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Could Swipp give Facebook a run for its money?

Being bounced into going public with your product by a Facebook rival may not seem like the most propitious of starts, but social startup Swipp is making a brave fist of it. Facebook has just launched a similar product called “Graph Search”, a move which prompted the Mountain View-based startup to roll out its own – possibly more attractive – alternative. An open network Content managers, social media managers and community managers are probably now feeling impatient to find what Swipp has to offer.  Put in a nutshell, Swipp is poised to become the first company to prove that a more open social network is commercially viable.  Instead of keeping data locked up a la Facebook, its platform allows it to be shared back with users – a feature that’s likely to go down well with the growing armies of businesses and consumers who aren’t happy sharing huge amounts of data with the social leviathan. Swipp CEO Dan Thorston, an erstwhile creative director at Apple, said: “The larger the company we talk to about Swipp, the more fascinating it is to them. They have a party between them and their customer and it’s not tenable.” He describes Swipp as a…

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Guy Kawasaki – the Evangelist Who Heard the Apple Angels Singing

He was one of the lucky few; one of the founding fathers of Apple, getting a job straight out of college through his roomie Mike Boich. Guy Kawasaki credits his Apple experience with many great things, but mostly for the chance to work for one of the world’s most exciting companies and carve out a career as one of the first true digital pioneers. If you want to make your mark and you’re on the lookout for media jobs, Kawasaki’s lead is one you might want to follow. Currently Kawasaki, who was born in Hawaii, is founder of Garage Technology Ventures and co-founder of Alltop.com, an online magazine rack giving users easy access to the web’s most popular topics, but he wasn’t always at the forefront of online innovation. From Honolulu to Silicon Valley Born in 1954 in one of the tougher neighbourhoods of Honolulu, Guy Kawasaki attended Iolani School, which he states gave him a ‘fantastic and formative education’. He has particularly fond memories of his English teacher who, he believes, would have been shocked to learn that he’s written 10 books. After graduating Iolani in 1972, Kawasaki made the journey to Stanford where he graduated with a major…

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PlayerScale crosses the 100 million player line – and most of them don’t even know they’re using it

The software infrastructure developer for cross-platform gaming, PlayerScale, has just announced that its users now number over 100 million. The Belmont, California startup was only founded in 2011 but is now healthily cash-flow positive, which isn’t bad for a self-funded outfit that most gamesters will be unaware that they’re using. Its focus on building architecture places it as a backend service for game developers, so it’s unlikely that many amongst those 100 million consider themselves as PlayerScale users, even though that’s exactly what they are. Why game developers like PlayerScale As any astute business development associate, chief technology officer or product manager can tell you, when you’ve got 100 million players using your tools, you’re reaching an impressively broad audience. The likelihood is that this figure represents unique users, not simply repeats: PlayerScale’s CEO, Jesper Jensen, explains that users log-in through Facebook after creating in-game profiles. That means there may be a few repeats but most of those 100 million are unique users. The startup offers a solution to gaming companies, many of which find that backend infrastructure development eats up more than half of their game production time. With PlayerScale, these companies are spared such tedious time lags: the…

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Why leading with mobile doesn’t always mean running mobile ads

Tom Burgess, co-founder and CEO of Linkable networks and the founder of the world’s first mobile advertising network (Third Screen Media) has offered some intriguing new ideas to mobile advertising agencies. Taking the mantra “lead with mobile” seriously, Burgess suggests that it shouldn’t be taken to mean exclusively running ads on mobile devices. Sound counterintuitive? Aren’t mobile phones advertising campaigns going to reach the fastest growing group of connected users? Mobile enablement Well, Burgess thinks, there are other ways to “lead with mobile” besides concentrating all the ads on mobile devices. He asks an acute question: “Who really watches a video mobile ad all the way through and then goes to the brand’s Facebook page to learn more?” A more effective means of leading with mobile, he argues, is “mobile enablement” – giving every ad on every medium (print, TV, radio, internet, mobile etc.) a mobile component which functions as a simple call to action. These prompts, Burgess insists, must be easy to implement, with low barriers to entry, such as encouraging a consumer to access a brand’s mobile app, texting a simple promotional code or scanning a QR code. How the big brands lead with mobile Disney, for example,…

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Sundeep Kapur Says the Fortune 500 Still Don’t Get Digital

Sundeep Kapur is one of the country’s foremost exponents of multi-channel marketing and is dedicated to helping big brands make sense of cross-platform promotion. He’s been doing it since 1990, but according to Sundeep, the big boys still have a lot to learn. Kapur is definitely one to watch for anyone looking for media jobs. Kapur, or ‘Email Yogi’ as he is known, is director of strategic marketing at the NCR corporation is an expert on combining your email, online, social media and mobile marketing into one streamlined and fully integrated package, and writes and speaks regularly on the subject. What’s Sundeep’s Story? He has a BA in Economics, a BS in Computer Science and an MBA so he’s well-qualified to assist with converged channel strategies, and having over 20 years’ experience helps as well. Sundeep is a passionate teacher who’s committed to ensuring businesses make the most of the communication channels available to them, particularly social media – oh, and he’s pretty good at direct marketing too. “Most brands are trying really hard to succeed with their social media initiatives,” he said. “They are trying new ways to engage – from receipts at checkout to advertisements in newspapers; brands…

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