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Namo Media, the mobile advertising startup that brings native ads to mobile devices, launches ad carousel upgrade

Erstwhile Googler Gabor Cselle teamed up with his ex-Google buddies Tural Badirkhanli and Nassar Stoertz last year to launch his Big Idea on how to fix mobile advertising. After raising $1.9 million in seed funding, the result was Namo Media, the San Francisco-based ad startup that makes mobile ads more lucrative and a lot less interruptive by feeding them into the content streams of its publishers. The problem with mobile advertising Veterans holding media jobs in mobile advertising agencies over the last five years or so will probably be aware of the same statistics that sponsored Cselle to develop his native-ads-for-mobile brainchild. According to Forrester, 68 percent of mobile users don’t want their mobile experience being interrupted by ads. This is not surprising, especially when you throw in Trademob’s figures suggesting that 40 percent of mobile ad clicks are accidents or frauds. So this is what Cselle (who was a product manager on Google Now), Nassar (an engineer who worked on Google Wallet) and Badirkhanli (who brings ad experience form his stint at AdMob) set out to solve. How to fix it From the outset, Namo Media has been less interested in developing new ad formats than in making it…

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Blippar continues to evolve and heads for the next frontier in mobile advertising: wearables

People with media jobs in mobile advertising agencies who frequent these pages will probably feel that it was only five minutes ago that we were reporting a big new update from Blippar, the lightning fast augmented reality mobile advertising platform based in New York and London. Back in September last year, it tweaked its image recognition technology to deliver social sharing and faster AR content (it unlocks interactive content when users scan brand logos or the universal “Blipp” symbol with their mobile devices). Wearables: mobile advertising’s new frontier And now it’s moving into the next frontier of mobile advertising by bringing its platform to wearables. It has recently introduced its excellent image recognition tech to Google Glass, the first time that this has ever been done. Integrated onto Glass, it recognizes images, products and even human faces. Those who have followed the fortunes of this innovative mobile advertising startup will probably be aware that Blippar is now used by a great many people worldwide (at the last count a couple of months ago, there were 5 million of them – and counting). Available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, its technology is now extending its reach to wearables…

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Cross-platform mobile ad retargeting startup Drawbridge throws video support into its bag of wizardry

San Mateo-based startup Drawbridge, whose ad retargeting technology helps mobile advertising agencies and brands target their ads to relevant consumers across devices and platforms, has just announced that it’s now added support for video ads to its repertoire, too. A gateway to new categories of advertising  The Sequoia and Kleiner-Perkins backed company has been making a name for itself since its launch in 2010 by analyzing user behavior to locate the times when they are most likely to be using multiple devices. That in turn allows mobile advertising firms to use desktop data to refine the targeting of their mobile ads. Veterans of media jobs in mobile advertising agencies will probably notice at this point that throwing video into the mix doesn’t fundamentally alter the firm’s existing cross-platform technology. It remains essentially the same. However, Drawbridge’s CEO and co-founder Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan says that the addition of video support is still a significant development for the firm. For starters, video advertising has been rising markedly on mobile. But Sivaramakrishnan says that the move will help her company branch out into other categories, like entertainment and automotive advertising. She gives the example of someone watching a movie trailer on their computer. That’s…

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Will New York mobile ad tracking startup AppsFlyer transform the mobile advertising market?

Most people working in media jobs in mobile advertising agencies would agree that, in the age of multiple media sources, advertisers need to know which networks they’re getting the best results from. And since its launch in 2011, New York mobile app measurement, attribution and analytics SaaS startup AppsFlyer has been helping them find out. Effective tracking  AppsFlyer lets mobile advertising agencies, app developers and brands measure mobile user attribution across social, organic, paid and viral media sources. Now a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, the startup’s platform is integrated with no fewer than 300 media sources and ad networks, and it’s currently monitoring mobile advertising campaigns at annual run rates of $500 million in ad spend and one billion mobile app installs (its mobile traffic grew 80-fold in 2013). To cap it all, the company recently announced that it’s now profitable too. Its success reflects its capacity to enhance mobile marketing transparency by helping mobile advertising agencies and advertisers pinpoint profitable campaigns based on lifetime value and ROI. And it’s certainly impressed investors: at the beginning of March, AppsFlyer raised $1.7 in a Series A round led by Pitango Venture capital and existing investor Magma Venture Partners. Pitango General Partner…

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RadiumOne exec Rupert Staines on how to get the best out of mobile advertising

Rupert Staines, an executive at digital advertising company RadiumOne, has dubbed 2014 “the year of mobile advertising” – and given the figures he crunches, no one with media jobs in mobile advertising agencies can be left in any doubt that he makes a sound point. Bad habits  RadiumOne, which has offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Europe and Australia, has an impressively smart approach to mobile advertising, which we’ll come to in a while. But there’s a problem: despite the fact that the opportunities for reaching consumers are vast (Staines cites eMarketer stats forecasting that the global smartphone audience will break 1.75 billion in 2014), mobile advertising is still being used surprisingly badly. Staines chides advertisers for using a “clutter bomb approach”, indiscriminately spraying as many ads at mobile devices as possible, hoping that some consumers, somewhere, will bite. But it’s counterproductive as well as damaging: today’s consumers live in the era of hyper-targeted advertising and they expect to receive ads relevant to their interests. Frankly, they get annoyed if they keep getting messages that have nothing to do with them, Staines avers. Getting smart He advocates a two pronged remedy: i) Always integrate mobile advertising into the full…

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