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Mobile advertising startup TapSense sets it sights on wearables

Mobile advertising startup TapSense has announced that its mobile ad exchange will now support wearable apps, starting with Pebble. There can’t be many people with media jobs in mobile advertising agencies who haven’t noticed the progressive rise of wearable gadgets. And TapSense figures that can only mean one thing: another frontier for mobile advertising to conquer. The smartphone as hub But the ads TapSense will run won’t actually appear on the Pebble itself; instead, app developers will be helped to target ads at Android and iOS users who also own the smartwatch. The ads will link directly to the relevant promoted apps on offer in the Pebble appstore, so that wearable app developers can use TapSense to promote their offerings through the same kinds of ads that other mobile developers use. Visitors to the Pebble store can download apps onto their smartphones, whereupon they sync with their smartwatches. According to TapSense’s CEO and founder, Ash Kumar, the latest development represents a new model in which smartphones become hubs for wearable gadgets. As he points out, “the wearables market will remain fragmented for some time.” In a market where no single device dominates, the hub concept becomes important. If and when…

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GeoMarketing startup Yext heads for IPO and international expansion

Yext, the New York-based ‘GeoMarketing’ company, appears to be heading for an IPO after raising a walloping $50 million in Series F. Product managers who think the word “GeoMarketing” sounds cool but feel baffled about what it means should read on. Essentially, Yext’s Software-as-a-Service capabilities allow businesses or stores to control their listings in local searches. Synchronizing across local searches Take the case of a drugstore chain: it might have 60 different stores in a city, each one with slightly different contact information, opening hours, etc. As things stand, they’ll each be listed slightly differently in Google search, Foursquare, Yelp and other location databases. Yext’s platform lets businesses control the content of all those assorted listings from a single dashboard. The startup launched as a pay-per-call advertising company in 2009, but morphed over the ensuing couple of years to focus instead on developing its unique GeoMarketing software (the ad business was sold to IAC’s Grid Media). And even the most hard-headed product manager will concede that the shift of emphasis has proven a big success. Yext now handles data for over 300,000 active locations and it saw a handsome $34 million in revenue in 2013, a spectacular 116 percent higher…

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Mobile attribution measurement startup AppsFlyer launches AppsFlyer for Agencies

Mobile advertising agencies have a new measurement tool to play with in the shape of AppsFlyer’s new offering, “AppsFlyer for Agencies.” An integrated solution for a fragmented market  Anyone with media jobs in mobile advertising will know how devilishly complicated it is to measure user attribution in this fragmented market; now, New York’s AppsFlyer has a digital, last-mile solution for them. The startup’s marketing VP, Ran Avrahamy, told VentureBeat journalist John Koetsier that many agencies had been “left behind” in the brand stampede to mobile advertising, largely because of “the lack of tools to operate in this fast-growing, fragmented market.” The figures speak for themselves: fewer than half of marketers presently use agencies to help generate mobile app installs, and the chief reason is that agencies simply haven’t had the expertise at their disposal – or the tools – to produce the results. AppsFlyer’s answer? Here’s how its CEO Oren Kaniel described it in a recent press release: “AppsFlyer simplifies mobile marketing for agencies, freeing them from complex integrations and multiple SDK updates. We allow them to focus on their growth targets with the best tools designed especially for the mobile environment.” It has to be said that another big…

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‘Placed’ location analytics start-up coming to New York

New York’s business world is to have a new player after Seattle-based location analytics startup ‘Placed’ raised $10 million and decided to open an office in the Big Apple. From location-based ads to store visits Since its launch in 2011, Placed has been steadily building a reputation as a leading light in the world of mobile ad intelligence. Last year, it launched Placed Attribution, a platform that tracks whether locally served mobile ads actually end up in personal visits to a vendor’s bricks-and-mortar store. You don’t need to be a seasoned tech product manager to appreciate that this bridges the online world with the offline, physical world. And since it also lets brands, agencies, ad networks and publishers know whether people actually make purchases upon visiting the store, it gives one of the most comprehensive insights into the connection between ads and offline behavior available. Placed Attribution is based on the startup’s central product, Placed Analytics, which uses a panel of 175,000 opted in users to map local activity, identify trends and work out which groups are most likely to visit which retailer (it covers no fewer than 175 million consumer locations). Even the most battle-hardened product manager would agree…

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AR mobile advertising startup Blippar joins forces with Layar to extend Augmented Reality’s reach

Does Augmented Reality have a future in mobile advertising? While some cynics in the tech world have their doubts, New York-headquartered Blippar begs to differ – and to push the technology further in mobile advertising, it’s just acquired Netherlands-based AR company Layar, whose platform extends across a slew of applications from advertising to education (Layar was founded in 2009, two years before Blippar, and has raised $17 million in investment). Joining forces to change the mobile advertising world Right now, Blippar is being a little coy about the acquisition, informing TechCrunch journalist Ingrid Lunden, “We cannot comment on market speculation at this stage, but Blippar is dedicated to growing the global marketplace for immersive, engaging content, and part of this strategy may include acquisitions later in the year.” But its founder and CEO, Ambarish Mitra, verbally confirmed that it’s a done deal, due to be officially announced on June 19th. Layar’s CEO Quintin Schevernels started visiting Blippar’s NY office a few months back to discuss, in Mitra’s words, “how we could work together to bring our vision to hundreds of millions of people.” By joining, the R&D firepower of the two startups will effectively double and the potential exists for…

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