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The days of physical shopping and large-scale mega stores is now challenged by the new shopping paradigm, Ecommerce. Over $194 Billion dollars was spent In 2011 online through Ecommerce which represents a fast growing percentage of the buying and selling that takes place throughout the world. Media Jobs in Ecommerce are growing exponentially. Professionals who are looking for an ecommerce job or information on the latest ecommerce jobs can use MediaJobs.com to find the latest, most accurate information. Landing a great ecommerce job is possible, and it’s easier to make the connections with people, companies and products that will steer you toward the perfect e commerce job when you use the resources at Mediajobs.com. Here, you can find information on the biggest ecommerce companies and websites in the world. Multibillion dollar Ecommerce driven corporations include Amazon.com, Staples, Apple, Walmart, Dell, Office Depot, Sears Holdings, Netflix, Best Buy, QVC, Home Shopping Network, Macy’s, Sony, Victoria’s Secret Direct, and J.C. Penney Company and invest millions in ecommerce platforms each year. MediaJobs.com has information on the top companies, people, products and jobs within these growing ecommerce fields. We’ve also collected information about the up and coming ecommerce opportunities with companies such as Systemax, Overstock, Amway, Redcats USA, Vistaprint, Buy.com, and many more. The articles below contain information that will help you in your ecommerce job search. You can also click here or use our search box to find information about a specific ecommerce company.

New York welcomes new resident ecommerce fraud prevention startup Trustev to open Big Apple office in Q1 2014

E-commerce managers in New York are set to have a new and welcome resident during Q1 2014 when the Irish e-commerce fraud prevention firm Trustev opens a new office there. The move is thanks to a second round of seed funding for the fledgling firm totaling $500,000. The latest investment comes on top of a $3million seed round which the startup bagged in October last year, bringing its total funding to a handsome $3.8 million (it raised $300,000 in angel investment back in February). Tackling fraud effectively  But intrepid e-commerce managers will want to know a little more about why this Cork-based newbie is attracting such hefty funding. Blame the spectacular rise in ecommerce: global ecommerce sales topped $1 trillion in 2012 and did even better ($1.3 trillion) in 2013. But with spectacular success has come a dark side: you don’t have to be a seasoned e-commerce manager to know that the industry has had to do battle with the ever-present threat of fraud. Fraud, says the company’s founder and CEO Pat Phelan, is a $20 billion-a-year problem and it’s growing at twice the rate of the legitimate e-commerce market. And the industry’s standard approach – human vetting – simply…

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Introducing FlyCleaners: the New York startup that picks up your laundry and cleans it

Seasoned ecommerce analysts may be aware of several ecommerce startups claiming to be “Über laundry services”. But while New York-based startup FlyCleaners might not be the only laundry pick-up service of its kind, it may be the most flexible and user friendly. And it’s just bagged $2 million in seed funding, which suggests that investors think so too. Putting the customer first Currently only available in North Brooklyn, FlyCleaners was founded earlier this year by Seth Berkowitz and David Salama. Asked by TechCrunch journalist Antony Ha recently about what makes it stand out from the crowd, Salama said: “More than anyone else, we started with the question of what would be the ideal customer experience and then filled in the rest of the details from there. We didn’t want to provide just a satisfactory experience that happened to be a little more convenient. We aim to “wow” each customer with all elements of our service. “This lead us to focus on a handful of key features, including true on-demand service, simplicity, transparency, extended hours, and most importantly, competitive prices and superior customer service.” Any skeptical e-commerce analysts may feel a little more convinced by Ha’s own personal testimony. He gave…

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A new app for a new ecommerce idea: meet Bib +Tuck

New York-based fashion ecommerce startup Bib + Tuck has just launched its first app, shortly after a $600,000 seed funding injection. Ecommerce analysts interested in up-and-coming ideas might do well to listen to this rising company’s story. Bridging fast with luxury Founded in November 2012 by fellow New Yorkers Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz (who are happy to be called “Sari A.” and “Sari B.”), Bib + Tuck’s mission is to bridge the gulf between those who opt for “fast fashion” outlets like Threadflip and those who prefer higher-end luxury outlets. Both Saris are self-confessed “shopaholics” who built Bib + Tuck because it answered their own fashion needs: as young professionals, they didn’t have a big budget to purchase the items they most desired. Vogue highlighted the start-up in 2011 as something to watch – and most ecommerce analysts would probably agree that it was right. Beginning as an “invite only” community, Bib + Tuck open its virtual doors to the public this summer. And now the app: the two Saris are clear that they were always aiming for an Instagram-type feel for it, with a shoppable aspect thrown in. The app lets users add product information and image filters,…

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New York-based ecommerce startup Mouth offers delicious indie foods from across the US

Savvy ecommerce analysts will be aware that most online food vendors these days believe that, if you want to succeed, you need to do one or both of two things: offer deliveries within one day and function as a marketplace for sales without holding food inventory (like Food-Hun and Goldbely). But one fast-rising New York ecommerce business is bucking both trends – and it’s just bagged $1.5 million in Series A funding. The art of food  Brooklyn-based Mouth Foods, Inc., which was founded in 2010, specializes in online sales of “indie food” – artisan, small batch, organic, gluten-free, hand-made specialty foods. As its CEO and founder, Craig Kanarick (who also co-founded Razorfish) explains, Mouth offers foods “made by people not corporations, and typically involve a recipe.” He adds, “It’s about the art of the food, instead of the art of the farmer. We don’t sell things like carrots and milk.” The enquiring ecommerce analyst may well be asking what, exactly, does the “art of food” actually mean? Well, Mouth’s team searches the length and breadth of the country to source the very best “indie” food products and their makers, buying the items they love in bulk. The products are then…

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Onswipe continues its rapid rise with a new CEO

Onswipe, the New York tech startup whose mission is to make it “insanely easy for a publisher of any size to make their existing content a beautiful app-like experience in the browser”, is going from strength to strength. It has appointed a new CEO in the person of Jonty Kelt, erstwhile CEO at ecommerce firm Group Commerce. As any seasoned product manager can tell you, when a startup gets busy enough for its founder to seek another pair of hands to take over the CEO role, it’s hitting paydirt handsomely. To the “next level” Jason Baptiste, who co-founded Onswipe in 2012, decided the time had come for an extra pair of shoulders and relinquished the role he’d occupied since the startup’s launch to Mr. Kelp late last month. Baptiste will now concentrate on being the company’s first chief marketing officer, where he plans to focus his efforts on evangelizing the platform. And in case any skeptical product managers reading this are wondering whether investors forced Baptiste out of the CEO role, he’s clear that it was entirely his idea. The position was confirmed by Kelt himself, who said it’s “always kind of a sensitive moment when the founder either is…

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