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New York ad tech startup MediaMath aims for international expansion with massive new cash injection

Any product manager who knows about ad tech firms will have heard that stock values nose-dived late last year during a turbulent IPO season; but New York’s ad tech star MediaMath still managed to retain investor confidence this year and has just successfully closed a massive Series C round worth $73.5 million. It also raised its debt to $105 million. That means the total raised amounted to a thundering $178.5 million, dwarfing the $14 million Series B it raised in 2011. Global Expansion  Business savvy product managers might reasonably surmise that MediaMath’s prime investor (the round was led by Spring Lake Equity Partners) thinks its product offerings are a good few cuts above the competition, but it’s equally likely that investors, who still seem confident about pouring cash into ad tech firms, are in this case postponing an IPO until the stock market regains its balance after last year’s volatility. Whatever the reasoning, MediaMath is clear about what it intends to do with the raise. Global expansion is in its sights, and it plans to support new offices in the APAC, EMEA and Latin American markets. But that’s not all: it’s also planning to channel some of the money into…

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One year after launching its mobile ad targeting platform, UberAds UberMedia continues its upward flight

A year ago, we on reported the launch of “UberAds”, the nifty new mobile ad targeting system developed by Pasadena-based mobile advertising startup UberMedia (basically, it’s a platform that leverages social and location signals for brands and mobile advertising agencies, helping them to drive mobile ad sales more effectively). One year later, where is UberMedia heading? Customized mobile ad targeting Well, onwards and upwards is the short answer. Last month, the four-year-old startup raised a further $8 million in venture funding from media and entertainment investor Gordon Crawford and Blue Chip Ventures, bringing its investment total to a princely $34.5 million. Its decision to diversify from an exclusive focus on creating social apps to building an effective mobile ad targeting system appears to have paid off (although it still offers Twitter apps Echofon, Plume and UberSocial). Earlier this year, the startup’s Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Michael Hayes, told TechCrunch journalist Anthony Ha that UberAds pulls data about user location and tweeting interests (culled from the company’s social apps) and uses it to identify their consumer intentions. The platform then draws from that data to optimize campaigns and help mobile advertising agencies and brands to reach the most desirable audiences….

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Mobile advertising startup SessionM inks major new deal with Rakuten to begin its international expansion

Those with a little experience of media jobs in mobile advertising agencies will know that if a three year old startup agency gets to sign a massive deal with an internet juggernaut, it’s taken a major leap skywards. And that’s just what Boston-based mobile adverting agency SessionM has done with Japanese giant Rakuten. Enjoyable engagement, not pesky pop-ups Launched in 2011, SessionM now has a 61-strong workforce distributed across offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco (as well as its home-base in Boston). By the time it came out of stealth in May 2012, it had raised a total of $26.6 million in venture funding based on its approach to mobile advertising: it resolutely eschews obtrusive and jarring tactics like pop-ups and banners. Instead, SessionM focuses on consumer engagement and retention, often through video ads, by rewarding users with “mPoints” for completing various tasks (e.g., watching a video ad all the way through, playing a game, or completing a survey). The points can be redeemed for discounts, gift cards and other rewards. Today, the startup integrates almost 1,000 music, gaming, weather and productivity apps and is on course for an annual run rate of between $25 million…

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Introducing Decisive, the New York startup that aims to be the E-Trade of mobile advertising

It’s no secret to pros with media jobs in mobile advertising agencies that success frequently hinges on good analytics as much as it relies on creative talent. And one of New York’s newest residents, SoHo-based mobile advertising startup Decisive, is on a mission to become the E-Trade for mobile ads. Launched last month, its platform lets businesses set up mobile advertising campaigns and then watch the results in real-time. Bidding down to the second  Co-founder and CEO David Dundas said that he and his team at Decisive “wanted to automate the creation of campaigns for our clients.” He added, “You can see how well your campaign is running down to the second.” Clients get to have a whole lot more control: the platform lets them set up bids for the specific audiences they want to reach on mobile devices (they’re chosen from anonymous data, like New York iPhone users who visit sites like TMZ.com). The marketing world is shifting toward programmatic advertising that’s been activated by the actions of the intended audience, Dundas explained, like visiting a website or opening an app. For example, as soon as an app is opened, it sends a small packet of data to companies…

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Delicious bookmarking site to be sold by YouTube founders

The bookmarking website, Delicious, is to be sold for the third time in ten years when the founders of YouTube sell it on to Science Inc. The history of Delicious Delicious was created back in 2003 and allows users to add a digital bookmark to online sites of interest, as well as storing selected links. It was first sold to Yahoo in 2005, but they were disappointed by its poor growth and sold it on five years later to Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, the founders of the hugely successful video website, YouTube. Chen and Hurley were optimistic about the bookmarking site, upgrading elements of the website and hoping to innovate it. They were reasonably successful, initially gaining around 200,000 new users a month. However, the bookmarking site’s position as a niche service meant that it would only ever appeal to a relative few, and they now want to concentrate their attention on developing a new video app called MixBit for their company, Avos. The future for Delicious So Delicious changes hands once again, this time to Science Inc., a technology and consultancy company headed by Michael Jones, a former Myspace chief executive. The details of the sale have not…

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