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Is Donny Deutsch Embracing the Digital Age?

Is Donny Deutsch Embracing the Digital Age?

TV presenter, impresario and media guru – all of these can be used to describe the ubiquitous Donny Deutsch, but in the fast-moving digital age, has he got what it takes to make sure his own business keeps up with the tech? Deutsch has spent over twenty years at the head of one of the country’s largest and most successful ad agencies, and while he’s certainly a well-known and highly regarded figurehead for Deutsch Inc., whether or not he can drag the 40-year-old company into the 21st Century by embracing new technologies to help his clients achieve an attractive ROI, has been a matter of speculation for some time. Who is Deutsch? The 55-year-old ad man is no stranger to controversy and hits the headlines more often than the businesses whose marketing he is managing. He certainly courts the media – with plenty of ups and downs in his personal life, a public spat with Donald Trump on Twitter and making some controversial statements regarding Republican nominee Mitt Romney on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He also revealed his $21 million Manhattan townhouse to the nation in Architectural Digest and paid $36,000 to share a urinal with Seth Rogen as part of…

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Glen Gilmore – A Social Media Expert with Credentials

Glen Gilmore – A Social Media Expert with Credentials

Heard of Glen Gilmore? If you have the chances are you’ve wondered whether he’s a social media expert, politician or ex-military man. The fact is, he’s all three. With over 200,000 followers on Twitter, a legal practise specializing in social media law and a position with Howell Marketing Strategies advising Fortune 500 companies, you could be forgiven for thinking Glen Gilmore was just another member of the technocrati, just graduated from MIT or Berkley with a string of startups to his name, but you’d be wrong. Gilmore and Social Media With his business Gilmore Business Network, Gilmore is ranked 7th on the Forbes list of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers and is in the Top 50 Social Media Bloggers according to analytics firm Kred. He’s an internationally renowned social media strategist and his skills are in demand from some of the country’s biggest and most influential companies either through GBN, or via his post as media advisor with Memphis-based Howell Marketing Strategies. He’s sought after as a public speaker on social media law and marketing and he’s still a practising attorney. Oh, and he’s also an adjunct professor with the Rutgers University Center for Management Development. His thoughts…

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Noah Kagan – Maverick or Eccentric Genius?

Noah Kagan – Eccentric Genius or Maverick?

He cuts a mercurial shape across the tech landscape, but the famously former Facebook #30 Noah Kagan has finally put the record straight and moved on. Kagan’s notorious ejection from Facebook Towers in 2006 has passed into tech folklore as a lesson in how not to help the world’s most promising startup develop, but a recent post on the AppSumo CEO’s blog okdork.com has given us a glimpse into his world and how he really felt about leaving Facebook and missing out on a life-changing sum of money when the company floated earlier this year. In His Own Words Kagan’s brutally honest post shows a philosophical side to the guy that was labelled a ‘liability’ and clearly demonstrates how he has matured since the Facebook showdown. He now agrees that at the time, the right decision was made for the company. He said: “After running AppSumo for over two years I’ve finally understood that Facebook made the right decision to let me go… “I was a show-er at Facebook. I dealt with chaos of a 30 person company extremely well.  Most decisions were me walking over to Mark’s desk for approval, but at 150 people it was a group meeting…

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Prismatic: Hoping to Succeed Where Other News Aggregators Have Failed

Want news that relevant to you? Want it delivered direct to your smartphone? You’d better check out startup news aggregator Prismatic. This is one company that seem to have rewritten the rulebook when it comes to online news and could provide some great opportunities for those looking for media jobs. By attracting the crème de la crème of the NLP/Machine Learning PhDs, Prismatic claims to be able to harness the power of social media and some clever distribution to give consumers a better way of accessing content online. According to Prismatic founder Bradford Cross, his company offers a service that lies somewhere between an RSS feed and Twitter and ends up providing the same kind of service offered by newspapers only with a wider range of sources. Cross said: “It’s not just about personalization… it’s about how media is consumed now. In the old days, you could just go to the New York Times and get all your news, or whatever. But that’s not the case any more, and it will likely never be the case again. The news is all distributed now, to a thousand different places.” In order to make sure Prismatic remains at the top of its…

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BarrettSF – a fledgling ad shop with veteran talent

BarrettSF – a fledgling ad shop with veteran talent advertising account executive

The family of online advertising agencies has an additional member this month, with the launch of fledgling ad shop barrettSF. Aspiring art directors, copywriters and account managers may feel stirred into striking out on their own after hearing the San Francisco startup’s story. It’s the brainchild of veteran creative leader Jamie Barrett, who until recently was a partner and executive creative director at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners, and his erstwhile Goodby buddy, Patrick Kelly. Barrett’s 27 year long career has won him accolades for his work on the NBA, Comcast and Nike. 2011 saw him hit his tenth year with Goodby. He also turned 50 years of age. Barrett explained, “Those two things made me go, ‘I’ve got another big chapter in me, and what’s that going to be?’” The rise of new small ad shops He and Kelly are but one of a stream of creative leaders that have walked away from established agencies in the last two years to start new ad shops of their own. Other prominent names include Alex Bogusky, Gerry Graf and Ty Montague, each of whom, like Barrett, had reached an age where they could tap into an abundance of experience to launch their…

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