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Is Keek poised to become the Instagram of video sharing?

Social media managers and content managers interested in social media success stories might do well to check out the impressive rise of Keek, the Toronto-based social video sharing startup, which has just secured new funding totaling $18 million. Galloping popularity This little firm appears to be doing a lot right.  Investors certainly seem to think so.  And so, evidently, do its users: their numbers have soared from just a few thousand in the months after its launch to 15 million unique users per month making 75 million visits per month. In the last month alone, the company has acquired 6 million new sign-ups at a rate of around 200,000 a day.  It’s enough to make the average community manager go green with envy. The latest funding round was led by AGF Investments, Plazacorp Ventures and Pinetree Capital, with additional investment from Cranson Capital. But what’s persuading these investors to reach for their checkbooks? Forget entertainment.  Video is communication Those numbers speak volumes.  The startup’s uniqueness lies in its use of short videos (36 seconds maximum) as a means of communication rather than simply entertainment.  Things really started to take off last spring, when Keek moved from being web-only to mobile…

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$2 million investment sees Fanplayr help small ecommerce outfits compete with the big beasts

Canny e-commerce analysts and web content managers aiming to increase their revenues might be interested in the fortunes of a Palo Alto-based startup called Fanplayr, which has just secured seed investment totaling $2 million. The two-year-old startup devotes its energies into driving conversions on all websites offering e-commerce options.  Essentially, its platform helps e-commerce merchants analyze their visitor traffic and pinpoint the optimal timing and value of purchase incentives.  It also helps sites offer Amazon-style recommendations. Big conversions for the small guy Much less hassle than Google Analytics, Fanplayr provides a lot more guidance on how to get the best out of it, too.  It typically monitors e-commerce site visitors for a month to get a firm handle on their behavior before initiating any action.  Once it’s collated the data and built up reliable profiles of site visitors, it springs into action, identifying shoppers who share characteristics with actual buyers but haven’t yet made a purchase.  E-merchants are then given recommendations on how to convert these cautious visitors into customers. Fanplayr’s CEO, Simon Yencken, explains his firm’s approach like this: “We deliver an automated report to the eCommerce site showing what we found about visitor behavior on the site, and…

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Mobile advertising startup Celtra nets $4 million in new investment

Mobile advertising startup Celtra, which offers ad display technology and analytics, has just bagged another $4 million in investment, just two years after securing a $5 million Series A round back in January 2011. The current round was led by SoftBank Capital, whose managing partner Ron Fisher will now join the startup’s board. Existing investors Fairhaven Capital and GrandBanks Capital also contributed to the new investment. Creating ads without coding In June, Celtra launched the third version of its unique “AdCreator” tool, a self-service mobile phones advertising platform.  AdCreator 3 represented a major overhaul of the product and included new architecture and over 70 new features.  It allows mobile advertising agencies to create ads on multiple mobile platforms without fussing away over coding, and enables different teams to collaborate on an ad.  Advertisers can use it to incorporate features like Foursquare check-ins or Instagram photos in an ad. And it’s clearly paying off. By the end of 2012, the company had seen revenue grow by 300 per cent on the same time in 2011, and it entered profitability in the third quarter of the year. That’s not at all bad for a firm that only came into the world in 2006….

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Want to Attract Customers for Free? It’s All About Content According to Rand Fishkin.

Rand Fishkin is on a mission. He’s an SEO expert that believes sponsored stories and tweets, as well as Google Ads, are a waste of money, and he wants us to know why. Rand began dabbling in the World Wide Web 20 years ago and since then he’s built up a successful career as a search marketer; recently revealing his secrets to snagging customers without an enormous outlay. Those in media jobs should sit up and take notice. Buying Ads Does Not a Marketer Make Fishkin, who’s a graduate of the University of Washington and previously worked for Outlines NorthWest, firmly believes that spending pots of cash on ads does not make you a marketer. A fact he says, is borne out by the figures. “Only 10 percent of clicks on Google go to ads, while 90 percent are on organic results. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is much cheaper. The average cost of customer acquisition through online advertising is $500,” according to Fishkin. “But the same customer can be found through great web content for just $100.” Great content, he says, is the key to successful online marketing. “Great content makes companies and products more visible in search, gives…

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Eve Mayer Orsburn – the Self-Proclaimed Queen of Not So Cool

Eve Mayer Orsburn – the Self-Proclaimed Queen of Not-So-Coo

Ranked by Klout as the second most influential person on LinkedIn and coming in at number 19 on the Forbes list of top Social Media Influencers, Eve Mayer Orsburn is proud not to be cool, and if you’re looking for media jobs, perhaps you’d better think about not being cool too. Mayer Orsburn is CEO of Social Media Delivered, a company that prides itself on offering the best consulting, training and managed social media services to business across the US. Using Mayer Orsburn’s acclaimed Social Media Business Equation, SMD leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as YouTube and blogging, to help their clients achieve their objectives. They are also a multi-lingual business. Clients include Sheraton Hotels, Which Wich Sandwiches, General Motors and Harvard Business School. The company has been running since 2008 and refer to themselves as the ‘grandmothers’ of social media, because they were there at the beginning. Self-Effacing Mayer Orsburn is refreshingly honest and self-deprecating. She is only too pleased to admit that her business model is not focussed on flashy tech, more on a good old fashioned healthy bottom line. She said: “Social Media Delivered is different from our competitors because we aren’t…

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