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Scott Stratten – The Social Media Rockstar Who Believes Employees Are Your Biggest Marketing Asset

Former music marketer Scott Stratten is firmly in the social camp that advocates genuine, interesting, carefully planned content over masses of spam fired randomly in the hope some of it will stick. Those in media jobs should take note. Scott’s currently the President of UnMarketing  – an expert in viral, social and authentic marketing, that he charmingly refers to as ‘UnMarketing’; which, simply put, is all about positioning your brand and business as the expert customers will turn to when they need the services you offer. He’s very definitely not a fan of the unplanned ‘suck it and see’ school of  marketing and feels that engaging and interacting with your audiences, and being genuine with them, is the key to making sure they opt for you over your competitors. His most recent book, The Book of Business Awesome / The Book of Business UnAwesome is actually two tomes in one and it aims to show businesses how to become awesome, by looking at train-wreck examples of the thoroughly unawesome. What’s His Big Idea? After graduating from Sheridan College, where he returned and held a professorship and taught HR and employment law, Stratten worked for several big Canadian names, including Goodwill…

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Shel Israel – He’s Been There and Done It!

Shel Israel was there at the beginning and he’s got some interesting views on where social is going to go. Writer, communications expert, blogger and social media pro Shel has been helping businesses tell their stories for more than 30 years –starting as a print reporter before moving into tech PR in Silicon Valley. Once the web had landed he moved into representing online start ups and helped more than 100 launch. If you’re interested in media jobs you could learn a thing or two from Shel. Born in 1944, Shel attended both Boston and Northeastern Universities, before moving into print journalism. Before long the lure of Silicon Valley proved too much to resist and in the mid 1980s Shel founded SIPR, a communications company specializing in technology start ups. However, Shel always has his eye on the next big thing and he recognized the potential of the World Wide Web, when it arrived. He quickly shifted SIPR’s attentions to online start ups and represented some of the biggest pioneers in cyberspace, including Sun Microsystems, Dell, CNET and Intel. What’s Shel Isreal About? Shel is all about giving companies a voice within the social media landscape. He believes that too…

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The No BS Guide to Social Media with Jason Falls

As head of digital strategy for CafePress, Jason Falls has some serious social credentials, but he took a risk publishing his first book – The No B*llSh*t Social Media. If you’re in media jobs and you want to cut through the garbage and get to the point, then you’d be wise to follow Falls. In publishing that fateful book, he took on an entire industry that was growing up around social media – trying show big brands how to successfully navigate the murky waters of online marketing, blinding them with science and making big bucks. But he did it with aplomb – his wit and intelligence got him through and showed the cowboys for what they really were. He gave businesses a precious gift – the gift of knowledge. Why Did He Write ‘That’ Book? Falls prides himself on cutting to the chase and simplifying things – it’s one of his strengths and he believes that by simplifying social for businesses, he can help them grow their brands. He explains: “I’m from a very small town that conditioned me to always be skeptical of the big city folks and the lines they were handing me. I’m also a fairly simple…

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Ann Handley – Marketer, Writer, Wearer of Cool Glasses and All About Content

Ann Handley is all about content. If it’s not worth saying, don’t say it and go out and find something that is worth saying and that will support your brand and marketing efforts at the same time. As chief content officer for MarketingProfs it’s Ann’s job to get a handle on blogging, podcasts, video and written content and show her clients how to get the most out of their online marketing strategy. She’s definitely a figure worth watching if you’re in media jobs. Where’d It All Start? Handley is a digital veteran, with over 13 years experience managing content and helping businesses and individuals develop relationships with their clients through the clever use of information. An alumni of Simmons College and former freelance correspondent at the Boston Globe and associate editor at Banker and Tradesman, she’s also the co-author of ‘Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business’ and she has a passion for using emerging new media tools and technology to develop and add value. But how does she think marketers can make sure they stay relevant in a world that’s gone social and tech crazy? She…

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Gary Vaynerchuk and the warmth of social media

Outspoken? Arrogant? Just plain crazy? Whatever you might think of Gary Vaynerchuk, there’s no denying he’s a great exponent of simple, pared down social media marketing. CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk began his digital career by setting up the online arm of his parents’ wine business, winelibrary.com, taking turnover from $3 million in 1997, to $45 million just eight years later He’s a social supremo who is definitely one to watch for anyone in media jobs. By reading up on the industry, gaining as much experience as he could and making himself indispensable to wine buffs everywhere, Gary’s winelibrary is still going strong thanks to his commitment to developing the business and his endearingly informal style. Since setting up winelibrary, Vaynerchuk took everything he learnt and created VaynerMedia, a company that helps Fortune 500 companies ‘find their social media voice’. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Gary Vaynerchuk is a hard-headed marketer who’s all about the quick buck. In fact, the opposite is true. In It for the Long Term Vaynerchuk was born in the former USSR in the small town of Babruysk. He emigrated with his family to the US in 1978 and he and his parents settled…

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