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The Man Responsible for Taking Playboy Global Now to be Found Making Forbes Mobile

Experience does count in the digital world. Mike Perlis, an accomplished print innovator, is making his mark in the digital world. As the CEO of Forbes, Perlis has spearheaded the company’s digital revolution, but he comes from relatively humble beginnings, with stints at both Playboy and GQ before he hit pay dirt by securing a place at top table of the country’s premier publisher. Perlis – the Forbes Years  In 2010 Perlis took over the reins at the premier publishing house, spearheading the company’s move into digital publishing and launching its groundbreaking AdVoice package, which enables industry leaders to pay for the privilege of writing columns for Forbes’ online space. Some have seen this as a cute move – allowing the company to cut down on staffing costs while populating forbes.com with authoritative content; while others see it as a white elephant – a fancy name for advertising and the death knell to the publisher’s credibility. Whatever your opinion, Perlis’ strategy seems to be paying off, as he explains. “We did 33 million unique visitors last month, which makes us unique from a digital footprint standpoint,” he said.  “Forbes.com started 15 years ago and one of the things that we did that really allowed us as a legacy business to become a digital player was that…

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Zuckerberg sets mobile optimization as Facebook’s top priority

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has come out fighting after a three-month silence in which the social networking giant’s share value has tumbled alarmingly. Speaking at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference on Wednesday, Zuckerberg candidly addressed the fraught issue of his company’s faltering efforts to grasp the mobile nettle. A mobile-propelled freefall Recent reports have highlighted the nerve-shredding $157 million loss Facebook suffered since its IPO in May; during the same period, the net worth of the company plunged by $50 billion.  These knuckle-whitening declines are at least in part connected to Facebook’s failure to develop a robust mobile platform – a shortcoming that has cost the company dearly given that 955 million of its users routinely access their Facebook pages through mobile devices. Facebook wants to emulate the spectacular growth rate shown by social news site Reddit, but Zuckerberg is shrewd enough to know that he’s got a lot of convincing and reassuring to do.  Needless to say, every content manager, community manager and social media manager will be intrigued about his views on the way forward with regard to mobile technology. While he didn’t pull any rabbits out of the hat, he didn’t disappoint either, openly stating that Facebook’s top priority…

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Revamped Bing sets its sights on Google with Pepsi Challenge style campaign

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is taking bold steps to lose its status as Google’s less sophisticated little brother with a new campaign called “Bing it On.” If successful, online advertising sales could benefit from a search engine to rival Google for accuracy and relevance. A mountain to climb? So, what can the forward-looking search engine marketing specialist, business development manager and adverting sales manager glean from the new campaign?  “Bing it On” borrows from Pepsi’s famous blind taste challenges during the ‘70s and ’80s and presents side-by-side search results for five search queries, pitting Bing against Google.  Searchers then choose which results are best and which are a draw.  So far, Microsoft claims, the results of its own blind trials are in its favor by 2 to 1. Breaking the “Google habit” is going to involve a formidable struggle. Google commands a thundering 66.8 percent of the search market, with growth of 1.8 per cent since Bing made its first appearance in June 2010.  This compares to Bing’s still feeble 15.8 percent, virtually all of which has been gained from Microsoft partner Yahoo. Playing the long game Despite the relatively small gains, some industry insiders believe Bing it On is…

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Discovery Channel Slowing Down?

Though Discovery Communications’ Q2 report showed earnings up 15.4 percent from last year, the company plans to slow its production during Q3. According to AdWeek.com, Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav indicated that the cultural appeal of the Olympics has affected the number of premieres the company will release on its networks during the third quarter, including its flagship network, the Discovery Channel. What does this mean for customers? How will the slow down affect Discovery Communications’ 2012 profits? Looking At Q2 According to Discovery Communications’ Corporate Press Release, the Q2 earnings report showed a net income of $293 million, which was 15.4 percent higher than the amount reported for Q2 2011. Total revenues also increased by 7 percent from the same quarter last year, with an ending value of $1.14 billion. Though the company’s overall revenue fell slightly short of the $1.16 billion analysts had originally predicted for this quarter, Discovery Communications’ Q2 net income was significantly higher than the same analysts had expected. While financial analysts had predicted earnings of only 70 cents per share for Discover Communications during Q2, the quarterly report showed actual earnings to equal 76 cents per share. During Q2, Discovery Communications’ dramatic increase in…

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Doubling UP: $200 Million More for New Video Creators at YouTube

In 2011, Google invested $150 million into the creation of over 100 YouTube channels, most of which featured exclusive content from the likes of The Onion, Slate and The Wall Street Journal. Several celebrities also joined the effort, including such media sensations as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and Amy Poehler. YouTube’s humble beginnings may have emphasized awkward vlogs and endless cat videos, but this heavy investment has forced the company to take on a more sophisticated approach. The effort proved an overwhelming success, with the commissioned YouTube channels quickly landing millions of subscribers. Pleased with the results, Google is now investing another $200 million in the project. According to The Wall Street Journal, this money will be used to promote existing channels and upgrade videos for a more user-friendly experience. A Trial And Error Approach To Video Content Google’s YouTube initiative has proven successful thus far, but it took quite a few blips along the way to get there. Channels are given extensive creative license, leaving them with them with the opportunity to either shine or flop. Larry Aidem, the mastermind behind YouTube channel MyISH, experienced several ups and downs along the way. His first few videos featured presenters chatting about…

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