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Why is Hipstamatic back, and why should you even care?

Why is Hipstamatic back, and why should you even care?

Hipstamatic is an app that was launched back in December of 2011 as D-Series. It was one of the first in the photo app market to introduce lo-fi instant camera or vintage aesthetics from any era to your photos. Unfortunately it was blown out of the water by none other than Instagram. Hipstamatic founder and CEO Lucas Allen Buick had explained that they were having a real hard time monetizing the product and service issues made it impossible to keep the app going even though they had 2 million downloads in under a year. The iPhone app has just launched a brand new collaborative social photo component available on iTunes right now called DSPO [pronounced Dis-po]. Buick explains that a lot of new technology such as Apple’s CloudKit have afforded Hipstamatic a real chance to get back at it again but the market is even more competitive three years later. “There aren’t many opportunities in life nor business when we are presented with a redo,” Buick said. “I’m so happy to get this opportunity. I just hope we got it right this time.” So DSPO is a social camera designed to get people to chat about and share photos. They’re…

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Fusion on Snapchat Discover Channel – You Know Nothing about Content!

Fusion on Snapchat Discover Channel - You Know Nothing about Content!

Fusion a TV network started by ABC and Univision is on its way to growing in an unexpected outlet, that being Snapchat’s Discover channel. Since January of 2015 they’ve been up to some interesting things and are now on to adding five more original shows exclusively on the Snapchat Discover channel. They are trying to figure out what people are interested in and what they’d like to watch. Figuring out on which media platforms, like TV, YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat is important to them. In February they had run a 7 episode show called Outpost which they’ve already picked up for a second season starting on April 22. For the new shows, they are aiming for unscripted and an international audience, oh and did we mention the channel isn’t available here in the U.S. yet? The episodes run between 2-3 minutes and will have at least 6 episodes to view. Fusion is definitely seeking sponsors for these shows but isn’t making it a necessity to release the content. Boris Gartner, strategy officer for Fusion said, “One of the great things we’re doing with Snapchat is testing formats and types of content”. One of these cool experiments is each of the…

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Heal, an App to cure your Cold or Flu by sending the Doc to your place.

Heal, an App to cure your Cold or Flu by sending the Doc to your place.

What do you do if you’re a one car family, your spouse is on a business trip with the Tesla and you need someone to look at little Billy, sooner than later? What do you think about the idea of using an app called Heal to get real medical help from a neighborhood or close-by doctor? Visiting doctors is nothing new but Heal wants it to become far more common place. Heal from Los Angeles is remaking old-fashioned house visits by offering an on-demand service promising a doctor in under an hour. The service had started in LA last year and is now available in San Francisco. There are plenty of new start-ups that are offering telepresence service, meaning you can talk with a doctor over a skype like system, but for some, they want a doctor they touch and to inspect a situation first hand. Heal sends that traditional medical doctor, complete with black bag, stethoscope and other portable, hi-tech gadgets. Heal founder Dr. Renee Dua, a board certified kidney specialist had a personal situation which had her sick son sitting in an ER room overnight because the right doctor wasn’t available. “It was awful. When your kid is…

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Want the best seats in the house, then get on that SeatGeek tip!

Want the best seats in the house, then get on that SeatGeek tip!

Russ D’Souza and Jack Groetzinger left easy-breezy jobs doing management consulting back in 2008. They’d known each other since 2003, both attending Dartmouth College and running a furniture rental business together. Meeting daily in a Boston coffee shop and committing to get a startup plan initiated. They saw that Microsoft had bought a small airline ticket forecasting website for $115 million dollars and they said “We could do that, but for sports”. Thus the fast growing ecommerce startup SeatGeek was born. SeatGeek consolidates tickets for Broadway shows, concerts, and sporting events from professional brokers, scalpers, and fans. Their site made $155 million in ticket sales last year. In a $5 billion-plus secondary ticket market, that’s nothing, but they are tripling their total transaction value and doubling the annual revenue. They only charge an 8% commission on sales from their enlisted secondary ticket providers. So SeatGeek’s “Deal Score” algorithm and interactive stadium seating charts, letting their customers know whether they are actually getting a deal or not, whereas other similar companies keep it vague. They wouldn’t have been able to grow quite as fast either if it wasn’t for their immersion into the mobile shopping explosion. This got them the attention…

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The Hottest Digital Media Jobs Nobody Ever Thought of

Want a Real Perspective on the Future of Digital Media jobs, Near Field Communication!

So if you’ve been thinking about the kinds of media jobs that will be big in the future. How about those that will be a paradigm shift in human behaviors? Consider this forecast from Magna Global, World-wide ad revenue will grow 4.8% to $536 billion in 2015. ZenithOptimedia, predicting spending will rise 4.9% in 2015 to $545 billion. Magna Global, says Digital Media is on track to surpass TV revenue in the U.S. by 2017. Did you just read that, these are big numbers, and you should be looking at big number markets if you’re still trying to figure out where to apply your expertise or interests? In the United Kingdom, Digital media is their top priority, and the same goes for international markets. As of right now, it looks like TV ad revenue is dying a slow death. Paid search is the number-one Digital media format with nearly half of all global dollars, followed by display (21%), social (12%) and video (8%). Magna states, “The shift to digital is having a deflationary impact on the entire market as digital formats, whenever comparable to traditional format, look cheaper and therefore erode the pricing power of traditional media categories,”. Mobile ad…

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