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The days of physical shopping and large-scale mega stores is now challenged by the new shopping paradigm, Ecommerce. Over $194 Billion dollars was spent In 2011 online through Ecommerce which represents a fast growing percentage of the buying and selling that takes place throughout the world. Media Jobs in Ecommerce are growing exponentially. Professionals who are looking for an ecommerce job or information on the latest ecommerce jobs can use MediaJobs.com to find the latest, most accurate information. Landing a great ecommerce job is possible, and it’s easier to make the connections with people, companies and products that will steer you toward the perfect e commerce job when you use the resources at Mediajobs.com. Here, you can find information on the biggest ecommerce companies and websites in the world. Multibillion dollar Ecommerce driven corporations include Amazon.com, Staples, Apple, Walmart, Dell, Office Depot, Sears Holdings, Netflix, Best Buy, QVC, Home Shopping Network, Macy’s, Sony, Victoria’s Secret Direct, and J.C. Penney Company and invest millions in ecommerce platforms each year. MediaJobs.com has information on the top companies, people, products and jobs within these growing ecommerce fields. We’ve also collected information about the up and coming ecommerce opportunities with companies such as Systemax, Overstock, Amway, Redcats USA, Vistaprint, Buy.com, and many more. The articles below contain information that will help you in your ecommerce job search. You can also click here or use our search box to find information about a specific ecommerce company.

Customers stay keen as startup offers analytics alternative

E-commerce managers looking for extra insight into their websites’ performance may be interested to learn of recent developments at Keen IO. Having scooped a creditable $2.35 million in funding, the company is now offering customers a toolkit that enables reporting through building customized analytics products. In essence it works like this: Keen IO’s application programming interface (API) provides a range of functions that help developers refine and profile all the disparate information that’s flying round at the backend. Customers can source, store and visualize it in any way they want, which should mean that companies have a degree of extra flexibility that’s difficult to attain with out-of-the-box solutions. If his recent remark that you “can’t rely on out-of-the-box parts for everything” is anything to go by, co-founder and CEO Kyle Wild obviously thinks so. He went on to outline exactly why: “One of my favorite examples is a smartwatch. Nobody is going to make an out-of-the-box smartwatch analytics product, it’s just too fragmented.” Very creditable, but e-commerce analysts with their fingers on the pulse will be wondering exactly how much time and money this approach can save their organization. The answer, according to Wild, is that many customers check in…

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INTERVIEW: $100 Billion Market, 30% Growth Per Year, Nets Over $10 Million in Sales in Less than Two Years

$100 Billion Market, 30% Growth Per Year, Nets Over $10 Million in Sales in Less than Two Years

How many unused gift cards to you have right now?  The next time might be sooner than you think.   In a market where players are disappearing regularly George Bousis has built a substantial defensible business in the resale of gift cards. How do you create a barrier to entry in the gift card resale business?    In this interview George tells Roy exactly how he has created a technology barrier that is far superior to anything ever done before in this space.  The business is growing so fast that he is hiring 3 or 4 new people every week.  Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Raise.com is a company to watch. You can listen to or read the interview below:       Roy:    My name is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com. Today, we’re speaking with George Bousis, who’s the founder and CEO of Raise.com. Sixty-three million in gift cards go unredeemed every day. Raise is an online marketplace where users can sell unwanted gift cards to each other, turning waste into real value. Hello George, how are you doing today? George: Doing well, Roy. Thank you for having me. Roy:  George, we appreciate your spending the time. How did you get into this business?…

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Wedding registry ecommerce startup Zola offers couples more choice and more personalization

Every now and then, the seasoned ecommerce manager comes across a startup idea that makes them say, “I wish I’d thought of that.” And Zola, the new e-commerce wedding registry based in New York and launched this month, is an idea that falls into just that category. Founded jointly by veteran entrepreneur Kevin Ryan (who also co-founded BusinessInsider, 10gen and Gilt Groupe), Nobu Nakaguchi and Shan-Lyn Ma, Zola offers couples who are engaged to be married a broad range of items from different retailers and brands. If you’re an ecommerce manager and you’re thinking, “So, what?”, think on: most couples wanting to build a wedding registry use a single retailer’s website, which means they’re limited to the items sold by that retailer. Multiple options, single checkout  Instead, Zola has built direct relationships with a raft of other brands and retailers to multiply the choices available. And it also lets couples register for non-traditional gifts, like experiences (e.g., farmer’s market delivery services or private chef dinners) and for cash funds – all via one online checkout. Shan-Lyn Ma, now Zola’s CEO, said: “We built this with today’s couples in mind. There are a lot of offline behaviors that aren’t being solved…

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INTERVIEW: Seeing Clearly in an $18 Billion Market Puts Coastal in the Lead

Seeing Clearly in an $18 Billion Market Puts Coastal in the Lead

At Mediajobs.com we pride ourselves in making your job search easier by finding the great companies first and we are excited about this interview with Roger Hardy, founder and CEO of Coastal.com, the first company to sell prescription eyewear online. As a $200 million dollar public company, with over 10 years experience, in an $18 billion plus market, Coastal is well positioned for significant growth.  According to the National Eye Institute, 64% of people wear glasses in the US which represents over 200 million people. Listen as Roger explains why the Wal-Mart, Costco, Pearl Visions and more will become far less dominant in this huge market. You can listen to or read the interview below:         Roy:   My name is Roy Weissman from MediaJobs.com. Today we’re speaking with Roger Hardy, the founder and CEO of Vancouver-based Coastal.com. Coastal is the leader in disrupting the established eye work plateau, which blows away the pack with outstanding service. “A better way to buy for perfect vision.” Welcome Roger, how are you today? Roger:     Doing great, thank you Roy. Roy:   I appreciate you taking the time to talk about Coastal.com. It’s interesting because we’ve all heard about,  I live in New…

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New York ecommerce startup Birchbox is literally heading for the clouds

Manhattan startup Birchbox has proven in its first two years of existence that a subscription-based e-commerce model can really work. And now, innovation-seeking e-commerce analysts will be interested to hear, it’s taking to the clouds. Literally. Subscription to beauty discovery  The idea behind the company came from two Harvard Business School classmates, co-founders Katie Beauchamp and Hayley Barna, who launched Birchbox in 2011 and are now also its co-CEOs. Basically, for a monthly fee of $10, the startup supplies women with an attractively-designed pink box filled with sample-sized accessories and cosmetics. Just so that men don’t miss out, there’s a subscription service for them too, although their box of samples doesn’t come in pink. But it does contain manly products like hair pomades, travel-sized bottles of plant face oil and eye creams. As Ms. Beauchamp explains: “The way it works is you sign up give us your profile information like who you are what you look like what your preferences are and then you receive a surprise box of samples once a month. It’s tailored for you and then we send you info to learn how to use products and when you find something you love—you can buy it at…

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