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INTERVIEW: The Top of the Top 10 in Fashion and Beauty – RankandStyle.com

The Top of the Top 10 in Fashion and Beauty – RankandStyle.com

Imag­ine a web­site based on one of the most searched terms on Google that tar­gets a $180 bil­lion dol­lar mar­ket and you have RankandStyle.com. Search Google for the top 10 Buck­et Bags and you will get over 11 mil­lion choic­es but at RankandStyle.com you can find the “defin­i­tive”  top 10 of those 11 mil­lion as deter­mined by Rank and Style’s secret sauce algo­rithm. Lis­ten as we inter­view for­mer attor­ney turned entre­pre­neur Sari­ka Doshi, a co-founder of one of the newest dis­rup­tors of the Fash­ion and Beau­ty seg­ment. How did this new idea gar­ner over 300,000 page views in its first few weeks of oper­a­tion?  Lis­ten in as we learn how Rank and Style is quick­ly becom­ing the next big fash­ion author­i­ty. You can lis­ten to or read the inter­view below:         Roy:   This is Roy Weiss­man from MediaJobs.com, and we’re talk­ing with Sari­ka Doshi from Rankand­Style. Rankand­Style sim­pli­fies shop­ping by pro­vid­ing data dri­ven Top 10 lists of the best fash­ion, beau­ty and beau­ty prod­ucts. An algo­rithm does the research for you by aggre­gat­ing infor­ma­tion from the top mag­a­zines, reviews, blogs and stores. Sounds like you’ve gone out and kind of insti­tu­tion­al­ized what every­body does man­u­al­ly, Sari­ka. Maybe you…

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INTERVIEW: Disrupting the $30 Billion Dollar Home Furnishings Market: LoomDecor.com

Disrupting the $30 Billion Dollar Home Furnishings Market: LoomDecor.com

Job Seek­ers should strong­ly con­sid­er com­pa­nies whose busi­ness plan is based on bet­ter, smarter, cheap­er as they are poised to take exist­ing busi­ness away from the big guys.  Like tak­ing can­dy from a baby rare is there a con­sumer who would not want to pay less for the exact same item.  Loom Décor is enabling the 84% of home­own­ers plan­ning to redec­o­rate to save up to 50% on cus­tom fab­rics.  How do they do it? By cut­ting out the many, many mid­dle men in the home fur­nish­ings mar­ket.   We had a chance to learn more about Loom Décor from Ash­ley Bak­er Gensler, one of the founders. You can lis­ten to Ash­ley’s Inter­view here and read it below: Roy:     My name is Roy Weiss­man from Mediajobs.com. Today we’re speak­ing with Ash­ley Bak­er Gensler, the founder of LoomDécor.com.  Do you know that 84% of home­own­ers plan to redec­o­rate in the next 2 years, but only 20% plan to hire an inte­ri­or design­er.  Loom Decor taps into the $30 Bil­lion dol­lar home fur­nish­ings mar­ket by pro­vid­ing this mas­sive pool of Do it Your­selfer access to online design tools, trade-only fab­rics & cus­tom prod­ucts at half the price of hir­ing a full-ser­vice design­er.…

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INTERVIEW: Wear Vision for over 1 Billion Viewers, MeCam

Wear Vision for over 1 Billion Viewers, MeCam

Job seek­ers should be focus­ing on online video as the next tv net­work.  As the four major TV net­works con­tin­ue to announce rat­ings declines the sources of new online video con­tin­ue to grow.  YouTube has com­mit­ted in excess of $40 mil­lion dol­lars to inde­pen­dent pro­duc­ers to cre­ate pro­gram­ming and has added live stream­ing and sub­scrip­tions as they build their 1 bil­lion plus user plat­form.  Cur­rent­ly over100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. In today’s dig­i­tal world every­one can be a pro­duc­er. With the intro­duc­tion of a wear­able video cam­era, MeCam, the mar­ket con­tin­ues to expand. MeCam, cur­rent­ly only offered online, is short­ly to be work­ing on dis­tri­b­u­tion deals with major retail­ers and expects to see sig­nif­i­cant dis­tri­b­u­tion increas­es. We caught up with Drew Mar­tin, the inven­tor of the MeCam, and learned about his plans for this new­ly released prod­uct. You can lis­ten to Drew’s Inter­view here and read it below: Roy:     My name is Roy Weiss­man from MediaJobs.com.  Today we are speak­ing with Drew Mar­tin from MeCam. MeCam is the hands-free wear­able video cam­era that cap­tures your life; live life to the fullest and let MeCam cap­ture it for you. Wel­come Drew. Drew:  Thank you. Roy:     How…

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INTERVIEW: Facebook of Latvia, With More Members than Population, Starts New Businesses

Facebook of Latvia, With More Members than Population, Starts New Businesses

What does a com­pa­ny do to grow when it has 100% of its mar­ket and doesn’t want lose its employ­ees?  It starts new busi­ness­es.  With over 2 mil­lion mem­bers in a coun­try of 2 mil­lion peo­ple The Draugiem Group need­ed new ideas to grow.  They chose to offer employ­ees seed mon­ey to start new busi­ness­es rather than lose them to anoth­er com­pa­ny.  It has helped Draugiem grow into a $27 mil­lion dol­lar com­pa­ny with offices world­wide. We spoke with Davis Sik­snans, the man in charge of Draugiem’s new ven­tures. You can lis­ten to Davis’s Inter­view here and read it below: Roy:     My name is Roy Weiss­man from MediaJobs.com. We pro­vide job seek­ers the strate­gic insight into their job search. Today we’re speak­ing with Davis Sik­snans from Draugiem Group in Latvia, who has a very unique busi­ness mod­el. The Draugiem Group is an umbrel­la orga­ni­za­tion that hous­es the nation­al social media plat­form of Latvia, and cur­rent­ly incu­bates 16 star­tups. So Davis, you guys have a pret­ty inter­est­ing busi­ness.  You’re the Face­book of Latvia, but you’re many more things than that.  So maybe you can give us a lit­tle bit of a sense or a his­to­ry of how this all evolved, and…

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INTERVIEW: 12 Guys and 78 Emails Lead Travefy.com to $31 Billion Group Travel Market

12 Guys and 78 Emails Lead Travefy.com to $31 Billion Group Travel Market

Esti­mates of the size of the group trav­el mar­ket range from $31 to $87 Bil­lion and between fam­i­lies, col­lege stu­dents, wed­ding and events there is no short­age of groups desir­ing to trav­el togeth­er.  David Chait saw an oppor­tu­ni­ty when he and his friends had dif­fi­cul­ty coor­di­nat­ing a trip and after a suc­cess­ful 200 per­son MVP (most viable prod­uct) test are now see­ing 2% to 3% con­ver­sions of vis­i­tors to cus­tomers using their group trav­el book­ing engine at Travefy.com.     We had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to inter­view David recent­ly about his new busi­ness and how his gov­ern­ment job expe­ri­ence beat out work at McK­in­sey towards pro­vid­ing the knowl­edge to start this busi­ness. You can lis­ten to David’s Inter­view here and read it below: Roy:   This is Roy Weiss­man from MediaJobs.com. We’re talk­ing with David Chait at Trave­fy, a new start­up that solves the coor­di­na­tion headaches of group trav­el, find your best trip, col­lab­o­rate on details, book trav­el, and soon, to man­age expens­es. David, I appre­ci­ate you tak­ing the time to talk with us today and learn more about Trave­fy. When did you start this ser­vice, and give us a sense, in your words, of what Trave­fy, where it fits into the…

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