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The days of physical shopping and large-scale mega stores is now challenged by the new shopping paradigm, Ecommerce. Over $194 Billion dollars was spent In 2011 online through Ecommerce which represents a fast growing percentage of the buying and selling that takes place throughout the world. Media Jobs in Ecommerce are growing exponentially. Professionals who are looking for an ecommerce job or information on the latest ecommerce jobs can use MediaJobs.com to find the latest, most accurate information. Landing a great ecommerce job is possible, and it’s easier to make the connections with people, companies and products that will steer you toward the perfect e commerce job when you use the resources at Mediajobs.com. Here, you can find information on the biggest ecommerce companies and websites in the world. Multibillion dollar Ecommerce driven corporations include Amazon.com, Staples, Apple, Walmart, Dell, Office Depot, Sears Holdings, Netflix, Best Buy, QVC, Home Shopping Network, Macy’s, Sony, Victoria’s Secret Direct, and J.C. Penney Company and invest millions in ecommerce platforms each year. MediaJobs.com has information on the top companies, people, products and jobs within these growing ecommerce fields. We’ve also collected information about the up and coming ecommerce opportunities with companies such as Systemax, Overstock, Amway, Redcats USA, Vistaprint, Buy.com, and many more. The articles below contain information that will help you in your ecommerce job search. You can also click here or use our search box to find information about a specific ecommerce company.

Bark & Co Tech Business Driven by the Dogs

Bark & Co acquired $15 million in Series B funding and is showing the world just how powerful dogs can be in the tech world. Driven largely by the success of the company’s BarkBox, a subscription service which delivers dog treats to the homes of members, Bark & Co. has been cash-flow positive since the fourth quarter of 2013. An inside round consisting of Vast Ventures, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Slow Ventures, Daher Capital, CAA, Lerer Ventures, RRE, BoxGroup and Resolute.vc raised   $10 million for the dog-driven company, while another five was financed from City National Bank. Attracting Pet Owners The Barkbox  business model is built around e-commerce and online subscription plans, offering users a box of dog treats and toys each month whose contents are dependent upon the size of the dog and the subscription tier of the user. Subscriber retention is well over 90%, and 75% of users will commit to a longer-term plan after joining. Bark & Co. is also uniquely placed to cash in on rising fears among pet owners of dog treats sourced from Chinese manufacturers, as highly-publicized pet deaths attributed to Chinese treats gain more media attention. BarkBox treats and chews are sourced from areas…

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New York ecommerce startup Casper shipping its comfy mattresses

New York ecommerce startup Casper shipping its comfy mattresses

Casper, the New York e-commerce startup specializing in uniquely engineered “super premium” mattresses, has started shipping its product just two months after banking $1.6 million in seed funding. And any e-commerce analysts out there who think that buying a mattress online sounds weird (how do you know if it’s comfy?) will need to think again: early sales have been going “phenomenally well”, according to Casper’s co-founder and CEO Phillip Krim. A mattress in a box  Actually, e-commerce analysts that read about Casper’s seed funding in February may have had their curiosity stirred and frustrated at one and the same time. At that point, the company was keeping its product under a veil; save to say that it had been specially engineered from top quality materials yet would have a very affordable price tag. Now that it’s been launched, however, the cat is out of the bag. Or rather, the mattress is out of the box. Literally. Mattresses are shipped after being compressed into a box that’s no bigger than a set of golf clubs, making Casper the first mattress company capable of sending its product to customers via bike messenger. But, business-savvy e-commerce analysts take note: it’s not just the…

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Multiple retailers, one point of purchase: 72Lux launches Shoppable

NY startup 72Lux has just launched Shoppable, new online marketplace that lets people make purchases from multiple retailers in one place. The evolution of a shopping idea Canny ecommerce analysts who’ve followed the ecommerce platform from the beginning will be aware of its evolution. Founded in 2011 by its now-CEO Heather Marie, 72Lux began life as a universal checkout service that allowed digital publishers to sell products directly from their own website, removing the need for customers to navigate their way to the retailer’s site. The publisher gets a commission for any sales from its own site, while the retailer gets to market their products on the publisher’s websites. This was “Shoppable for Merchants”. This month, Ms. Marie has developed the scheme further with “Shoppable for Consumers” which allows visitors to save items they’ve seen during their online browsing on a wish list if they don’t want to make an immediate purchase. And there’s rather a lot of browsing to be done: Shoppable.co features almost 3 million items from the retailers 72Lux partners with, ranging from gadgets to beauty products. Distinctive features On visiting the Shoppable site, our perspicuous ecommerce analyst will notice that there’s another new development: whereas previously,…

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Walker & Co’s Bevel shave system bags $7 million

New York entrepreneur Tristan Walker has just announced a princely $7 million Series A investment for his ecommerce firm, Walker & Co. The twenty-nine year-old former Foursquare business development lead and Andreessen Horowitz entrepreneur-in-residence launched his personal care products firm Walker & Co last year. Intrigued ecommerce managers who know how crowded this space is may be wondering how Mr. Walker persuaded Andreessen Horowitz (who led the round) to invest in his project, which has so far focused on marketing a single core product. An uphill struggle that paid off  The product is Bevel, a shaving system uniquely designed to prevent the skin irritation frequently experienced by African-American men with coarse, curly facial hair. The high-end, single-blade Bevel razor prevents the irritating skin bumps men of color suffer from when using multi-blade razors (the latter tug at hair follicles, cutting them beneath the skin, whereupon newly growing hair tends to re-enter pores and become ingrown). The Bevel system also includes shaving creams and salves, plus a stylishly-designed shaving brush. Walker had something of an uphill task ahead of him: an astute ecommerce analyst could probably predict that mainly white investors would have little familiarity with this type of skin irritation,…

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MakeSpace, New York’s ‘DropBox for physical stuff’ goes nationwide

Every ecommerce manager working in New York will remember Hurricane Sandy 18 months ago; but sometimes, out of havoc and destruction, a brilliant new idea emerges – and New York’s “DropBox for physical stuff”, MakeSpace, certainly belongs in this category. Brain storm  The idea was hatched just after the storm: two friends, Mark Suster and Sam Rosen, met for a morning coffee, gazing out the window at a city that still, in parts, hadn’t yet had the power restored. Rosen told Suster that he’d lost a lot of stuff during the hurricane, and was now trying to source some storage solutions but was finding the experience terrible. As the two began thinking about better solutions for storage, Rosen played with the notion of picking up stuff for people from their apartments and taking it to storage for them while saving them money by having the storage facility offsite. As the two riffed the idea, they thought (in Suster’s words): “That’s interesting. But what would truly be amazing is if you could build ‘DropBox for your physical stuff’.” As Suster puts it: “We both loved the idea and within weeks he [Rosen] was moved to LA and worked out of our…

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