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Roberts Communications: blending human insights with high tech knowledge

Young business development managers who have grown up in the digital age might know a good deal about the best technology for driving online advertising sales, but do they know about the unique human insights that appeal to prospective customers’ heads and hearts? A Rochester agency which began life when “digital” meant something you did with your metacarpals knows a thing or three about both. Unique human insights Roberts Communications began life in Manhattan in 1971, before moving upstate to Rochester and eventually settling on the High Falls site that has been its home since 1995. And for business development managers who like the notion of fusing high tech with human insights, the agency’s watchword is “CustomerThink”. If that’s left our business development manager feeling as baffled as she is intrigued, Roberts defines it as uncovering “unique human insights” to produce the advertising messages that’ll have the greatest impact because they’re based on a deep understanding of what goes on inside customers’ heads and hearts. Essentially, the agency directs its creative juices into linking the right consumer with the right product at the right moment. As anyone who’s held media jobs in internet advertising for any length of time will…

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Online video advertising startup YuMe presents new Video Reach platform for agencies and TV brand advertisers

Last year, we reported on video ad company YuMe’s ambitions to deliver effective video ads across multiple devices in the age of screen fragmentation. Business development managers and others with media jobs in online advertising may remember that YuMe’s Senior VP of Marketing, Ed Haslam, was talking back then about how to hold viewer’s attention across multiple screens at a time when online video advertising was starting to explode. And now his firm has pulled a technological rabbit out of the hat to do just that, with the launch of a new brand named Video reach. A good year YuMe, as the more informed business development manager may be aware, has had a rather good time of it over the last year. It raised $65 million during its IPO last July, just as it planned to do after turning profitable and posting a net income of $6.3 million (a radical turnaround from the $11.1 million loss it made in 2012). It also managed to increase its gross margin from 38 percent to 46 percent over the same interval and its revenue for 2012 had grown by 70 percent on the previous year to reach $116.7 million. Figures like that tend…

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Will Comcast Actually Buy Time Warner Cable or Will this be Charter’s Wake up Call?

Will Comcast Actually Buy Time Warner Cable or Will this be Charter's Wake up Call?

I don’t believe this deal will happen the way its currently structured and here’s why. First off, there are too many volatile variables in this deal in its current form;  the all stock price, softening equities market and other very motivated buyers in the market. I believe that this is only the first move in a larger plan. Time Warner Cable is utilizing a very smart strategy to maximize the sale price for the company; witness that Rob Marcus, the CEO, is a former Mergers and Acquisition attorney. So the battle for Time Warner Cable has come to an end, or has it? Yesterday Comcast announced a $45.2 billion dollar deal to purchase Time Warner Cable, representing a share purchase price of $158.82 per share. This is a significant increase from Charter Cable’s previous offers of $132.50 per share. But there is a big difference. Charter’s offer was substantially cash and Comcast’s is completely a stock deal. Also, we’re now talking about a major anti-trust review. Even with a sell off of 3 million subscribers Comcast would still control 30% of the industry nationwide. Given the lack of competition in each market this does not sound like a slam dunk. A year ago Comcast…

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Out of stealth at last: Black Pearl Systems morphs into Lyve Minds, the “cloud in your living room”

When it emerged back in June that former Apple executive Tim Bucher was assembling a killer team of tech wizards for his new Silicon Valley startup Black Pearl Systems, any savvy product manager could tell you that something exciting was in the offing. But what, exactly, that something was remained a mystery – until now. Solving unsolved problems Black pearl Systems has just come out of stealth with a new name – Lyve Minds – and a new product, LyveHome, which helps users access and back up their personal videos and photos whether they’re at home on their desktops or on the hoof on their smartphones. Initially, Bucher and his team were, well, stealthy about what they were developing, but GigOM journalist Janko Roettgers helped sate the curiosity of intrigued product managers by working out that the new firm was building mobile-media sharing technology for the Android OS and that its likely name would be Lyve. Bucher has now revealed that Lyve Minds aims to solve a hitherto unsolved problem: how to let users store and share as many videos and movies as they like on their mobile devices. Only a small number of people back up their personal media…

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INTERVIEW: Mplifyr Bringing Big Loyalty Programs to Businesses for a Small Cost

Mplifyr Bringing Big Loyalty Programs to Businesses for a Small Cost

Can you create a low cost business incentive program before you finish your morning coffee?  How about one that provides reward points that can be used at major companies including United and Delta Airlines? Roy Weissman of MediaJobs.com spoke with James Duchenne from Mplifyr who has built a do it yourself platform for businesses to create their own loyalty program. James explains the need for his service: “Most companies that do not have the funds at the moment, what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to find the cheapest, sort of solution out there, because their competitors have some sort of program active. It’s sort of working, but they’re trying to compete with that and offer the same benefits to the same customer pool without really thinking about the consequences of loyalty.” According to Duchenne loyalty programs are quickly becoming an important element of most businesses and are valuable in attracting and retaining customers. Listen in or read along as Roy Weissman talks with James about why he believes that Mplifyr will command the lead in its market niche. You can listen to the interview as well as read it below:   Roy:   My name is Roy Weissman…

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