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Growth Hacker – Via is hiring for its NYC team.

Growth Hacker - Via is hiring for its NYC team.

Via is hiring a Growth Hacker to join its NYC team. Via is a better way to get around NYC. It’s a transportation sweetspot, using cutting-edge technology to deliver the things you really care about: comfort, speed, and low cost. As Growth Hacker, you’ll rigorously develop and implement strategies for efficient customer acquisition and retention while building an unforgettable brand. Apply Here So who is the ideal Growth Hacker for Via? Are you Obsessed with data, you better be! Analytical and rigorous, with a thorough understanding of key customer acquisition metrics and statistics. Experienced with Facebook and Google campaigns and SEO. Extraordinary communicator with demonstrated writing and editing skills. Having a significant amount of experience in a similar role, ideally at a start-up is a super good quality. Graduate-level research experience is an advantage, of course. So this is what Via wants to see on the playing field. Using a data-driven approach – identify, execute, and optimize digital and offline marketing campaigns to efficiently acquire new customers. Collaborate with their product team to optimize virality and conversions. Quantitatively test hypotheses about customer behavior using large proprietary data sets; leverage results to increase conversion and retention at every touch point. Initiate…

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SoundCloud is seeking an Ear Glue Master, AKA. Product Manager New York

SoundCloud is seeking an Ear Glue Master, AKA. Product Manager, Connected Devices in New York

SoundCloud is the worlds leading audio platform, scaling up with a rapidly growing global user base, and they’re looking for a Product Manager  New York for Connected Devices to join the team. In this role, you’ll be responsible for helping SoundCloud users connect wherever they are. Honestly, if you don’t know what SoundCloud is then you’re a goofball, I personally hate most online services, but even I use this platform. Big deal right here! Apply Here So who is the ideal SoundCloud Product Manager? Well it’s someone who can define SoundCloud’s connected devices strategy & product vision. Work closely with a team of engineers to develop solutions (e.g SDKs) that meet market needs. Work with our partners to deliver seamlessly integrated SoundCloud experiences. Collaborate with peer product managers and teams. Use data-driven approaches to determine areas of improvement, taking into considering implementation time, performance yield and other trade-offs. What are you going to need to even get in the door? First, you need that bachelor’s degree or higher education in a relevant field (computer science, information management, physics, maths…). 5+ years of product management and/or engineering experience, experience with agile methodology and distributed teams. You have a deep understanding of the…

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No more baby steps, Golfmiles needs Growth Hacker Chicago with a long swing

No more baby steps, Golfmiles in Chicago is in need of a Growth Hacker with a long swing

They are looking for a Senior Growth Hacker Chicago with experience leading a small team from Zero to 500,000 customers in 24 months. They don’t even have a functioning website yet, but if the CEO isn’t trying to fire you on day one, you don’t have what it takes. You’ll be tasked with developing and executing “growth hacks” (both short and long term) to help drive new visitors to their site and converting them to long term customers. You’ll have a proven track record in user acquisition leveraging free or low cost channels and be obsessed with gathering relevant data to help grow our customer base.  In a perfect world you’ll also have experience in competitive intelligence gathering in the loyalty/golf industry. The overall goal is to do whatever has to be done to generate maximum user acquisition. Apply Here So who is the ideal Growth Hacker? They want you to invent new ways of marketing Golfmiles to drive new customers. You’ll be developing and executing growth hacking marketing strategy to drive new trial user acquisitions. Ability to analyze key funnel metrics: understand what is working and not working and be able to easily and clearly demonstrate best opportunity for ROI. Study market opportunities and key trends in order…

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Summer done and Kitchensurfing needs a New Product Manager New York

Summer is over and New York’s Kitchensurfing needs a New Product Manager

Ocean surfing is for amateurs, try being the Product Manager New York for Kitchensurfing.  Kitchensurfing is a global marketplace for people who love food. They are re-defining the dining experience by directly connecting chefs to diners, and in the process creating a more intimate and rewarding experience for everyone around the table. Your job is to define the right product, deeply understand our customers and chefs, and then to work to combine what is possible with what is desirable; to create products that solve real problems. You’ll be managing project complexity and interdependencies in an organized and structured way. You are eager to be the glue between other teams, doing what it takes to make great products. Exceptional product sense and understanding of product ecosystems. Apply Here So who is the ideal Kitchensurfing Product Manager? You have a BA/BS or MS degree in Computer Science or related engineering experience and/or a BA/MA business degree and can communicate effectively with engineers about product details and technical options. Understand the target market, identify opportunities for new products, and address needs. Integrate usability studies, research, and market analysis into product requirements to enhance user satisfaction. Drive product development with a team of world-class engineers…

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eBay Inc. in New York need a high speed, low drag, Senior Solutions Architect

eBay Inc. in New York need a high speed, low drag, Senior Solutions Architect

The eBay Inc. Marketing Analytics Engineering team in New York is currently seeking a Senior Solutions Architect. eBay Enterprise, formerly known as GSI Commerce, is a leading provider of commerce technologies, omni-channel operations and marketing solutions. GSI Commerce has been driving and evolving the world of commerce since the early days of retailing on the web. Their integrated demand generation technology, which includes unique media and data assets supported by their services team, provides an unparalleled depth of consumer insight with the ability to execute innovative, result-driven programs. The Senior Solutions Architect is a well-seasoned enterprise level implementation architect with mastery in all aspects the software development life cycle as well as the client journey. This seasoned individual will be responsible for supporting presales, sales, contracting, estimation, design, and delivery, as well as tier 3 support for various platform aspects Apply Here So who is the ideal Senior Solutions Architect? Prepare your mind for the onslaught of requirements. You’ll Recruit/Train/Manage/Mentor team of up to 5 Solutions Engineers. Perform role as SME on all marketing Attribution implementation projects. Provide estimates for new marketing technology integration/implementation projects. Be able to provide strong technical guidance on 3rd Party marketing platforms: Search, Display, Affiliate,…

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