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Welcome to Media Jobs: Advertising Jobs

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We feature information about cutting edge up and coming companies, people and new products that can enhance your career. Mediajobs.com is the authority for career intelligence in the media and tech industries. If you are currently in an advertising job, looking for advertising jobs, entry level advertising jobs, marketing advertising jobs and want to keep current about the newest cutting edge companies and products we have created Media Jobs for you. Read about some of the most innovative marketers in Advertising and digital media including Starcom, WPP, Publicis Group, Deutsch, Omincom Group, Vivaki, Havas, Interpublic, Oglivy and Mather and lots more. We’ll also talk about some of the newest up and coming agencies including Droga5, Razorfish, Digitas Rokkan, BFG9000, Mother, Leo Burnett, Profero, GolinHarris, Maxus, Muhtayzik-Hoffer, Merkle, McGarryBowen, Grey , 72andSunny, 360i, Translation and in the Hispanic market Alma, Latinworks and La Comunidad. Digital only agencies including VML and agencies made for Silicon Valley including Evolution Bureau. Creativity plays a role in advertising and some of the most creative shops include AKQA, BBDO, BBH, Wieden & Kennedy and Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Articles about the most significant advertising companies are right below. You can also search for Advertising Jobs by clicking here or using the search box on this page. 

Introducing LocalMaven, the startup that tracks and incentivizes recommendations

New York startup LocalMaven is making it easy for local businesses to generate word-of-mouth referrals with a simple incentive: cash. Upon reading this blunt summary, the more inquiring product manager will want to know how this idea actually works. Let’s begin at the beginning. Frustration, the mother of invention The company, which officially launched just yesterday (8th July), is the brainchild of erstwhile events business executive Arnon Rosan, and he hatched the idea out of his growing frustration that no reliable means existed to track or reward positive referrals. The only way he’d find out whether a recommendation he’d given for, say, a good tent company actually went anywhere was if he asked about it later. And, even though his referral could have generated a goodly slice of business revenue for the service provider, his only reward (if he was lucky) might be to be taken out for dinner. The result of these irksome vexations was a unique platform capable of literally organizing an informal referral economy, operating across all market segments and industries (not just Rosan’s specialty, events businesses) and accessible anywhere in the world with an internet connection. An online referrals marketplace Now we can come back to…

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GoDaddy appoints Barton F. Graf 9000 as lead agency

Internet services company GoDaddy has dropped Deutsch New York and appointed New York startup Barton F. Graf as its agency of record. A business development manager’s dream account  This is the kind of account most jobbing business development managers dream of. And the choice seems an inspired one: as we noted in November last year, Barton F. Graf 9000 has established a well-deserved reputation since its launch in 2010 for memorably character-driven, frequently very funny ads. It’s an approach that GoDaddy is very much in need of: it’s been working hard since 2012 to change its brand perception, as changes in ownership and in its own executive profile rendered its previous preferences for suggestively risqué ads have become less and less tenable. Its Super Bowl commercials were loaded with double entendrés and scantily clad women; but with women now acting in executive roles and increasingly becoming a major target audience of small business owners, that approach was frankly fast losing whatever appeal it might once have had. Deutsch New York, which the company appointed in June 2012, attempted to shift the image in the direction of a more professional business persona, emphasizing its core business features (domain registration, web hosting,…

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New York’s CrowdTwist enhances advertising with tailored loyalty programs

New York loyalty and rewards platform CrowdTwist is taking loyalty-creation to new heights after a $9 million Series B investment round. Omni-channel loyalty While Adland’s account managers focus their efforts on optimizing relations with key agency clients, no one with media jobs in online advertising agencies is unaware of the importance of cultivating customer loyalty. And CrowdTwist, which was founded by NY compadres Irving Fain, Josh Bowen and Michael Montero in 2009, has fast become a leading supplier of multi-channel loyalty and analytics solutions for brands, marketers and advertisers. Essentially, intrigued account managers may wish to know, CrowdTwist provides tools to help its clients create online loyalty programs. Co-founder and CEO Irving Fain says that the new cash will help it expand beyond the “intense fervor around gamification” with which it’s been associated, and deliver “long-term, sustainable value to brands.” According to Mr. Fain, CrowdTwist’s unique appeal resides in what it actually does with loyalty programs, how it puts them to work: they become sources of valuable consumer data on an “omni-channel” basis (i.e., across offline, online, social and mobile channels). Not only that, but all the data that gets sucked up is opt-in and owned by the brand instead…

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Online advertising revenues hit historic Q1 high in 2014

Online advertising agencies enjoyed a bumper start to 2014 with revenues hitting a record first quarter high of $11.6 billion. The rocketing rise of digital  The sterling efforts of all those hardworking copywriters, art directors and account managers appear to have paid off handsomely this year, according to new figures prepared for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) by PricewaterhouseCoopers US. The $11.9 million total represents a hike of 19 percent on the same time last year (which, at $9.6 billion, was itself a record-breaking zenith). IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg said: “Interactive advertising is seeing remarkable gains. Digital screens are a critical part of the marketing mix and these landmark figures speak to that irrefutable fact.” The IAB’s Senior VP of Research, Analytics and Measurement, Sherrill Mane, concurred, stating: “These Q1 revenue levels speak to digital’s unique ability to identify the most relevant audience segments and deliver powerful results.” Those copywriters, art directors and account managers we just mentioned who have kept abreast of these developments can rightly congratulate themselves. PwC US partner, David Silverman, described the scale of the shift to digital: “With consumers increasingly relying on digital screens for everything from information to entertainment, numbers like these…

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