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Thursday, December 22, 2016

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In 2012, for the first time ever, businesses spent more money on online advertising than print advertising. This is a momentous shift for the advertising industry, and there is no sign of turning back. The break-neck pace of technology today demands flexible, knowledgeable individuals who can think on their toes and make informed business decisions. Media Jobs are in high demand by companies who want to stay in the game. With us you can find a job to match your expertise and start a new, exciting career today. Our media jobs search is your portal to the latest and greatest opportunities opening up near you. Subscribe to our Media Jobs Market Update to receive daily emails with the most recent positions matching your search. With millions of jobs to choose from, our search engine will help you find the right job. Whether you are interested in Technology, Advertising, Ecommerce, Online Advertising, Social Media, Mobile or any other jobs in the media industries use MediaJobs.com to stay on top of recent developments. We’re available through all your favorite social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS. Stay in the loop with our constant coverage, when and wherever you want it.

Social Media Manager NY – Are you the social media advertising expert for TheLadders?

Social Media Manager NY - Are you the social media advertising expert for TheLadders?

TheLadders is looking for a Social Media Manager in New York City who will lead the development of their vision and execution of social media acquisition strategies for key target audiences. With over 6 million members, TheLadders is the premier mobile career network, committed to finding the right person for the right job since 2003. The Social Media Manager will leverage all social media sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition.  Are you fully entrenched in the current social media landscape and understand the fine line of managing a professional, but effective social media presence? Have you cracked the code driving profitable customer acquisitions via social media? Do you enjoy mobile advertising and app install marketing? Can you analyze metrics/data, segment and report it in a logical fashion to stakeholders? As the Social Media Manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing their social media strategy (engagement and acquisition), bringing ideas to the table, and making things unique and fun! They are a dynamic, fast-paced, high-growth internet company that rewards meritorious performance. Apply Here   So what are the ideal skills and abilities as the Social Media Manager for TheLadders? Drive brand awareness and customer acquisition with social media and mobile…

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Social Media Strategist – New York location for MMGY Global

Social Media Strategist – New York location for MMGY Global

MMGY Global has a position available for Social Media Strategist in their New York office. Working directly with the client and social media managers, this person will develop strategic social media marketing plans, manage social media advertising and assist in executing social media campaigns. This includes taking a social media project from concept through completion, on schedule, on budget and meeting or exceeding the expectations of the client. MMGY clients include high-end luxury resorts, hotels, casinos and tourism destinations. The Social Media Strategist will also be responsible for proposing social media initiatives, pitching social media opportunities and acting as point of contact for clients. Candidates should be seasoned presenters, who know how to “own” a room. Apply Here So who is the ideal candidate for the Social Media Strategist at MMGY? This is what you’ll be doing most of the time. Working with project team and client(s) to determine and communicate social media strategies, information architecture and application design. Participating to create detailed, accurate proposals, project descriptions, schedules and estimates. Understand and follow the established project development process. Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Getting to know the client’s business issues as well as the client’s individual needs and develops solutions…

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Growth Hacker- Airenvy in San Francisco needs a Head of Marketing

Growth Hacker- Airenvy in San Francisco needs a Head of Marketing

Airenvy in San Francisco is hiring a Growth Hacker & Head of Marketing that must hustle and implement unique organic growth tactics. Overall this will require a hacker/scrappy mentality in addition to help manage conventional advertising channels. You must like to get things done, and believe that quick iterations lead to a faster best result. You’ll be tasked with developing and executing “growth hacks” (both short and long term) to help drive new users to their service and retain them.  Someone to act with speed yet detail-oriented and results focused. They want you to dive right into marketing experiments. Apply Here So what are the ideal skills & requirements necessary for Airenvy? The rundown of things you must be awesome at is, managing all growth hacking experiments to formulate and test hypotheses. Invent revenue & user growth opportunities with analysis, experimentation and prototyping. Optimize every step of the customer journey from awareness to purchase. Work with the product manager & 3rd parties to devise and run A/B and usability tests across the website, eCRM campaigns, advertising and marketing campaigns. Developing messaging and creative that resonates with target customer audience. Let’s not forget contribute to development and implementation of SEO &…

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You’ve got to be out of your mind to pass up a position for OutBrain’s Senior Product Manager New York

You’ve got to be out of your mind to pass up a position for OutBrain’s Senior Product Manager New York

They’re looking for an experienced Sr. Product Manager to join the growing NYC-based product team and lead their editorial product suite. You’ll collaborate with internal marketing & account management teams and an enthusiastic group of designers and developers in an agile environment to deliver an innovative platform for the world’s largest publishers.This is a full-cycle product role, and you’ll be responsible for a globally expanding product – focusing on providing a great user experience, developing features and functionality that drive adoption, finding solutions for user education and support. Apply Here So who is the Ideal Senior Product Manager? The day-to-day Senior Product Manager job will involve owning the strategy and product roadmap for the editorial suite, while executing on the development and communication of new capabilities. Continuously plan and execute on a product roadmap. Create short product specifications, user stories (we are not big fans of PRDs and MRDs) and wireframes. Oversee implementation by the engineering groups through launch. Data-Driven Development: Study and analyze product metrics at a large scale to determine opportunities for optimization and improved product performance.  Be able to effectively communicate with local and remote teams Here are the things that will make squeeking in a little…

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Growth Hacker – Via is hiring for its NYC team.

Growth Hacker - Via is hiring for its NYC team.

Via is hiring a Growth Hacker to join its NYC team. Via is a better way to get around NYC. It’s a transportation sweetspot, using cutting-edge technology to deliver the things you really care about: comfort, speed, and low cost. As Growth Hacker, you’ll rigorously develop and implement strategies for efficient customer acquisition and retention while building an unforgettable brand. Apply Here So who is the ideal Growth Hacker for Via? Are you Obsessed with data, you better be! Analytical and rigorous, with a thorough understanding of key customer acquisition metrics and statistics. Experienced with Facebook and Google campaigns and SEO. Extraordinary communicator with demonstrated writing and editing skills. Having a significant amount of experience in a similar role, ideally at a start-up is a super good quality. Graduate-level research experience is an advantage, of course. So this is what Via wants to see on the playing field. Using a data-driven approach – identify, execute, and optimize digital and offline marketing campaigns to efficiently acquire new customers. Collaborate with their product team to optimize virality and conversions. Quantitatively test hypotheses about customer behavior using large proprietary data sets; leverage results to increase conversion and retention at every touch point. Initiate…

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