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INTERVIEW: The Top of the Top 10 in Fashion and Beauty – RankandStyle.com

The Top of the Top 10 in Fashion and Beauty – RankandStyle.com

Imagine a website based on one of the most searched terms on Google that targets a $180 billion dollar market and you have RankandStyle.com. Search Google for the top 10 Bucket Bags and you will get over 11 million choices but at RankandStyle.com you can find the “definitive”  top 10 of those 11 million as determined by Rank and Style’s secret sauce algorithm. Listen as we interview former attorney turned entrepreneur Sarika Doshi, a co-founder of one of the newest disruptors of the Fashion and Beauty segment. How did this new idea garner over 300,000 page views in its first few weeks of operation?  Listen in as we learn how Rank and Style is quickly becoming the next big fashion authority. You can listen to or read the interview below:         Roy:   This is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com, and we’re talking with Sarika Doshi from RankandStyle. RankandStyle simplifies shopping by providing data driven Top 10 lists of the best fashion, beauty and beauty products. An algorithm does the research for you by aggregating information from the top magazines, reviews, blogs and stores. Sounds like you’ve gone out and kind of institutionalized what everybody does manually, Sarika. Maybe you…

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INTERVIEW: Disrupting the $30 Billion Dollar Home Furnishings Market: LoomDecor.com

Disrupting the $30 Billion Dollar Home Furnishings Market: LoomDecor.com

Job Seekers should strongly consider companies whose business plan is based on better, smarter, cheaper as they are poised to take existing business away from the big guys.  Like taking candy from a baby rare is there a consumer who would not want to pay less for the exact same item.  Loom Décor is enabling the 84% of homeowners planning to redecorate to save up to 50% on custom fabrics.  How do they do it? By cutting out the many, many middle men in the home furnishings market.   We had a chance to learn more about Loom Décor from Ashley Baker Gensler, one of the founders. You can listen to Ashley’s Interview here and read it below: Roy:     My name is Roy Weissman from Mediajobs.com. Today we’re speaking with Ashley Baker Gensler, the founder of LoomDécor.com.  Do you know that 84% of homeowners plan to redecorate in the next 2 years, but only 20% plan to hire an interior designer.  Loom Decor taps into the $30 Billion dollar home furnishings market by providing this massive pool of Do it Yourselfer access to online design tools, trade-only fabrics & custom products at half the price of hiring a full-service designer….

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INTERVIEW: Wear Vision for over 1 Billion Viewers, MeCam

Wear Vision for over 1 Billion Viewers, MeCam

Job seekers should be focusing on online video as the next tv network.  As the four major TV networks continue to announce ratings declines the sources of new online video continue to grow.  YouTube has committed in excess of $40 million dollars to independent producers to create programming and has added live streaming and subscriptions as they build their 1 billion plus user platform.  Currently over100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. In today’s digital world everyone can be a producer. With the introduction of a wearable video camera, MeCam, the market continues to expand. MeCam, currently only offered online, is shortly to be working on distribution deals with major retailers and expects to see significant distribution increases. We caught up with Drew Martin, the inventor of the MeCam, and learned about his plans for this newly released product. You can listen to Drew’s Interview here and read it below: Roy:     My name is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com.  Today we are speaking with Drew Martin from MeCam. MeCam is the hands-free wearable video camera that captures your life; live life to the fullest and let MeCam capture it for you. Welcome Drew. Drew:  Thank you. Roy:     How…

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INTERVIEW: Facebook of Latvia, With More Members than Population, Starts New Businesses

Facebook of Latvia, With More Members than Population, Starts New Businesses

What does a company do to grow when it has 100% of its market and doesn’t want lose its employees?  It starts new businesses.  With over 2 million members in a country of 2 million people The Draugiem Group needed new ideas to grow.  They chose to offer employees seed money to start new businesses rather than lose them to another company.  It has helped Draugiem grow into a $27 million dollar company with offices worldwide. We spoke with Davis Siksnans, the man in charge of Draugiem’s new ventures. You can listen to Davis’s Interview here and read it below: Roy:     My name is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com. We provide job seekers the strategic insight into their job search. Today we’re speaking with Davis Siksnans from Draugiem Group in Latvia, who has a very unique business model. The Draugiem Group is an umbrella organization that houses the national social media platform of Latvia, and currently incubates 16 startups. So Davis, you guys have a pretty interesting business.  You’re the Facebook of Latvia, but you’re many more things than that.  So maybe you can give us a little bit of a sense or a history of how this all evolved, and…

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INTERVIEW: 12 Guys and 78 Emails Lead Travefy.com to $31 Billion Group Travel Market

12 Guys and 78 Emails Lead Travefy.com to $31 Billion Group Travel Market

Estimates of the size of the group travel market range from $31 to $87 Billion and between families, college students, wedding and events there is no shortage of groups desiring to travel together.  David Chait saw an opportunity when he and his friends had difficulty coordinating a trip and after a successful 200 person MVP (most viable product) test are now seeing 2% to 3% conversions of visitors to customers using their group travel booking engine at Travefy.com.     We had the opportunity to interview David recently about his new business and how his government job experience beat out work at McKinsey towards providing the knowledge to start this business. You can listen to David’s Interview here and read it below: Roy:   This is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com. We’re talking with David Chait at Travefy, a new startup that solves the coordination headaches of group travel, find your best trip, collaborate on details, book travel, and soon, to manage expenses. David, I appreciate you taking the time to talk with us today and learn more about Travefy. When did you start this service, and give us a sense, in your words, of what Travefy, where it fits into the…

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