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Mobile advertising skyrockets says IAB: marketers expand their mobile budgets by 142 percent in just two years

Once upon a time, as anyone who’s held media jobs in mobile advertising agencies for any length of time can testify, mobile advertising was pretty uncharted terrain. But, according to a new survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the technology research firm Ovum, any timidity borne of fear of the unknown has evaporated with a vengeance: the use of mobile devices is skyrocketing, and – perhaps unsurprisingly – so is the uptake of mobile advertising by marketers. The rise and inexorable rise of mobile advertising Marketers with annual mobile advertising budgets in excess of $300,000 more than quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, the survey reveals, rising from just 7 percent to 32 percent. Mobile ad budgets have grown overall by a staggering 142 percent over the same interval. Nearly a fifth (19 percent) of US marketers surveyed in the study – all of whom already use mobile advertising – plan to expand their mobile budgets by at least 50 percent over the next two years. The findings strongly suggest that the bottom line – return on investment (ROI) – is seriously paying off on this format. Challenges But mobile advertising agencies might be curious about what ad inventory is…

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Big new update makes Blippar even more addictive

Blippar, the London-headquartered augmented-reality mobile advertising startup which opened its first US office in New York last year, has just launched a major update that soups up its speed and brings additional social sharing features for its users. Faster and more shareable  Launched in London in November 2010, Blippar’s approach to mobile advertising is as unique as it is addictive. That bottle of ketchup might look unremarkable to the naked eye but if it carries a Blippar tag, a smart device will see much, much more (provided it’s got the Blippar app, of course). The smartphone will quickly reveal a raft of extra content like coupons, promotions, recipe ideas and much else besides. Just about everyone working in mobile advertising agencies would agree that that’s  pretty darned cool. CEO Rish Mitra says that the new update has made the recognition technology 10 percent quicker. But the brands Blippar works with are almost certainly going to love the new social sharing feature the most. Until the update, the only way for a Blippar user to like or follow a brand was by tracking its social media pages on Facebook or Twitter. But now, they can use their own social media accounts…

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AdColony – the startup aiming to deliver the best mobile video advertising experience on the planet

Back in 2008, few with media jobs in the fledgling mobile advertising industry would have even thought about deploying videos; but fast forward to the present, and it’s clear that both constitute gigantic market opportunities and the time for a fusion is ripe – a fusion that startup mobile advertising firm AdColony is already working with. Loading time? What loading time? What a difference five years can make; in 2008, the chief reason why mobile advertising agencies steered clear of video was because the loading time was just too frustrating for users; in 2013, that’s no longer the case. AdColony, which launched in 2011 and now has offices in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco, aims to keep users in the apps it advertises on with a triple-A content experience. And thanks to its proprietary InstantPlay video technology, it’s succeeding. Its high-resolution videos have zero loading time. AdColony has an audacious vision: it aims to provide nothing less than the best quality mobile advertising experience in the world with video, simultaneously serving advertisers, publishers and consumers. And it’s doing so by delivering highly engaging video experiences that keep viewers hooked on the content. Short, sharp and savvy AdColony’s…

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Introducing Run – the New York ad tech startup offering mobile analytics, tracking and ad buying tools

Creatives and other pros who hold media jobs in mobile advertising agencies don’t need any lectures on the crucial role of ad-buying tools and analytics in this complex market; which is why they might like to know a little more about New York-based startup Run, which supplies both on a uniquely mobile-specific basis. Mobile first, not mobile only Founded in July 2010, the company secured its first outside investment last month: the princely sum of $1.5 million, courtesy of Verizon Ventures (the strategic investment wing of Verizon). In the space of two short years, it’s established itself as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mobile-focused programmatic advertising technology. And that’s largely because, unlike many of its competitors, it doesn’t apply traditional, desk-top designed demand-side platforms (DSPs) to mobile and neither does it swing completely in the other direction and focus exclusively on mobile. Dan Schwartz, the startup’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, says that, instead, Run is an example of “the first crop of ad-tech 2.0 companies.” It adopts a “mobile-first” approach when it comes to ad buying but it continues to run campaigns on other devices. This is smart mobile advertising, not desktop with a…

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GetTaxi launches in New York to take the nightmare out of hiring a cab

Product managers working in New York will know a thing or two about the impossibility of hailing cabs at peak times. But thanks to Fifth Avenue’s new resident, GetTaxi, that could all be about to change. The startup was founded in Tel Aviv in 2011, but its cab hailing app is now being used by over a million people in 20 countries, including London and Moscow. And now it’s opening offices in New York. But the perspicuous product manager will be asking, what makes GetTaxi stand out from the crowd? No nasty surprises  The startup’s app is available on Blackberry, iOS and Android devices and it hooks up with a GPS system to let users order a cab from their smartphones and track its location and ETA. But it differs from the competition by partnering with black cars(which it calls G-cars) to create a fair pricing and payment regimen – there’ll be no surge pricing as with its competitor Uber, no nasty surprises for being stuck in traffic, just a flat fare between neighborhoods. Having recently secured $12 million in Series C funding led by Kreos Capital, the startup has so far accumulated a total of $42 million in investment….

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