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Welcome to Media Jobs: Marketing – How to Get a Media Job

At MediaJobs.com, we know that finding a great job can be a frustrating and seemingly endless process. That’s why we’ve collected cutting edge, effective and accurate information that will show you how to find a job, so you can get started immediately. We’ve got articles and resources about how to find a job with social media, how to find a job fast, or how to find a job online. This is information from media job seeking professionals and hiring experts which will teach you how to find a job you love without the exasperating search and dead-end roads typical of a dream job search. MediaJobs.com covers how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to connect you to the industry professionals that can help you find the optimum job. Embracing the latest technological advancements in social media marketing will help you update your resume with infographics and video files, so you can show a prospective media job employer that you’re ready to tackle the modern world. Finally, tapping into the most current information on the largest and the most up and coming companies and people, MediaJobs.com will keep you informed about the most recent career openings either before they become available or just as they do . Keep reading for in-depth articles and information that will give you an edge in your job search. Get your Career Intelligence at MediaJobs.com.

Make Yourself the Most Valuable Candidate: Building your Reputation on LinkedIn

If you’re on a serious job hunt, it’s crucial that you’re using LinkedIn’s numerous tools to grow your reputation – particularly if you’re on the lookout for technology or media jobs. Using the groups function is a great way of developing and increasing your network, while LinkedIn Answers can help position you as an expert in your field and show that when it comes to your sector, you really know your stuff. Using Groups to Boost Your Profile Perhaps the simplest and most effective way of giving your reputation and profile a boost is by using the Groups function. There are over a million groups on LinkedIn and these range in type from groups representing business sectors, personal interests, job-related groups, College and University groups, groups that represent trade organisations and groups dedicated to new business. Those members using a free LinkedIn account can join up to 50 groups and in doing so are able to interact with other members as if they were first degree connections. There’s no need for a recommendation or to send an unsolicited InMail. By joining the group LinkedIn recognises that you share common interests and therefore allows you to make contact directly. This function…

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Taking Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level

Without doubt, LinkedIn is the most popular social networking tool for businesspeople, but is your profile working as hard as it could be? We all know that getting a great profile in place is crucial, but there are a range of tools you can use to really enhance your presence. Making Your Profile Work for You By claiming your vanity URL you can instantly add a more professional feel to your LinkedIn profile. This can also be optimized to drive more traffic to your profile. You can also add a profile badge to your personal websites and blogs so visitors can click straight through to your LinkedIn profile and it’s well worth making your anchor text more appealing so you get more clicks through to your websites. Ensure your profile is sprinkled liberally with keywords. By making the copy in your profile keyword rich, you can make sure you come up in the search results whenever someone’s looking for a new employee or an expert. You can also create a company profile too, if it’s appropriate. By creating a business profile you have the opportunity to create not one, but two networks and you can cross-pollenate – gathering opportunities from…

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If You’re a Jobseeker Is LinkedIn Premium Worth Your Money?

If you’re on the lookout for a new job, is LinkedIn Premium a worthy investment, or should it be left to the recruiters and cold callers? We all know that if you’re looking for media or technology jobs – in fact any jobs – then LinkedIn is the place to be, and its premium service claims to offer both ready access to potential employers that may be outside of your network, and the ability to contact people direct using the InMail function. But is upgrading to the Premium version a wise investment? Chances are if you’re looking for a new job then you’re probably strapped for cash so every penny you spend on your search has to work hard for you. Let’s have a look at the stats: In the first quarter of 2012 LinkedIn posted revenue of around $188 million. This means turnover’s grown 101 per cent year-on-year and in that same quarter it grew its membership by a cool 15 million. The company is rapidly approaching revenue of $1 billion and is enjoying a conservative growth rate of about 70 per cent. In that stellar first quarter of 2012 it revealed Premium account revenues of $37.9 million –…

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Searching for a Job? Have You Got Your Online Reputation in Order?

As the saying goes, most people conduct a Google search before they ‘hire it, try it, buy it or date it’. If the saying’s true, then making sure your house is in order online would be wise before you embark on a search for media jobs. Over 85 per cent of recruiters admit to conducting a search online when sifting through job applicants, and while they would never admit it, it’s a pretty safe bet that many applicants have been rejected at the long-listing stage purely because of what was found out about them online. It’s no longer resumes and references you need to worry about during a job search and while you may have an abundance of letters giving you a glowing endorsement, one less-than-favourable piece of content revealed during a simple Google search and it could be game over. For example, while a search may uncover a positive piece of news or two, it might also dredge up a bankruptcy from 10 years ago, pictures from a drunken night out or even information on a sticky divorce. One female employee who was offered a large redundancy package revealed her delight on Facebook and was promptly sacked while another…

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Web 3.0 – What it Means for Your Job Search

Imagine world where your tablet, smartphone or computer takes the hard work out of a job search. The advent of the semantic web could take the headaches out of the job hunt once and for all. Recruitment represents the lion’s share of Internet traffic, and while people are increasingly savvy when tapping into online opportunities – those looking for technology and media jobs are already harnessing the power of the social web to connect with recruiters and raise their profile with the people in the know, but as we hurtle towards a more ‘intelligent’, adaptive web how will this affect how we find our next role? What Does Web 2.0 Look Like? Those already using Web 2.0 are using the power of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, as well as blogs, to maximise their employment and networking opportunities and to develop and promote their brand. Web 2.0 allows people to connect and share, it allows them to post content and shape their space. The current web mean job hunters can connect with recruiters, approach employees of companies they would like to work for, put themselves in front of business leaders and conduct thorough and timely company…

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