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Welcome to Media Jobs: Marketing – How to Get a Media Job

At MediaJobs.com, we know that finding a great job can be a frustrating and seemingly endless process. That’s why we’ve collected cutting edge, effective and accurate information that will show you how to find a job, so you can get started immediately. We’ve got articles and resources about how to find a job with social media, how to find a job fast, or how to find a job online. This is information from media job seeking professionals and hiring experts which will teach you how to find a job you love without the exasperating search and dead-end roads typical of a dream job search. MediaJobs.com covers how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to connect you to the industry professionals that can help you find the optimum job. Embracing the latest technological advancements in social media marketing will help you update your resume with infographics and video files, so you can show a prospective media job employer that you’re ready to tackle the modern world. Finally, tapping into the most current information on the largest and the most up and coming companies and people, MediaJobs.com will keep you informed about the most recent career openings either before they become available or just as they do . Keep reading for in-depth articles and information that will give you an edge in your job search. Get your Career Intelligence at MediaJobs.com.

What are the five Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs in New York?

When hiring one of the highest paid marketing agents in the country, what two key skills do HR hiring managers look for? One thing recruiters look at is skills. Mike Steinerd, Director of Recruiting at Indeed, says soft skills are most meaningful for hiring companies. These marketing companies want applicants who inspire trust. Companies need successful professionals to fill marketing jobs. New York is one of the best City’s for marketing jobs. For marketing pros who do not have a job, employers in the Big Apple are looking to fill more than 150 jobs in marketing, though not all those many be advertising positions. Advertisers who are incorporating big data into their advertising campaigns stand to gain more in 2015, as the research firm, IDC, says the big data market has grown from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $16.9 billion by the end of this year. In 2016, the field of big data is expected to grow to $23.4 billion, according to a 2010 IDC prediction. Top research marketing jobs could require a master’s degree. Why some CMOs and millennials looking for marketing jobs do not like titles in New York “I wonder if in five to 10 years whether…

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MentAd knows who your customers are with intense Audience Modelling.

MentAd knows who your customers are with intense Audience Modelling.

Audience modelling has become more granular and Palo Alto (jobs in Palo Alto), California-based MentAd announced recently it has raised $4.7 million. Their approach to this Predictive analytics funding is “your next customer will be similar to the last,” for finding would-be customers or bringing back former ones. Daniel Romano founder and C0-CEO of the company states they have ways of identifying the kind of advertising that will appeal to new or existing customers. Romano states by using mass analysis (jobs in analysis) and segmentation of historical customer data, by creating thousands of customer segments, making “tiny lookalike models for each of these segments, and then predicting the ROI [return-on-investment] of an ad campaign targeting each of these lookalike models on the different advertising channels.” MentAd collects first party brand data about existing customers to find new ones, then matches the basic data with public profiles and third party data, to build a richer customer profile. The platform figures out the longevity of the customer to the brand and whether targeting ad campaigns to that specific user is worth it. The determined winners will be selected and the campaigns get sent to distribution platforms connected to MentAd’s API. The company sees its…

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Volta is making Money and Saving the World.

Volta is making Money and Saving the World.

If new technology excites you then you’re not alone Scott Mercer and Michael Menendez have thought about what thrills them and it turns out that EV and marketing is what gets their blood pumping. These two had founded San Francisco-based Volta Industries back in 2010. Volta is reimagining the way groups think about social issues. The company started by testing their vision in Honolulu by offering free electric car charging services, it just turns out that Hawaii has the highest per capita population of electric car drivers in the United States. The mission of Volta (jobs at Volta) is use the EV infrastructure to get people motivated to move in a direction that will have a new social impact. The two co-founders were able to convince local brands to fund the project in return for advertising. The idea is that companies which have a vested interest in local communities and the environment will support them by funding free electric car charging. Volta believes everyone has an outlet for taking action to make the community better. Believe it or not, this program has had a tremendous impact. The first tests were in prominent shopping malls in Honolulu. Volta plans on repeating…

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Vice President Marketing Jobs In New York

marketing jobs in new york

What does the Vice President Marketing do? If you can think of any aspect of marketing, the vice president has a say in it. The Vice President Marketing organizes marketing plans at a company, injecting themselves into the entire process. They might initially contact market researchers and analysts to determine what products are in demand, work with product designers to meet that demand, and brainstorm advertising campaigns with marketing specialists. Location and Opportunity According to Indeed.com, companies across the country are looking to hire a vice president of marketing. Some of the top-hiring companies are located in areas, such as: New York, NY San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA Boston, MA These Vice President Marketing is the primary modes of communication between lower-level marketing managers and high-level corporate executives, managing various departments through the marketing process. They measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and report what methods work or what methods need adjustment. As the vice president of the marketing department, this executive is held responsible for a marketing initiative’s success or failure. Given the high degree of responsibility they’re assigned, they work with multiple managers and directors who help them implement their ideas. Some professionals they work…

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The 5 Highest Paying Marketing Positions in Los Angeles

5 highest paying marketing positions in los angeles

Although marketing positions are available throughout the country, marketing positions in Los Angeles, California, are typically in highest demand. For that reason, salaries are generally higher compared to other large metropolitan cities. According the government Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2013, Marketing Manager Positions were the 16th highest paying job in Los Angeles at $138,020. Without question, marketing offers tremendous opportunities, as well as job stability. Not only is marketing at the heart of all businesses, regardless of size or industry, it plays a vital role in a company’s success. While there are many different marketing positions to consider in Los Angeles, the overall responsibility involves identifying, anticipating, and satisfying the client’s requirement from a position of profitability. Best Companies for Marketing Positions According to Forbes Magazine, some of the top paying companies for Marketing Professionals are located in California. Topping the list is Culver City based technology security firm Symantec where the average base salary for marketing professionals is $153,860. The tech industry is well represented with top marketing comp plans at Intuit and Salesforce.com where each provide marketing professionals with average base salaries well above the $100,000 mark. By understanding the client, you will add value in the way…

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