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Songza Makes its First Trip Outside US and One Million Canadians Can’t Be Wrong

Free music streaming service Songza has offered it wares outside the US for the first time and bagged itself a million new users in the process. Sounds impressive, but when you add to that the fact that these Songza converts have signed up in a little over two months then the figures are really rather startling and great news for anyone looking for music media jobs. It also snatched one million new users in just 10 days in the US following its iPad launch, and has accrued two million more since then. The $1.5 million the company attracted in outside funding in a round led by Amazon.com Inc., Deep Fork and Metamorphic also inspires confidence. So what is it about Songza that makes it so attractive? It’s a free music streaming service that operates on a radio license and can provide listeners with personalized playlists. So far, so Spotify and Pandora. However, when you add into the mix that Canada doesn’t have access to either Spotify or Pandora then it perhaps begins to make a little more sense. Canadian audiences can use Rdio or 8tracks, but these aren’t even in the same league as the aforementioned streaming giants. So What…

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SouthStar Communities chooses Augme subsidiary Hipcricket for lead generation

Real estate development company SouthStar Communities has selected Hipcricket, a mobile advertising subsidiary of Augme Technologies, Inc., to promote its program in lead generation. Hipcricket’s AD LIFE® platform will be deployed, integrating SMS, mobile web and QR codes to draw potential new buyers to SouthStar’s communities in North Carolina and Texas. In line with trends picked up by a growing army of SMBs, SouthStar detected a rise in traffic coming from mobile devices and wisely started looking for a solution to deliver creative content which was equally at home on smartphones and PC screens.  After a good deal of scouring through the mobile advertising agencies market, the firm selected Hipcricket’s “Mobile SiteBuilder” solution, which is powered with patented device detection technology capable of identifying mobile devices and ensuring that sites appear properly on all portable gadgets. Why Hipcricket? The real estate development company’s Director of Internet Marketing, Justin Stensrut, said, “We selected Hipcricket in large part due to its extensive slate of patented mobile offerings.  We’re integrating mobile web, QR codes and SMS into a re-marketable database that seamlessly works with our CRM system.  Hipcricket delivers these capabilities within a single platform that allows us to run self-service campaigns.” Commenting…

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Workday is harnessing the power of the Cloud to stay ahead of the game

Imagine a place were companies can access the latest HR and finance software tools without having to pay hefty license fees and endure lengthy installations. Welcome to the world according to Workday. The firm, which specialises in Software-as-a-Service solutions for the management of global businesses, currently has around 280 clients, including mid-size enterprises to Fortune 50 Operations, all of which can take advantage of Workday’s cloud-based systems as an alternative to antiquated ERP services. Indeed, Workaday prides itself on updating its software regularly to make sure it’s clients are always ahead of the game, and this could be the secret to its continued success. This success may also hinge, in no small part, on the fact that the business was founded by former PeopleSoft CEO Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri, who have brought their considerable experience in Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS), Financial Management Solutions (FMS), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), to the Workday table. Following an impressive stock market debut which saw Workday’s stock soar to $7.8 billion, founder and former PeopleSoft exec Bhusri believes Workaday are in a great position to challenge more established providers, who, he says, offer a ‘mishmash’ of different kinds…

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Wieden+Kennedy’s big chance with Oreos at the Super Bowl

Wieden+Kennedy could be on the path to become a colossus among online advertising agencies, after entering the running for a Super Bowl spot for the world’s most famous cookie, Oreo. A massive turning point beckons As the more informed ad agency copywriters, art directors and account managers will know, W+K seized a major opportunity less than two years ago when Kraft Foods hired it for a Velveeta campaign.  If this latest venture pays off, getting the chance to showcase its creative energies for a major brand at a marquee slot in the TV world’s most expensive event could amount to a massive turning point. That Kraft connection has been rather good for the agency, it seems.  Oreo is now marketed by Mondelez, a Kraft spinoff, and this year marks the brand’s one hundred year anniversary, hence the decision to go for the Super Bowl.  W+K hasn’t got the job in the bag yet, however, and is facing a formidable rival in Draftfcb, the agency that has presided over the year-long centennial campaign for Mondelez. Skillful handling of small projects can lead to great things However, W+K’s handling of the Velveeta Cheesy Skillets brand, which it took on in March 2011,…

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Twitch Makes Videogames the New Sports

Can a Video game get higher ratings than the Super Bowl? This may soon become a reality. Countries like Korea and Japan have already been featuring video game tournaments as entertainment, with people regularly flocking to physical venues, televisions and their computers to watch the world’s top gamers play live. It only makes sense that watching video games as a spectator sport would make it across the Pacific. Taking the lead in America is Twitch, a videogame start up from the people at Justin.TV, which seems to have figured out a way to bridge that gap. Being called the YouTube for video games, users can log in and watch people play, making it similar to watching live basketball, baseball, football or soccer on television. Top gamers will also be paid to record their gameplay and post it on the site. However, unlike YouTube, the videos run on Twitch’s own platform, rather than a third-party site, so that it is targeted directly towards the hardcore gamer. As videogames are becoming bigger than movies and television, it only makes sense that live sporting events would be the next event industry in which to compete. Will It Work? Twitch began a year ago…

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