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We feature information about cutting edge up and coming companies, people and new products that can enhance your career. Mediajobs.com is the authority for career intelligence in the media and tech industries. If you are currently in an advertising job, looking for advertising jobs, entry level advertising jobs, marketing advertising jobs and want to keep current about the newest cutting edge companies and products we have created Media Jobs for you. Read about some of the most innovative marketers in Advertising and digital media including Starcom, WPP, Publicis Group, Deutsch, Omincom Group, Vivaki, Havas, Interpublic, Oglivy and Mather and lots more. We’ll also talk about some of the newest up and coming agencies including Droga5, Razorfish, Digitas Rokkan, BFG9000, Mother, Leo Burnett, Profero, GolinHarris, Maxus, Muhtayzik-Hoffer, Merkle, McGarryBowen, Grey , 72andSunny, 360i, Translation and in the Hispanic market Alma, Latinworks and La Comunidad. Digital only agencies including VML and agencies made for Silicon Valley including Evolution Bureau. Creativity plays a role in advertising and some of the most creative shops include AKQA, BBDO, BBH, Wieden & Kennedy and Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Articles about the most significant advertising companies are right below. You can also search for Advertising Jobs by clicking here or using the search box on this page. 

Russian video advertising startup Buzzoola takes up residence in New York

No sooner had we reported on a friendly Danish invasion of New York than we need to make another announcement: to all those business development managers (and others) with media jobs in the Big Apple’s online advertising sales market, watch out – the Russians are coming. From Russia with verve As with Falcon Social, however, this arrival will be a welcome new neighbor. Moscow-headquartered native video advertising platform Buzzoola Inc. has just opened a new office in NYC in the wake of a $2 million seed funding round. The startup’s move to the US is similarly motivated: Buzzoola has completed a series of successful video campaigns for a slew of clients in the Ukraine and Russia. But most are Fortune 500 companies and media agencies headquartered in the USA. Expanding onto US turf with clients like that, as any savvy business development manager could tell you, makes eminent sense. The company is barely three years old (it launched in 2011) but it’s been around long enough to see the ongoing trend amongst advertisers to spend goodly swathes of their dollars on videos which people view on social media sites via their mobile devices. Buzzoola is banking on this trend gathering…

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Sharethrough ups the ante on the war on cheesy native ads with new Content Quality Score feature

It doesn’t take a virtuoso art director to notice that some of the stuff that gets billed as native advertising frankly gives native advertising a bad name; the quality, shall we say, is decidedly variable. But New York’s startup ad company Sharethrough is seeing to it that producers of top-drawer sponsored content can rest confident that their high quality wheat will be properly sorted from the cheesy chaff. And it’s launched a new Content Quality Score to further that end. What counts?  In a somewhat understated remark, Sharethrough’s CEO Dan Greenberg said that “a little bit of a battle for the web” was building up, with people like creative art directors producing seamless and engaging native content pushing against less discerning folk who are happy to stick the native label on barely repackaged standard ads. Sharethrough took up the native baton seriously last year, even though it began life as a video ad company. Its new feature is designed to encourage top quality native ads by measuring their quality and giving them a score. But the content itself doesn’t come under scrutiny: it’s what people do with it that interests Sharethrough, so the new Content Quality Score tracks all indicators…

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New York has a new resident from London as Adstream opens its first U.S. office in Manhattan

New York-based business development managers toiling to drive online advertising sales have a new neighbor from London to assist them: London-headquartered digital advertising platform Adstream has just opened the doors of its new office at 115 W 18th St. Multiple operations, one dashboard The 13-year-old company currently delivers two million-plus ads every year to over 106 countries, serving in excess of 5,000 customers from its 30 regional offices, and covering desktop, mobile and television platforms.  The new location will serve as the headquarters of Adstream America. The move follows a major deal with Comcast’s AdDelivery service, which will see the two companies partner the launch of a new platform providing ad distribution for Comcast’s ten thousand-plus local, regional and national advertisers in the U.S. and Canada. If our jobbing business development manager is wondering what makes Adstream unique, the answer lies in its technology, which lets clients transcode files, create project folders and reels, manage projects and obtain reports on all activities using a single tool (The platform allows agencies and brands to store, deliver, approve and send multi-media content from a single dashboard). NYC – the gateway to the U.S. New Yorker Peter Kuhn, who spent the last eight…

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Chartbeat sets out to improve native advertising with new metrics suite

Chartbeat sets out to improve native advertising with new metrics suite

New York ad tech startup Chartbeat is unveiling a new product to add to its real-time analytics arsenal, a development which should persuade even the most skeptical product manager that it’s serious about its aim to improve the metrics for gauging how well native advertising is doing. Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile believes that a major reason why native advertising has so far failed to live up to its billing as “this great new hope for publishing” can be stated in six words: “So much of native is bad.” Beyond impressions This is where it gets interesting for tech product managers: Haile believes that much of that badness is down to poor measurement. Typically, advertisers will only see how many impressions their sponsored content has received on a publisher’s website, and maybe how many times a post has been shared on social media. But counting eyeballs tells advertisers nothing about how good the content was. So the new Paid Content service sets out to change all that, and product managers presiding over it will be negotiating with both advertisers and publishers, because both are likely to want to use it. With easy-on-the-eye graphics, it shows not only the standard eyeball count but how many visitors…

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The rise and rise of New York’s digital ad placement newbie, Clickit Digital

The rise and rise of New York’s digital ad placement newbie, Clickit Digital

No matter how creative an art director you may be, or how talented an account manager, if your digital ad placements aren’t right, your flare and skill will remain under a bushel. But New York’s fledgling advertising startup Clickit Digital is poised to bring an end to that problem. True cross channel placement and progress monitoring Launched in September 2012 out of New York’s “Startup Alley”, the Albany-based newbie has built an online platform that finely targets ad delivery across Mobile, Video, Display, Social Media and Search channels, allowing clients to manage the whole caboodle from a single place (and they can access live support from Clickit’s team of experts, too). Even novice managers will be aware that fathoming out the optimal ad placement strategy is a complicated and laborious business. A new dashboard is soon to be unveiled, which will let the company’s 30-odd clients track web traffic using click-through and impression data from sources like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. The start-up’s co-founder and President of its digital media strategy team, Lisa Aiello, explained, “With the dashboard, we can show clients which ads are most successful and why.” He fellow co-founder (now CEO) Chrissie Van Wormer added: “We wanted to specialize in…

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