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Want to Know Where Your Charity Dollars Are Going? Try Bright Funds.

If you want to know what hap­pens to the cash you give to non-prof­its and be able to man­age your giv­ing more effec­tive­ly, San Fran­cis­co start­up Bright Funds might just be able to help. Today’s tech-savvy, mil­len­ni­al phil­an­thropist and par­tic­u­lar­ly those in media jobs are demand­ing more from their dona­tion expe­ri­ence. Not only do they want to be able to give online, they want to do it in a way that’s has­sle-free, fast, and cre­ative and can show them exact­ly where their mon­ey is going. It doesn’t sound like an easy task, but Rutul Dave and for­mer Out­Serve founder Ty Wal­rod have tack­led it head on and come up with Bright Funds, a char­i­ty fundrais­ing plat­form that offers donors the chance to sam­ple a ‘holis­tic’ method of giv­ing, that’s also ful­ly account­able. It can inte­grate seam­less­ly with social media feeds to pro­vide infor­ma­tion from your cho­sen char­i­ties so you can see whether your cash is mak­ing a dif­fer­ence, and employ­ers can build it into their pay­roll sys­tem via the cloud so work­ers can give straight from their pay pack­et. Bright Funds Sets Itself Apart This ‘holis­tic’ approach to giv­ing, com­bines the feel-good fac­tor of char­i­ta­ble dona­tion, with the man­age­ment func­tion­al­i­ty…

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Celebrities are doing it for themselves. Or not.

Mari­ah has her chew­ing gum hold­er and J‑Lo has an inte­ri­or design­er as part of her enrourage. Celebri­ties are known for not doing much for them­selves and now they can have their social media man­aged for them by start­up theAu­di­ence. If you’re in the mar­ket for media jobs, this is one com­pa­ny that’s going to offer media and tech jobs, and then some. Fea­tur­ing a tri­umvi­rate of the tech world’s most respect­ed entre­pre­neurs at the helm, new kid on the block theAu­di­ence aims to har­ness the pow­er of social media and make it work for world-weary celebs who need to grow their fan­base and man­age their social media out­put. How­ev­er the company’s begin­nings have been shroud­ed in mys­tery and they won’t even say who their clients are… What’s the Offer? Until recent­ly lit­tle was known about theAu­di­ence oth­er than it was found­ed by tal­ent agent and broth­er of Chica­go May­or and for­mer Oba­ma Chief of Staff, Ari Emanuel – him­self immor­tal­ized in TV dra­ma Entourage — and co-founder of DigiSynd Oliv­er Luck­ett who, through the com­pa­ny, man­aged the social media accounts of some of Disney’s biggest prop­er­ties, includ­ing Cin­derel­la. Togeth­er the pair man­aged to lure in Nap­ster and Face­book orig­i­na­tor…

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Chris Dixon’s Moving West. Should I Care?

The media has been full of sto­ries regard­ing the move by Angel investor Chris Dixon, from his reg­u­lar base in NYC, to Sil­i­con Val­ley, but does it mat­ter? For any­one look­ing for media jobs, it may be an indi­ca­tion of where the market’s going and that despite the best efforts of major cities to devel­op their own tech hubs; Cal­i­for­nia is still where it’s at. Chris Dixon – the Man If you need a clue about where to put your hard-earned cash when it comes to tech star­tups, then Chris Dixon is the man to ask. Dixon is cur­rent­ly co-founder of Founder Col­lec­tive and for­mer CEO and founder of SiteAd­vi­sor which was acquired by MacAf­fee, and Hunch, which was swal­lowed up by eBay. He’s a Har­­vard-edu­­cat­ed ser­i­al investor who cer­tain­ly seems to have an eye for a promis­ing new ven­ture hav­ing put mon­ey into Kick­starter, Skype, Drop­box, Foursquare, Knew­ton and Stripe, as well as oth­ers that are still in stealth mode. If he doesn’t know about it, then it’s prob­a­bly not worth look­ing at. As well as an eye for poten­tial suc­cess, Chris has also been a vocal sup­port­er of New York’s tech scene. He’s heav­i­ly involved Hack­NY, a project…

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Line: Japan’s Biggest Messaging App Set to Take On the US

Line is prob­a­bly the biggest mes­sag­ing app you’ve nev­er heard of. The Japan­ese mes­sag­ing tool which offers users the chance to send mes­sages and make voice calls using 3G, 4G and Wi-fi, is the biggest in its home coun­try and now it’s got its sights set on the mega mar­kets of Chi­na and the US. Great news for any­one who’s look­ing to make lots of calls or who’s look­ing for media jobs… The com­pa­ny pulled in 50 mil­lion users in its native Japan in the first year — in com­par­i­son it took Face­book three years to achieve that fig­ure. It took that fig­ure and added 50 per cent just six months lat­er. The 74 mil­lion lin­ers it now boasts cur­rent­ly rep­re­sent around one third of mobile users in Japan and around 86 per cent of those are active on a month­ly basis. Forty per cent are on Line every day. Born of Adver­si­ty The birth of Line was dif­fi­cult. Fol­low­ing the Japan­ese earth­quake of March 2011, employ­ees of NHN Japan – the com­pa­ny which also runs the search engine Naver — respond­ed to the need to re-estab­lish com­mu­ni­ca­tion between res­i­dents as phone lines went down fol­low­ing the ‘quake. Employ­ees who…

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Marissa Mayer Snaps Up Stamped and a Raft of Celebrity Backers Can’t be Wrong

Why would Maris­sa May­er buy Stamped only to elim­i­nate its prod­ucts? Stamped is an app start­up that’s run by sev­er­al of her old Google chums. Since tak­ing over the reins at Yahoo back in July, spec­u­la­tion has been rife on what Mayer’s first pur­chase will be, and now all of those who have been wait­ing with bait­ed breath for her to get the check book out can rest easy as the deed has final­ly been done. Those look­ing for media jobs will no doubt see oppor­tu­ni­ties increase in the clam­our as star­tups shout to get their share of the Yahoo purse. Who or What is Stamped? Stamped is a mobile and web app that allows users to share and keep track of the things they like such as restau­rants, books, shops, films and oth­er apps. Users can access the rec­om­men­da­tions of their friends and those of the so-called ‘tastemak­ers’ – key influ­encers that include top chef Mario Balati (who is an advi­sor to the com­pa­ny), and film crit­ic Peter Tra­vers. Instead of rat­ing a book, restau­rant or film with a star rat­ing or feed­back, you sim­ply ‘stamp’ the item to show your approval. As a user grows their social con­nec­tions,…

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