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Social Media Marketing? It’s Elementary According to Scott Monty

Scott Monty. Global digital and multimedia communications manager for one of the biggest companies in the world and Sherlock Holmes fanatic. He’s also partial to a spat or two in public. If there’s one person anyone in media jobs should be paying attention to it’s Scott Monty. He’s the guy in charge of social media marketing for Ford Motor Company and has been described by Ford CEO Alan Mulally as ‘a visionary’, while he’s also been referred to as ‘an unstoppable force of nature’ and ‘the best corporate social media lead on the planet’. Praise indeed. But as you will discover, Monty is not a humble man, and nor does he favour hiding his light under a bushel… Facebook Fun Towards the end of 2012, General Motors, Ford’s arch nemesis announced it would be pulling the plug on its $10 million Facebook ad budget. Rather than keeping quiet and maintaining a dignified silence, while beavering away and making headway as his fiercest rival slunk off the edge of the digital landscape, Monty seemed more than happy to stick the knife in. And give it a twist. He has nearly 90,000 followers on Twitter, and they all read this: “It’s all…

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LockerDome: turbocharged fan pages for turbocharged sports pros

Social media managers and content managers inclined toward novelty and innovation might do well to take heed of the LockerDome story – the explosively growing social media website specializing in professional sports for professional athletes. For professional athletes, the startup’s 30-year old CEO and co-founder, Gabe Lozana, explains that a LockerDome network is “like a Facebook fan page on steroids.” And with eight million monthly unique visitors dropping by over the last 13 months, he’s not exaggerating. LockerDome offers an online platform for professional athletes, sporting media celebrities and sports brands to amplify their social media presence. Since there are 1,475 of them, it’s clear that it’s become quite the hub for this goal. A game changing encounter Things weren’t always so dazzlingly successful, however. After its launch in 2008, the startup limped around for its first four years until a chance encounter turned into a game changer. Lozano had a conversation with his fellow St. Louis resident Jim McKelvey – the man who founded mobile payments firm Square. The meeting led to a rebirth and Lozana re-invented his brainchild as a sports site that would feature professional athletes. And boy did that re-think pay off. Executives predict that LockerDome…

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Peter Naylor – A Man Spearheading the Digital Advertising Age

As Executive Vice President for digital media sales at NBC, Peter Naylor has helped some of the biggest online brands navigate the choppy waters of the digital revolution and steer their way to success. Anyone in media jobs should keep their eye on Naylor if they want to develop successful careers. NBC.com, CNBC.com, SyFy.com, Bravotv.com, USAnetwork.com and iVillage are just some of the online outfits whose ad sales Naylor takes care of and he was at the forefront of the launch of the Universal Audience Platform, a ‘first party’ online network of over 20 NBCU digital properties with a reach of more than 60 million unique users every month. Where’s He From? As well as heading up the ad sales for some pretty big properties, Peter Naylor is also charged with leading the sales efforts of some burgeoning digital platforms around social TV including BravoNow, NBCLive, SyFyConnect, OxygenLive and Sunday Night Football Extra, as well as optimizing each one for mobile and tablet devices. Prior to his role at NBC, Naylor led sales for iVillage properties, where he was responsible not only for the sales team as well as forging new partnerships and new revenue streams for the company. iVillage…

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Is internet advertising switching to online video?

Business savvy advertising sales managers are increasingly boosting online advertising sales by tuning in to the growing shift in consumer viewing habits toward video. According to research firm eMarketer, the explosion in devices capable of displaying online video lies behind the move, driving spending on video ads up by 46 per cent in 2012 – outstripping display ads and search ads to become the fastest expanding form of internet advertising. New interest in social media and internet-enabled TV and DVD players has spurred business development managers to focus more attention on them as distribution gateways. The trend to video Nikesh Arora, Google’s Chief Business Officer, says that YouTube’s top 100 advertisers increased their video ad spend by 50 per cent during 2012, while Yahoo’s erstwhile finance chief, Tim Morse said: “One of our highest priorities was to create more online video experiences, because that’s where the demand is for advertising.” Video ads, he says, are appealing increasingly to advertisers because of their resemblance to TV: “It’s the closest to what they’ve had offline. They’re looking for the same kind of medium where they can connect with consumers.” Web publishers, too, are increasingly regarding video ads as good business: banner ads…

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Could Swipp give Facebook a run for its money?

Being bounced into going public with your product by a Facebook rival may not seem like the most propitious of starts, but social startup Swipp is making a brave fist of it. Facebook has just launched a similar product called “Graph Search”, a move which prompted the Mountain View-based startup to roll out its own – possibly more attractive – alternative. An open network Content managers, social media managers and community managers are probably now feeling impatient to find what Swipp has to offer.  Put in a nutshell, Swipp is poised to become the first company to prove that a more open social network is commercially viable.  Instead of keeping data locked up a la Facebook, its platform allows it to be shared back with users – a feature that’s likely to go down well with the growing armies of businesses and consumers who aren’t happy sharing huge amounts of data with the social leviathan. Swipp CEO Dan Thorston, an erstwhile creative director at Apple, said: “The larger the company we talk to about Swipp, the more fascinating it is to them. They have a party between them and their customer and it’s not tenable.” He describes Swipp as a…

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