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Fledgling ad shop O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul clinches major account with WingStreet

Just three months after we report­ed the launch of fledg­ling ad shop O’Keefe, Rein­hard & Paul (OKR&P), news is break­ing that it’s just scooped its first mam­­moth-sized piece of busi­ness: it’s to be tak­en on by WingStreet, a mas­sive­ly suc­cess­ful unit of YUM! brands spe­cial­iz­ing in chick­en wings. This is the kind of deal to make the account man­ag­er and art direc­tor respon­si­ble for see­ing the project through very hap­py peo­ple: WingStreet’s deep fried chick­en wings have gone down a storm in the Piz­za Hut chain so the audi­ence is like­ly to be huge. An account manager’s dream account So huge, in fact, that Piz­za Hut fore­casts that WingStreet chick­en wings will short­ly morph into a ded­i­cat­ed stand-alone chain because of its pop­u­lar­i­ty on the Piz­za Hut menu. That’s like­ly to be one hel­lu­va big account for the account man­ag­er who pre­sides over it. The Vir­ginia-based Mar­tin Agency in Rich­mond pre­vi­ous­ly held the WingStreet ad account, and it will con­tin­ue to han­dle core adver­tis­ing for Piz­za Hut. But as any per­spic­u­ous art direc­tor or account man­ag­er can tell you, YUM!’s deci­sion to bring new adver­tis­ing tal­ent into its chick­en wings chain sug­gests that the fast-food leviathan fore­sees huge poten­tial in…

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Baldwin& founder talks of life after the AdAge Small Agency of the Year Award

David Bald­win, founder of the start­up ad shop Baldwin&, has been talk­ing about the effects of win­ning AdAge’s “Small Agency of the Year” award last year.  As any art direc­tor or account man­ag­er can tes­ti­fy, the prize is a pret­ty impres­sive acco­lade for a shop that launched in 2009 with no clients to its name. A strong sense of self But the same art direc­tor or account man­ag­er will want to know what made Baldwin& stand out. Well, for one thing, this lit­tle shop from Raleigh, North Car­oli­na has a strong sense of self. Short­ly before win­ning the award, it received a call from a client offer­ing it the chance to take over part of a big tele­com account. But after a quick founders’ meet­ing, Bald­win and his team asked “Does this sound fun at all?” They decid­ed it didn’t – and walked away. It also man­aged to strike a blow for the wider agency world. After being invit­ed to take part in a pitch by a client recent­ly, it argued that all par­tic­i­pat­ing agen­cies should be paid for the work they put into the pre­sen­ta­tions. They didn’t win the busi­ness that time – but they did get paid for…

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Scott Stratten – The Social Media Rockstar Who Believes Employees Are Your Biggest Marketing Asset

For­mer music mar­keter Scott Strat­ten is firm­ly in the social camp that advo­cates gen­uine, inter­est­ing, care­ful­ly planned con­tent over mass­es of spam fired ran­dom­ly in the hope some of it will stick. Those in media jobs should take note. Scott’s cur­rent­ly the Pres­i­dent of UnMar­ket­ing  – an expert in viral, social and authen­tic mar­ket­ing, that he charm­ing­ly refers to as ‘UnMar­ket­ing’; which, sim­ply put, is all about posi­tion­ing your brand and busi­ness as the expert cus­tomers will turn to when they need the ser­vices you offer. He’s very def­i­nite­ly not a fan of the unplanned ‘suck it and see’ school of  mar­ket­ing and feels that engag­ing and inter­act­ing with your audi­ences, and being gen­uine with them, is the key to mak­ing sure they opt for you over your com­peti­tors. His most recent book, The Book of Busi­ness Awe­some / The Book of Busi­ness UnAwe­some is actu­al­ly two tomes in one and it aims to show busi­ness­es how to become awe­some, by look­ing at train-wreck exam­ples of the thor­ough­ly unawe­some. What’s His Big Idea? After grad­u­at­ing from Sheri­dan Col­lege, where he returned and held a pro­fes­sor­ship and taught HR and employ­ment law, Strat­ten worked for sev­er­al big Cana­di­an names, includ­ing Good­will…

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Shel Israel – He’s Been There and Done It!

Shel Israel was there at the begin­ning and he’s got some inter­est­ing views on where social is going to go. Writer, com­mu­ni­ca­tions expert, blog­ger and social media pro Shel has been help­ing busi­ness­es tell their sto­ries for more than 30 years –start­ing as a print reporter before mov­ing into tech PR in Sil­i­con Val­ley. Once the web had land­ed he moved into rep­re­sent­ing online start ups and helped more than 100 launch. If you’re inter­est­ed in media jobs you could learn a thing or two from Shel. Born in 1944, Shel attend­ed both Boston and North­east­ern Uni­ver­si­ties, before mov­ing into print jour­nal­ism. Before long the lure of Sil­i­con Val­ley proved too much to resist and in the mid 1980s Shel found­ed SIPR, a com­mu­ni­ca­tions com­pa­ny spe­cial­iz­ing in tech­nol­o­gy start ups. How­ev­er, Shel always has his eye on the next big thing and he rec­og­nized the poten­tial of the World Wide Web, when it arrived. He quick­ly shift­ed SIPR’s atten­tions to online start ups and rep­re­sent­ed some of the biggest pio­neers in cyber­space, includ­ing Sun Microsys­tems, Dell, CNET and Intel. What’s Shel Isre­al About? Shel is all about giv­ing com­pa­nies a voice with­in the social media land­scape. He believes that too…

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The No BS Guide to Social Media with Jason Falls

As head of dig­i­tal strat­e­gy for Cafe­Press, Jason Falls has some seri­ous social cre­den­tials, but he took a risk pub­lish­ing his first book – The No B*llSh*t Social Media. If you’re in media jobs and you want to cut through the garbage and get to the point, then you’d be wise to fol­low Falls. In pub­lish­ing that fate­ful book, he took on an entire indus­try that was grow­ing up around social media – try­ing show big brands how to suc­cess­ful­ly nav­i­gate the murky waters of online mar­ket­ing, blind­ing them with sci­ence and mak­ing big bucks. But he did it with aplomb – his wit and intel­li­gence got him through and showed the cow­boys for what they real­ly were. He gave busi­ness­es a pre­cious gift – the gift of knowl­edge. Why Did He Write ‘That’ Book? Falls prides him­self on cut­ting to the chase and sim­pli­fy­ing things – it’s one of his strengths and he believes that by sim­pli­fy­ing social for busi­ness­es, he can help them grow their brands. He explains: “I’m from a very small town that con­di­tioned me to always be skep­ti­cal of the big city folks and the lines they were hand­ing me. I’m also a fair­ly sim­ple…

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