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Eve Mayer Orsburn – the Self-Proclaimed Queen of Not So Cool

Eve Mayer Orsburn – the Self-Proclaimed Queen of Not-So-Coo

Ranked by Klout as the second most influential person on LinkedIn and coming in at number 19 on the Forbes list of top Social Media Influencers, Eve Mayer Orsburn is proud not to be cool, and if you’re looking for media jobs, perhaps you’d better think about not being cool too. Mayer Orsburn is CEO of Social Media Delivered, a company that prides itself on offering the best consulting, training and managed social media services to business across the US. Using Mayer Orsburn’s acclaimed Social Media Business Equation, SMD leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as YouTube and blogging, to help their clients achieve their objectives. They are also a multi-lingual business. Clients include Sheraton Hotels, Which Wich Sandwiches, General Motors and Harvard Business School. The company has been running since 2008 and refer to themselves as the ‘grandmothers’ of social media, because they were there at the beginning. Self-Effacing Mayer Orsburn is refreshingly honest and self-deprecating. She is only too pleased to admit that her business model is not focussed on flashy tech, more on a good old fashioned healthy bottom line. She said: “Social Media Delivered is different from our competitors because we aren’t…

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Mobile advertising revenue will continue to soar in 2013 says Gartner

Mobile advertising revenue is set to leap from last year’s global figure of $9.6 billion to $11.4 billion this year, new research from Gartner predicts. Mobile advertising agencies did better than the global research company predicted in November last year, a fact which has caused it to revise its forecast for mobile phones advertising revenue upwards. The increased uptake of mobile gadgets lies behind the 19 per cent surge in revenues, the research reveals. The global mobile market is expanding Gartner’s research vice president, Andrew Frank, explained that the addressable market for mobile advertising has expanded into more parts of the world as increasing numbers of new users spend more and more of their time on smartphones and tablets. He added: “This market will therefore become easier to segment and target, driving the growth of mobile advertising spend for brands and advertisers. Mobile advertising should be integrated into advertisers’ overall marketing campaigns in order to connect with their audience in very specific, actionable ways through their smartphones and tablets.” The research also indicates that “360-degree advertising campaigns” will help North America and Western Europe to catch up with (and maybe overtake?) the Asia Pacific market. These campaigns follow users across…

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Being Blunt Works for Chris Brogan

Being Blunt Works for Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan tells it like it is. He’s a blogger, an author, journalist, a consultant and a social media whizz, but unlike his peers, he’s brisk to the point of being blunt and could care less about Twitter and Facebook. Plus, he’s a man to watch closely if you’re searching for media jobs. Brogan’s 2009 book Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation and Earn Trust hit the New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller list as well as the Amazon Top 100. His second offering Social Media 101: Tactics and Tips to Develop Your Business Online also enjoyed great success. He’s written for Entrepreneur magazine, he’s a successful blogger – chrisbrogan.com currently sits in the top five of the Advertising Age Power150 – he launched the PodCamp unconference series and won the Mass High Tech All Stars Award in 2008. As well as the above list of accolades, Chris Brogan is also president of Human Business Works and founder of Kitchen Table Companies. He also serves on the board of HubSpot. What’s His Story? Brutally honest, Chris Brogan will not tell anyone what they want to hear. In fact he prides himself on his honesty…

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Is your ad shop Innovative? Compete in Cannes for Innovative Lions Award

Innovative online advertising agencies may find themselves with a new bauble to play with, thanks to the latest category to be added to this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Shops putting their names forward for the Festival will now need to decide whether they wish to compete in the “Innovative Lions” category, which is described as “a new awards category to honor the technology and innovation which lead to the creative idea being possible.” It brings the total number of categories at the Festival to 16, following the addition of branded entertainment in 2012 and Mobile Lions in 2011. A hard one to judge While firms will now be able to show off their technology-building prowess in the new competition, the rules for judging will be complicated.  The category isn’t as neatly defined as many of the others, like film or print, so working out exactly what qualifies and how it should be judged could well be a brain frizzler. Contenders will have to submit a written proof of concept and a proposal to enter. Those shortlisted will be expected to deliver a 10-minute presentation and undergo a Q&A grilling afterwards. The Festival, which celebrates its 60th year…

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Startup social ad agency Moontoast clinches 5 million in new funding round

Online advertising agencies seeking to harness the potential of new pastures might do well to take a look at social media advertising startup Moontoast, which has just secured Series B funding worth $5 million. The firm’s client list may not be especially long at 50, but sometimes size doesn’t matter. Especially if the list includes names like Nike, Universal, Hyundai, Nexus, Time, Simon & Schuster and Lady Antebellum. Many an art director, account manager and copywriter would fall off their chairs in their haste to grab a client list like that. No rehashed traditional ads from Moontoast Moontoast’s Social Activation Platform was developed to help ad agencies and brands gain impressive ROIs by distributing transactional, interactive rich media ads. It also yields business metrics about the impact and reach of the ads. Moontoast divides its ads into a series of categories; sweepstakes, surveys and a “social store”. It also features a unit that temptingly offers free MP3s when ad viewers give their email details. The company makes a point of ensuring that its rich media social offerings aren’t just traditional ads rehashed for Twitter and Facebook. Marcus Whitney, Moontoast’s CTO and co-founder, said, “In the social advertising world, the actual…

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