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Why leading with mobile doesn’t always mean running mobile ads

Tom Burgess, co-founder and CEO of Linkable networks and the founder of the world’s first mobile advertising network (Third Screen Media) has offered some intriguing new ideas to mobile advertising agencies. Taking the mantra “lead with mobile” seriously, Burgess suggests that it shouldn’t be taken to mean exclusively running ads on mobile devices. Sound counterintuitive? Aren’t mobile phones advertising campaigns going to reach the fastest growing group of connected users? Mobile enablement Well, Burgess thinks, there are other ways to “lead with mobile” besides concentrating all the ads on mobile devices. He asks an acute question: “Who really watches a video mobile ad all the way through and then goes to the brand’s Facebook page to learn more?” A more effective means of leading with mobile, he argues, is “mobile enablement” – giving every ad on every medium (print, TV, radio, internet, mobile etc.) a mobile component which functions as a simple call to action. These prompts, Burgess insists, must be easy to implement, with low barriers to entry, such as encouraging a consumer to access a brand’s mobile app, texting a simple promotional code or scanning a QR code. How the big brands lead with mobile Disney, for example,…

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Sundeep Kapur Says the Fortune 500 Still Don’t Get Digital

Sundeep Kapur is one of the country’s foremost exponents of multi-channel marketing and is dedicated to helping big brands make sense of cross-platform promotion. He’s been doing it since 1990, but according to Sundeep, the big boys still have a lot to learn. Kapur is definitely one to watch for anyone looking for media jobs. Kapur, or ‘Email Yogi’ as he is known, is director of strategic marketing at the NCR corporation is an expert on combining your email, online, social media and mobile marketing into one streamlined and fully integrated package, and writes and speaks regularly on the subject. What’s Sundeep’s Story? He has a BA in Economics, a BS in Computer Science and an MBA so he’s well-qualified to assist with converged channel strategies, and having over 20 years’ experience helps as well. Sundeep is a passionate teacher who’s committed to ensuring businesses make the most of the communication channels available to them, particularly social media – oh, and he’s pretty good at direct marketing too. “Most brands are trying really hard to succeed with their social media initiatives,” he said. “They are trying new ways to engage – from receipts at checkout to advertisements in newspapers; brands…

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Want to run a slot at the Super Bowl? Paul Venables outlines what’s involved

Doughty copywriters and art directors who’d like to see their online advertising agencies aim for the Super Bowl have some top insider advice to chew over, thanks to Venables Bell & Partners co-founder Paul Venables. VB&P has produced some dazzling spots at the Super Bowl for major clients like Intel, Audi and Vizio. Given that a recent poll from the firm found that a third of Americans tuning in to the Super Bowl will watch ads before kickoff this year and a half will re-play their favorite ads after the game, these spots are by no means trivial bits of froth. Millions of tasks, millions of metrics Likening Super Bowl slots to running an “entire campaign”, Venables warns that successful ads require more ideas, more resources and more force than he ever believed possible before starting at the mega-event.  Different objectives need to be identified and aligned with the different audiences and different reasons for choosing the Super Bowl to advertise in. Moreover senior marketing managers tend to want to be involved all the way through, and the onus is on advertisers to select from the millions of possible metrics to get the most relevant measures. That means being clear…

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Kris Jones – the Man Who Believes in Having a Good Time at Work

Kris Jones is a rare breed. He’s been active in Internet marketing both as an arbitrager and affiliate marketing whizz since the early days of the web. He’s been there and done that, and now he’s ready to share his secrets. If you’re in the market for media jobs you’d be wise to listen. Kris graduated from Pennsylvania State University and gained a Master of Science from Villanova University as as well a Juris Doctorate from Albany Law School. He’s previously  founded Internet marketing agency PepperJam, worked for GSI Commerce when PepperJam was acquired by them, and he spent time working in the office of Congressman Paul E Kanjorski. After raising seed money from search arbitrage and PPC arbitrage, Jones went on to become the founder of one of the fastest-growing companies in the US. He admits his methods were a little unusual though: “My focus was on scale. So some search arbitragers will say to focus on one or two or three different merchants and just blow out as many keyword lists and everything as you can. “My focus was a little bit different. I tried to make $50-$100 profit a month with as many merchants as you could…

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Tech startup Distil.It bags $1.8million to protect web businesses from bot attacks

ff Venture Capital, CIT, Idea Fund Partners, Cloud Power Fund, Piedmont RIA and TechStars are amongst the investors who clubbed together to inject seed funding worth $1.8 million into Virginia-based tech startup, Distil.It. The increasingly successful little firm, which promises to protect business websites from web scraping, data mining and content theft (along with other ignoble online endeavors), has clearly attracted the attention of a raft of hard-nosed investors.  But what makes it different from rival sites like Sentor or Siteblackbox? Why CPN spells success According to the firm’s CEO and co-founder, Rami Essaid, the answer lies in three letters: CPN. That’s Content Protection Network, the first of its kind to pinpoint and block data mining and content theft as it arises.  It makes decisions about a website’s traffic in realtime, scanning cyber-visitors meticulously and distinguishing between human customers and malicious bots.  Not only that, it also uses 15 global nodes to reduce server load and accelerate site speed. According to Essaid, Distil.It has seen month-on-month growth of 35 per cent for four consecutive months, a fact that seems to have persuaded investors to open their checkbooks.  But the problem it’s designed to quash has been a growing concern for…

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