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Bev Weinstein – Markham Media Executive Search

Markham Media Executive Search

Beverly Weinstein has a long and prestigious professional history in the media industry, and today she is the president of one of the top New York recruitment firms Markham Media Executive Search and a columnist at Mediadailynews.com, giving advice on careers and recruitment within digital media, entertainment, marketing and R&D.

With a degree in journalism from New York University, Beverly entered the media industry and worked up to the position of Account Executive at CBS and Vice President of Sales at the media company Whittle Communication. She branched out into advertising with an executive sales position at Woman’s Day Magazine. Following this she worked as Director of Sales for MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon, and also Senior Vice President at Orion Pictures. Within this time she built up the skills needed to succeed at executive staffing within one of the most changeable industries, helping to match the skills and experience of candidates with the most suitable openings.

With two decades of previous media industry experience she founded Markham Media Executive Search, using her broad range of expertise to bring the firm into prominence within the New York’s competitive recruitment industry. The firm deals mainly with executive recruitment and career advice. Beverly also has a ‘Dear Bev’ career advice column at MediaPost.com, where she helps to answer questions for job seekers within her industry.

Often quoted within media and entertainment, Beverly is on the board of directors for the not for profit organization Young Audiences, which helps to provide arts education to over 200,000 children in various schools around New York.

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