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Animator and Illustrator wanted at University of Florida in Gainesville Florida

University of Florida Animator Illustrator

Want to blossom from an early career level animator/video “Dude”, into a University level Multimedia Master, keep reading.

The University of Florida Health Communications department wants to hire a great animator and illustrator.

If you are looking for a role where you will learn a lot and be challenged than this could be a great place for you.

You can apply for the job at mediajobs.com/uflanimationjob


Why Gainesville Florida?

Located in Gainesville Florida, the University of Florida at Gainesville is home to the Florida Gators and is known for some well-known folk including Tim Tebow, Ryan Lochte and Tom Petty as well as being the birthplace of Gatorade (get it, gators!).

If you like the outdoors Gainesville is a great place with very comfortable weather with the temperature ranging from 60 to 90 degrees all year long.

If you live or would like to live in Gainesville Florida and want to work in a University setting and are experienced in Animation and Illustration than this could be a great job for you.

The University is looking for those with 3 or more years’ experience producing and creating animation and illustrations for multimedia.

You will want to have expert knowledge of software including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Maya, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Modo, and Zbrush.  This should also include sound editing software such as Adobe Audition or Abelton Live.

As an Animator and Illustrator You Will Be Working With:

As an active member of the creative area at the University Health Communications group you will work closely with Creative Services team members to create 2D and 3D animations and motion graphics for use in marketing and public relations initiatives.  This will include story development, directing, cinematography, design and video editing.

You will be taking the projects from start to finish meeting with designers, photographers, videographers, writers and marketing and communications coordinators.

The position is a great opportunity to learn and grow while becoming an integral part of the communications department of a major university.

You can apply for the job at mediajobs.com/uflanimationjob

Animator and Illustrator Job Specs:

    a. Work closely with Creative Services team members to create 2D and 3D animations and motion graphics for use in marketing and public relations initiatives.
    b. Apply story development, directing, cinematography, design, and video editing to create storyboards, style boards, and animatics that show the look and feel of the animation and map out key shots.
    c. Create/edit sound effects, music, and voice-over for use in animations and videos.
    d. Assist with video editing and post production.
    a. Meet with designers, photographers, videographers, writers, and marketing and communications coordinators to review concepts and production timelines.
    b. Participate in design and production meetings with responsibilities such as production coordination, scheduling, and assisting.
    Work closely with Creative Services team members and writers to create animations, motion graphics, 2D and 3D illustrations, HTML5 or CSS animations, and other visual images for use in digital and printed publications and news pieces.
  1. ILLUSTRATIONCreate publication cover artwork, web graphics, illustrations, and web banners for use in department websites, printed materials, digital publications, and multimedia presentations.
    Assist with some video recording when necessary.
    a. Research new software and tools for future projects.
    b. Manage written and art-related content on the Creative Services team website using WordPress.
    c. Research asset deployment techniques and dissemination using YouTube, Vimeo, MAG+, and WordPress.

Starting salary is $50,000 to $59,000 annually; commensurate with education and experience.


Bachelor’s degree; or an associate’s degree and two years of relevant experience.


Three years’ experience producing and creating animation and illustrations for multimedia. The level of expertise and skill required to qualify for a position in this classification are generally attained through combinations of education and experience in the field. While such employees commonly have a bachelor’s or higher degree, no particular academic degree is required, provided sufficient relevant experience has been acquired.

Technical Skills: Expert knowledge of Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Excellent 3D animation skills using tools such as Maya, Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, Modo, and Zbrush. Non-linear video editing skills using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Graphic design and illustration skills using Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Sound editing software such as Adobe Audition or Abelton Live. Digital publishing experience a plus, especially using Adobe InDesign and digital publishing platforms such as MAG+.

Bachelor’s degree in fine-arts-related field, plus three years of experience producing animation and illustration for multimedia.


You can apply for the job at mediajobs.com/uflanimationjob


1. Cover letter or letter of interest
2. Curriculum Vitae or Resume
3. List of references
4. Portfolio of previous work

For more information on the job visit mediajobs.com/uflanimatorillustrator

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