement, Social Outreach, and Media Marketing, you can find a social media job that enhances and builds your skills.

Contently renews its fight against cheesy content marketing with $9 million cash injection

Remember those content farms that flooded search engines with low-grade, link-baited content marketing? Well, thanks to rapid changes in digital advertising and publishing business models, they’ve become a good deal less prevalent than they used to be. But as well-informed a tech product managers will be aware, New York-based tech startup Contently has singlehandedly played a major part in that war on cheesy content since its launch in 2011. And, having just snagged $9 million in Series B funding, it’s well positioned to continue the battle with renewed fortitude. Two business models in one With its army of freelance journalists and its software platform, Contently joins brands and marketers with talented freelancers to produce truly engaging, top-quality native content created for today’s digital-savvy consumers since 2011. As its co-founder and CEO, Shane Snow, puts it, Contently “is a mix between two business models, a software technology company and a talent management company.” That mix has certainly proven a hit with investors, as the recent hefty round testifies. But any product manager with more than a passing acquaintance with native advertising will know what’s turned them on: when content marketing is handled intelligently, it’s proven very effective. An all round hit?…

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BuzzFeed, New York’s startup “media company for the social age”, looks set to double its revenues in 2014

Informed social media managers will be aware that New York startup BuzzFeed announced a record profit back in August. And the trend appears to be continuing – the company has recently forecast revenues of around $120m for 2014, double the figure for 2013.3 Even the most battle-hardened social media managers would concede that under the stewardship of its founder and CEO, Jonah Peretti (the same Jonah Peretti who co-founded the Huff Post), BuzzFeed’s progress has been impressive. An advertising magnet? The projection for 2014 is reportedly dependent on the number of advertising deals the startup manages to secure during the year; but in August, a NewsWhip study revealed that the vanguard online publisher had accrued 15.9 million likes, shares and comments on Facebook alone in a single month. Advertisers won’t need much persuading that BuzzFeed is a pretty safe bet for reaching audiences. Big names like Toyota Motor Corp and GEC are already on board. Publishing appealing and engaging news content, quizzes and lists online that are designed for sharing on social media, BuzzFeed has fast become one of New York’s hottest social media startups. People just love sharing its content – and with lists like “The 29 Most Important…

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Tweet Binder, the New York analytics startup that keeps tabs on all your Twitter interests

There isn’t a social media manager alive who wouldn’t admit that keeping track of all your interests on Twitter is slightly more difficult than herding cats. But thanks to New York-based startup Tweet Binder, that job just got a whole lot simpler. Founded in Spain in April 2013, it’s now headquartered in New York. Its founder and CEO, Javier Abrego, describes it as the coolest virtual binder, complete with individual organizing tabs full of what users want to know about what’s being tweeted on Twitter. The Twitter API allows a free service like Tweet Binder a total of six days – and boy, does it make full use of that window, analyzing as many as 2,000 different tweets and categorizing them into virtual binders. And it pinpoints the main hashtag contributors, too. A virtual Track Keeper for marketers? Abrego says: “We created Tweet Binder for marketing, media and event companies in need of a way to quickly and efficiently generate deep analytics of Twitter users based on a variety of different filters such as hashtags, keywords, photos, text-only tweets, check-ins and retweets. By creating “binders” based on these customized filters, companies can track in real time how Twitter followers are…

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Social marketing startup Percolate expands its team as more big names take a shine to it

Social media managers interested in new ideas might wish to take a look at the progress of a New York startup which has gone from strength to strength in 2013 by helping brands create engaging content on social networks: Percolate, which we featured back in August. Simplifying the permission process Co-founded in 2011 by fellow New Yorkers Noah Brier and James Gross, Percolate moved into the world of user-generated content, another phenomenon brands tend to slobber over – it’s just good for business to see ordinary people enjoying your product. The more skeptical social media manager might be thinking that this isn’t such a big deal – after all, rival startup Chute (also founded in 2011) has been helping brands harness user generated content, too. But Percolate’s co-founder and now President, James Gross, insists that, unlike the competition, his company’s solution simplifies the cumbersome process of obtaining user permission radically and eliminates legal issues. Literally, a few clicks and it’s done. Onwards and upwards In addition to a new smartphone app that lets brands upload images to their Percolate media library directly from a smartphone (great if a firm is holding an event it wants to share), the startup bagged…

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New York-based social network Foursquare now sends notifications proactively with version 7.0

Jobbing social media managers would probably agree that Dennis Crowley cuts an inspiring figure; the founder of New York-headquartered location-based social network Foursquare, he dreamt of the day when he had the means to automatically send users notifications giving them ideas on where to shop, where to eat or what to see depending on where they happened to be. How to realize a dream But he had a big problem: in 2009, when Foursquare launched, users had to “check in” to the smartphone app every time they wanted interesting tips about their location. When a couple of years later he experimented with a new app that would send notifications automatically, he found that it drained smartphone batteries. Creative social media managers can identify with his frustration: great ideas sometimes hit the buffers because the technology isn’t there to deliver them. But then Crowley tapped the talents of two brilliant minds – his lead engineer Anoop Ranganath and his data scientist Blake Shaw – and set them to work on solving the problems. And they did: a successful pilot for a new Ranganath and Shaw-built version of Foursquare over the last couple of months culminated in the launch last week of…

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