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Aerospace tech startup NanoSatisfi banks $1.2 million in seed funding

What do you do if you started professional life as a high-energy physicist, but landed a job in finance after graduating? Answer: stay true to your fascination with space exploration and help develop an aerospace startup. That’s exactly what Peter Platzer, a rocket scientist who got a job in Wall Street, has just done. And to prove he’s no pie-in-the-sky fantasist, he’s just secured seed funding worth $1.2 million for his new tech enterprise, NanoSatisfi. Nanosatellites rock He’s capitalizing on the rise of nanosatellites, the minuscule (and vastly cheaper) relatives of satellites and microsatellites. This year, his company plans to (literally) launch two 10 centimeter, one kilogram cubes called ArduSats, both versions equipped with cameras, Geiger counters, magnometers and spectrometers, plus much else besides. They’ll stay active for two years, whereupon they’ll be replaced by new versions stuffed to the cudgels with the latest technology. Platzer may have been a space-exploring physicist as a youth, but on graduating he decided to keep an arm’s length from the aerospace industry, largely because it was so government-dominated (and quite dim on the innovation front). But his years in Wall Street have finally interacted with his inner physicist, turning him into a scientist,…

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Droga5 becomes Spotify’s first ad agency to boost US subscriber base

Streaming music giant Spotify has just appointed Droga5 to take care of its creative duties, with a view to broadening its appeal from tech and music loyalists to a more mainstream audience. Droga5’s stratospheric success It’s sometimes hard to remember that Droga5, now one of the most successful U.S. advertising agencies, is a relative newcomer to the industry, having been launched in 2006 by its founder and creative chairman, David Droga. Since then, it’s won a glittering array of awards, including six Cannes Lions, TED Ads “Worth Spreading” Award, and an Art Directors Hall of Fame Award for Droga himself. Erin Clift, Spotify’s VP of Global Marketing and Partnerships, explained her firm’s reasoning in making the selection: “We’re very excited to work with Droga5. They are incredibly talented, understand our goals and are passionate about Spotify…and are the perfect partner to help us connect music with a broad, mainstream audience.” The new campaign: some educated guesses The details of the new campaign’s rollout are being kept under wraps by both Spoty 5 and Droga5, much to the frustration of the inquisitive advertising copywriter or account manager. But those in the know – executives familiar with the campaign’s aims – it…

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Ann Handley – Marketer, Writer, Wearer of Cool Glasses and All About Content

Ann Handley is all about content. If it’s not worth saying, don’t say it and go out and find something that is worth saying and that will support your brand and marketing efforts at the same time. As chief content officer for MarketingProfs it’s Ann’s job to get a handle on blogging, podcasts, video and written content and show her clients how to get the most out of their online marketing strategy. She’s definitely a figure worth watching if you’re in media jobs. Where’d It All Start? Handley is a digital veteran, with over 13 years experience managing content and helping businesses and individuals develop relationships with their clients through the clever use of information. An alumni of Simmons College and former freelance correspondent at the Boston Globe and associate editor at Banker and Tradesman, she’s also the co-author of ‘Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business’ and she has a passion for using emerging new media tools and technology to develop and add value. But how does she think marketers can make sure they stay relevant in a world that’s gone social and tech crazy? She…

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Google announces big changes to the way it does mobile advertising

Advertisers are about to find that cross-platform advertising will be a whole lot easier, thanks to sweeping changes to the way Google intends to sell mobile ads. Mobile advertising agencies will now be spared the laborious process of submitting different strategies for different devices – a process that sometimes means running hundreds of similar campaigns at once – in favor of centralized controls encompassing both desktop and mobile advertising simultaneously. A major overhaul Describing the simplification as “the biggest change in AdWords over the last five years”, internet marketing analyst Larry Kim acknowledged that mobile phones advertising has grown into a significant roadblock for Google. Kim, who founded Wordstream, has helped the search leviathan to devise its new strategy. Mobile searches generate only half the value of desktop hits at present, he says, but they’re growing significantly. Because of that, Google had to find a way of reducing the cost gap between mobile and desktop advertising. But why is mobile advertising so challenging? For one thing, Kim notes, it’s proven exceptionally hard to produce a good ad for a smaller screen which isn’t intrusive. And mobile ad campaigns are difficult to get going, not least because, until now, GoogleAdWords has…

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Gary Vaynerchuk and the warmth of social media

Outspoken? Arrogant? Just plain crazy? Whatever you might think of Gary Vaynerchuk, there’s no denying he’s a great exponent of simple, pared down social media marketing. CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk began his digital career by setting up the online arm of his parents’ wine business, winelibrary.com, taking turnover from $3 million in 1997, to $45 million just eight years later He’s a social supremo who is definitely one to watch for anyone in media jobs. By reading up on the industry, gaining as much experience as he could and making himself indispensable to wine buffs everywhere, Gary’s winelibrary is still going strong thanks to his commitment to developing the business and his endearingly informal style. Since setting up winelibrary, Vaynerchuk took everything he learnt and created VaynerMedia, a company that helps Fortune 500 companies ‘find their social media voice’. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Gary Vaynerchuk is a hard-headed marketer who’s all about the quick buck. In fact, the opposite is true. In It for the Long Term Vaynerchuk was born in the former USSR in the small town of Babruysk. He emigrated with his family to the US in 1978 and he and his parents settled…

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